PMS FAQs: 18 Frequently Asked Questions

By Aleena Hussain

Want to apply for the PMS exam but have a few questions in mind regarding the PMS service and test?

Don’t worry we have compiled a list of all the possible PMS FAQs.

This list will definitely help you overcome any query or inquiry you have regarding the PMS post and exam.

Q1. How Much Is The Age Relaxation Determined Across The Board For PMS?

The Secretary Department determines the upper age limit relaxation across the board which the male aspirants which is 5 years and 8 years for the female aspirants.

Q2. Can A PMS Aspirant Barely Above Or Below The Age Limit Apply For A Post Announced By The PPSC?

No. An aspirant is not preferable for a post announced by PPSC if he/she is slightly underage or overage just by one day.

Q3. Can Age Relaxation Be Awarded By All The Students In PMS?

No. The age relaxation can be awarded to only government workers having at least 4 years’ of experience.

Q4. Are The PMS Applicants Who Are Waiting For Their Result Qualified To Apply?

The applicants who are awaiting their results are considered ineligible for applying.

The application of such an application is not approved of whose result has yet not been officially declared by the respective Board or University.

Q5. Does PPSC Accept The Academic Certifications Granted By Foreign Universities?

Yes, PPSC accepts educational degrees/diplomas and certifications of foreign institutions.

These certifications have to be recognized and acknowledged by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC), Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) or any other government credited authority.

Still, the applicant should provide Equivalence Certificate dispensed by the Qualification Equivalence Determination Committee (QEDC) or HEC when applying for the post.

Q6. Are There Any Fixed Seats For Women And Minorities In PMS?

No, there is no fixed number of seats for both women and minorities. The women and minority quotas vary and are specified by the concerned Department for which the post is being advertised.

Q7. What Criteria Is A PMS Applicant Evaluated In The Special Persons’ Quota?

An applicant is enlisted as a Disabled Person by the Provincial Council for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons of Social Welfare Department and deemed capable for the job advertised. Such an applicant will be regarded eligible for an office reserved for Special Persons by PPSC.

Q8. Is A Resident Of Azad Jammu And Kashmir Eligible To Apply For PMS?

The aspirants who are continual and permanent residents of Azad Jammu and Kashmir can apply for the posts advertised by the PPSC if they have a domicile of Punjab. They will be evaluated based on their domicile of Punjab.

Q9. Is A Married Female Applicant Eligible To Apply On Her Husband’s Domicile In PMS?

A married female applicant can apply for the post on the domicile of her husband. On the condition that she forfeits her prior Domicile Certificate and provides assurance of her marriage.

In this case, the female applicant’s previous Domicile Certificate will be rendered canceled for any future claim of residence.

Q10. How Can The Candidates Receive Confirmation Of The Submitted Online Application In PMS?

The candidates will be immediately notified regarding the confirmation of the submission of their online applications through the “Application Number” and “Edit Token Number” sent via emails and text messages to the candidates.

Q11. How Can A Candidate Retrieve The “Token Number” To Check His/Her DMC For PMS?

In case of losing the “Token Number”, the candidate can retrieve it by visiting the PPSC official website.

The candidate should click on the “Edit Application” icon present on the home page. Afterward, press on the option “Forgot/Not Received Token Number“. The candidate should provide the personal information asked to retrieve his/her Token Number.

Nonetheless, if the candidate is yet unable to regain the Token Number, then the candidate is instructed to submit an application to the Secretary of PPSC.

The application should include the Full Name, Roll Number and copy of credible CNIC and Post pertained to as proof of candidacy to recover his/her Token Number.

Q12. How Can A Candidate Edit The Online Application If Needed?

A candidate can edit or change his/her online application if an applicant has added inaccurate data by mistake.

The candidate can make changes to his/her application from the official website of the PPSC opting for the ” Edit Application” button on the homepage. The “Token Number” and “Application Number ” is required to make the changes in the following categories in the online application form:

  • Initial information
  • Personal data
  • Academic information
  • Qualification sets
  • Service Details
  • Bank Receipt Details

The candidates can only make changes in application before the closing date of the advertised post.

Moreover, the candidates can contact the PPSC Information Office on Phone No. 042-99200161-2 and the I.T. Wing on Phone No. 042-99202740 and 042-99202764 for assistance.

Q13. Are The Hard Copies Of The Documents Required At The Time Of Applying Online For PMS?

No. The hard copies of documents are not needed at the time of applying online for the posts of BS-18 or less. Such physical documents are online needed during the interview sessions for all posts.

Yet, applicants have to submit the hard copies of documents and their two bundles of photocopies to the PPSC before the closing date of the posts announced of the BS-19 or above.

Q14. Can The Application Fee Be Submitted In Other Banks Other Than NBP?

Yes, applicants can submit the application fee in the State Bank of Pakistan and District Treasury Office other than the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP).

Q15. Are Any Aspirants Excused From The Application Fee?

Yes, the aspirants with disabilities and PPSC employees are excused and acquitted from the application fee for Competitive the Competitive Examination and One Paper MCQ exam.

Q16. In What Case A Substitute Candidate In Place Of The Recommended Candidate, Is Appointed By The PPSC?

A substitute candidate is not appointed on the suggestion of any candidate but by the concerned Department from the same merit list of the chosen recommended candidate.

A substitute candidate is only appointed in place of the recommended candidate if a recommended candidate:

  • Fails to join the post
  • Hands over his/her resignation after joining the post
  • Dismissed by the Department due to any plausible reason
  • Proclaimed as medically unfit
  • Refusal of issuing the appointment offer by the Appointing Authority during the tangibility of the merit list.

Q17. Do The Non-Muslim Applicants Have To Choose Islamic Studies In PMS?

The non-Muslim applicants are provided with a choice between Islamic Studies and Ethics for the PMS test.

Q18. What Should A Nominee Bring With Him/Herself At The Time Of Interview?

A nominee is expected to bring his/her original CNIC, “Call Up Letter”, original academic certifications and additional documents such as the Domicile, Departmental Permission (if required), Medical Certificate (if required), Disability Certificate (if required), etc.