PMS Exam Fees 2020 (With PPSC Ad)

By Kh. M. Haris Naveed

If you are looking for the fee structure of the PMS exam then you are in luck. Today we are going to do what PMS stands for, is taken for and the PMS Exam Fees. We will go in full detail to explain everything.

PMS Exam Fees

The exam fee for PMS is Rs. 1000 that you need to deposit in the State Bank of Pakistan or National Bank of Pakistan before the due date of the test.

There is a proper method for applying for the Provincial Management Service Exam. This method is as follows:

  • Deposit Rs. 1000/- to the State Bank of Pakistan or National Bank of Pakistan or in the National treasury before the due date of the test.
  • Bank draft or pay orders are not accepted by the Punjab Public Service Commission.
  • People outside Pakistan can also apply for this test by depositing the money which is equivalent to the Rs. 1000/- to the residing countries Pakistan Embassy.
  • Some of the people who have prior connections or through some other means can be exempted from the application fee.
  • Applicants are required to submit their applications through the “Online Application Form” at the PPSC website: by the closing date.

Here you can see the fee in an ad.

What Is PMS?

The PMS exam stands for the Provincial Management Service exam. This exam is conducted by PPSC which stands for Punjab Public Service Commission. This exam is held in Pakistan.

The exam resembles the CSS exam but there is a difference between them. The CSS exam is held on a federal level while the PMS exam is held on a provincial level.

The PMS exam does not have a particular exam date sheet because the purpose of this exam is to fill the vacant spots in the provincial management services. This is mostly conducted every year but only in the case of any vacant seats.

This was the basic introduction to the PMS exam.

The PMS exam can be very difficult for the people who are not prepared for the hardships. There are a lot of hardships that the person may come to face during the exam. That is why it is necessary to have full preparation for the exam.

Provincial Management Service Exam acts as a screening phase for the candidate. They sort out the candidates with the potential to do best at the vacant position from those who can’t.

The next phase of the selection process after the exam is the interview. The people who ask interview questions are well versed in their respected fields. They will try to stump you with a lot of complicated questions. They test how well you can perform in a difficult situation.

If the interview goes well then there is nothing to worry about. The main reason for the interview is to check how well you can avoid a particular disaster that is to approach. Now we will move to the format of the exam in 2020.

1) Format Of The PMS Exam 2020:

The subjects that are necessary for the exam are divided into two which are compulsory and optional. The compulsory exam requires the candidate’s complete attendance during the exam. The compulsory subjects are as follows:

  1. English Essay.
  2. English General.
  3. Urdu.
  4. Islamic Studies or Ethics(only for the minority candidates).
  5. Pakistan Studies.
  6. General Knowledge.

These 6 subjects are compulsory subjects that require complete attendance. If any candidate fails in any of these subjects then that candidate will be considered failed.

There are also 30 optional subjects which are divided into 7 groups and each of the candidates is to select 3 subjects from 3 different groups. Each of the optional subjects will carry 200 marks. This comes to show how much influence the optional subjects of the have since the total marks are 1200.

There are also marks for Interview and Viva.

2) Documentation Required:

The documents that are required for the PMS exam are as following:

  1. Original Fee deposit slip.
  2. Matric/ O-level certificate.
  3. Intermediate/ A-Level certificate. The A-Level students also are also required to bring their original certificate.
  4. Bachelor’s Degree or Detailed mark sheet which displays your total marks or CGPA?GPA.
  5. Domicile certificate from any punjab province.
  6. If you are a civil servant then you would need permission slip attested and approved by the competent authority. Also an experience letter from those authorities.
  7. An original ID card issued by NADRA.
  8. Passport-sized colored copy.
  9. If you have an equivalent qualification degree then you must get a certificate by the qualification equivalence determination committee of the related department.
  10. In case of any disability, Disabled candidates will be required to bring a disability certificate.

These are all of the necessary things required by the candidate to bring in while applying for the PMS exam. Out of these 10 things, some are not necessary because these are not required of some candidates. Now we will move to the admission criteria.

3) Exam Criteria:

As we have discussed that the total marks of the exams are 1200 which includes the interview and the viva (200 marks). The criteria for the PMS exam is as follows:

  • In the general knowledge part of the exam, there will be a deduction of 0.25 marks for each of the wrong answers for the MCQ’s.
  • Non-Muslim candidates are allowed to attempts the exam in Islamic studies but if they are not comfortable then they also have the option select Ethics (which is the combination of both subjective and objective).
  • The candidates are required to attempt both the compulsory and optional subjects of the exam which is defined by the PPSC.