Past Papers Of Statistics 1st Year Rawalpindi Board [PDF Download]

Are you looking for the past paper of the Statistics 1st Year Rawalpindi Board in PDF? We know most websites about PPSC don’t allow you to download PDF or just enable you to read online only.

I know the frustration, but don’t worry, on my website you can download and view the past paper easily.

Introduction To Rawalpindi Board

The Rawalpindi Board is one of the mainboards in Pakistan that develops students and gives them an idea of the real world. The Rawalpindi board has given many students to Pakistan. It also helps the students know what they want to be in the future. 

Rawalpindi Board is one of the most giant boards of Pakistan and all over the world, everyone knows it by its name, and it has made some brilliant people in this country contribute to the country in different sectors. Rawalpindi board has done a lot for this country, and it will continue to do so until it ends its services.

In 1914, the Rawalpindi Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) was established under Punjab Province No. 1 of 1974. The Board’s main objective is to organize, supervise, and conduct intermediate-level public examinations in the district concerning promotion to higher education in secondary education.

Under the supervision of Chairman BISE Rawalpindi, all sorts of examinations are conducted by the regional offices in all districts of Rawalpindi District and Chakwal District. The Board has its Secretariat, regional offices, Boards Examination Centers, and other facilities. The Board also provides facilities to prepare the annual plan, budget, schemes, policies, regulations, etc.

Why Should You Study From Past Papers?

Many reasons exist for why a student should study from past papers. Some of them include:

It helps you to write well:

One of the essential things that you will learn while studying is how to write well. Studying will expose you to similar questions to the ones asked in the past. You can expect such questions on your examination. 

So, you must practice many writing skills by reading and solving previous question papers. When you revise the syllabus with earlier reports and solve these papers, it automatically helps you in your writing skills. In addition, it gives you an understanding of how questions are framed in exams so that if any question is asked from this topic, you can also answer quickly.

The second thing that you learn while studying from past papers is how to develop a thorough understanding of the subject matter. 

This is because when a student comes across some passage or topic in his course, he can relate it to something he learned earlier in his studies and thereby better understand it. Solving previous question papers of different courses helps a student develop good writing skills and helps him build a thorough understanding of a particular course.

Download Past Paper For Department

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