How To Get High Marks In NUST Entry Test NET [7 Tips]

Preparing for the NET Entry Test is an enigma to many students of Pakistan.

Preparing for the NET is an enigma to many students of Pakistan. Every year, thousands of students appear in the test but only a few are accepted by their departments and universities. This happens due to lack of preparation and planning. However, if you are serious about appearing in the NET, then that can easily be your ticket to a bright future and an important step in your career.

The National Eligibility Test is conducted by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Pakistan on behalf of the Government of Pakistan. It is one of the most important tests that every person who wishes to further his or her studies in any field has to pass. The test is also open to candidates from abroad who wish to do research in any university or institute in Pakistan.

To appear in this test, you must fulfill certain criteria which will be decided by your department and university/institute. If you want to apply for NET, the first thing you need to determine is whether you are eligible for it or not and then make a plan for passing it.

They suffer from many inferiority complexes because they think:

  • I belong to the poor or middle-class family; I can’t do it because I didn’t study from great schools and colleges.
  • I didn’t attend the academy, so I can’t succeed.
  • I don’t study 18 hours a day so I will not succeed at all.
  • Only genius students can make to NUST, and I am below average.
  • I didn’t get good marks in matriculation, and intermediate, so NET is not in my ability.

All of these assumptions of students are incredibly wrong.

I have seen the students who were so poor to buy a biscuit, but they made to NUST. I have seen students who didn’t attend the academy, yet they made to NUST. I have seen students who didn’t get good marks in SSC and HSSC, yet they made to NUST.

Before depicting the tips, here are some important things to know about NET.

Test Pattern for NET [NUST ENTRY TEST]

  • Mathematics 40% (80 MCQs)
  • Physics 30% (60 MCQs)
  • Chemistry 15% (30 MCQs)
  • English 10% (20 MCQs)
  • Intelligence 5% (10 MCQs)

Total MCQs = 200 Time allotted = 3 hours.

Merit Formula for NET [NUST ENTRY TEST]

NUST Merit Formula for FSc students for admissions to Engineering programs is as follows:

  • NUST Entry Test 75 %
  • HSSC / A level / Equivalent / DAE or HSSC Part-I 15
  • Matriculation / 0 Level 10 %

Let’s get to the point.


If you don’t believe in yourself in getting excellent marks in NET, then you are less likely to succeed.

But why?

What is the relationship in believing yourself to the marks you get in the entry test?

Are you serious?

Yes, I am serious without any second thought.

Because the way you think, it shapes your mind to do the same.

Let’s take an example.

You think all the time that you can’t make to NET because you consider yourself a below average student.

This thinking will make you:

  • Procrastinate a lot. It is a habit to delay a thing. Baad Main Kar Longa Yar (I will do later).
  • You will waste a lot of your time on social media and other activities that will not make a big difference in your marks.
  • You will not do hard work with your full potential

I am reading a book The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz in which he explains:

Our brain is like a factory that produces thoughts all the time. In this factory, you have two departments. The Positive Department and The Negative Department. These departments work under your strict instructions. Whatever you say, they do.

For example, if you say you can. The Positive Department will say, “Okay, Sir, let me give you a lot of your past thoughts that will prove you can. You got 3 position in 10th class at Army Public School, and you can do again too. You got full marks in that test, here you can do too. Your best teacher told you, you will do something big in your life. It means you can do it. You did this, you did this.”

If you say, you can’t. The Negative Department will say, “Okay, Sir, let me give you a lot of past thoughts that will prove you can’t do it. You failed in 5th class, so you can’t do here too. Your friend told yesterday, you can’t make to the NUST, so he is right, you can’t.

Have you seen?

The way you think, it shapes up your mind and future actions.

Write above paragraphs somewhere you can see daily, and read it aloud when you feel down.

So believe in yourself, you can make to NET.

Bonus – Prepare From Top Grade To Get High Marks In NET

Watch the video first, then click here to Go


Analysis works everywhere either you do a business where you analyze your competitors what they are doing, what they lack, what things you can do to make your business better.

