Past Papers Of Zoology 1st Year Karachi Board [PDF Download]

Are you looking for the past paper of Zoology 1st Year Karachi Board in PDF? We know most websites about PPSC don’t allow you to download PDF or just enable you to read online only.

I know the frustration, but don’t worry, on my website you can download and view the past paper easily.

Introduction To Karachi Board.

Karachi board is providing Pakistani students with quality education. As Pakistan’s most prominent educational board, the Karachi board is the most critical organization in the country. As a board, Karachi’s primary goal is to give all Pakistani students an equal opportunity to showcase their talents in the educational and professional fields. With the help of Karachi board results and certificates, students can apply to different colleges and universities.

The official website of the Karachi board is You can quickly get all the updates from this website, like results, date sheets, admission updates, and others. Karachi board students can share their ideas through blogs, forums, videos, pictures, etc.

This educational board offers many courses in different fields like Arts & Humanities, Commerce & Management, Science & Technology, etc. In case of any questions regarding this educational board, then you can contact reachable team members through phone or email addresses that are given below:

Karachi Board Contact No:

  • +92-21-99263040
  • +92-21-99265034
  • Fax: +92-21-99265005

Why Should You Study From Past Papers?

Developing your exam technique. It will help you to:

The question should be read and understood. The ability to paraphrase what the question asks. Knowledge of exam time constraints. Note-taking while reading the question. A positive attitude toward the exam – How much time you are given to complete each exam part under exam conditions.

Some examples are:

Students must be encouraged to study past question papers and not just rely on class notes or work through their lecture notes before exams.

Students must share what worked for them in previous exams and what did not.

Students should share with their peers what they found challenging in previous papers to be aware of these issues before sitting down for an examination.

Students should be encouraged to go over as many past papers as possible before sitting for an examination, rather than just doing one or two practice papers.

Download Past Paper For Department

You can download from the below link:

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