The same can be applied to the NUST Entry Test (NET).

You have to download the past paper of NET, and analyze the followings:

  • Either it is cramming based, or concepts. Which subjects are based on cramming and which are on concepts. But you will find that NET is purely on conceptual based.
  • Time length. You can take yourself and see how long it takes to solve.

But in Pakistan, there are many myths, students don’t want to see the past papers because they think:

  • The past papers MCQs can’t be repeated in the future NET.
  • It is a waste of time, but it is not. Did I mention to observe the pattern and analyze deeply? If yes, do it.
  • Nothing is a waste of time if you use your brain how you can use it for your success. Ain’t you going to become an engineer? It needs the problem-solving mind!


It may seem an alarming situation for the A-level students because NET is not taken from your amazing books ☹️

But don’t worry.

You have one thing in common that will make you stand out from the crowd, the conceptual mind.

  • Physics:

You will observe that many MCQs taken from the Physics topics are formula-based, and you can solve with a single or two formulas.

These formulae are from the F.Sc books (Punjab Textbook Book), not from the book The World As I See It written by Eisenstein in 1949. Just kidding 🤣

Here are what you should do:

  • Memorize all the formulas, and they should be at your fingertips.
  • Practice with the formulas. Try to think like a scientist which other problems you can solve with the formula.
  • Read the small dangerous boxes that you will see in the Physics book. Sometimes these small boxes make big problems for you 😀

I again mention the important topics with an easy reading way:

F.Sc Part 1: Chapter #2,3,4,5,7,9,10 and F.Sc Part 2: Chapter # 12,13,14,15,16,19,21

Important Articles:

  • Measurements – Precision, Accuracy, Homogeneity of Equations
  • Vectors – Scalar Product, Dot Product, Equilibrium
  • Motion and Force – Elastic Motion, Projectile Motion
  • Work and Energy – Formulas of Power, Absolute Potential Energy and Escape Velocity, Conservative Forces
  • Circular Motion – Rotational Kinetic Energy, Velocity formulas for Disc, Hoop and Sphere, Artificial Gravity, Angular Momentum, Centripetal Force.
  • Fluid Dynamics – Stokes Law, Equation of Continuity, Bernoulli Equation
  • Oscillations – Force in a Stretched Spring, Simple Pendulum, Uniform Circular Motion.
  • Waves – Doppler Effect, Frequency formulas.
  • Physical Optics and Optical Instruments – Formulas for slits regarding refraction and diffraction, Formulas for Simple, Compound Microscope and Telescope.
  • Heat and Thermodynamics – Isochoric process, isobaric process, Carnot theorem. Laws of Thermodynamics and Entropy
  • Electrostatics to Alternating Current -Capacitors, Electric Flux, Electromotive Force, Magnetic Force, Magnetism due to Solenoid, Mutual Induction, Self Induction, Alternating current Generator, Transformer, AC through Inductor and Capacitor. RLC Circuits, Impedance.
  • Physics of Solids – Elastic Modulus, Superconductors, Hysteresis Loop, Ferromagnetic Substances, Curie Temperature.
  • Electronics – Transistor and p-n junctions
  • Dawn of Modern Physics – Quantum theory, the theory of relativity, uncertainty principle,
  • Atomic Spectra – LASER
  • Nuclear Physics – Isotopes, Radiograph, Basic Forces of Nature, Fusion and Fission Reactions.
  • Mathematics:

You are going to become an engineer?

What are you supposed to study the most?

Of course, Mathematics.

So, you can guess, most MCQs are taken from Mathematics. These MCQs are 80 in number.

Another thing that most students ignore is the chapter of “Conics“.

Oh sorry, for the above joke, I was just feeling funny.

You can expect 7 to 10 MCQs that come from Conics.

Also, don’t forget to practice the Chapter 7 and the theory portion of each chapter that is written at the start of the chapter.

Here are the important topics:

  • F.Sc Part 1: Chapter# 3,4,6,7,8, 12 and F.Sc Part 2: Chapter# 1,4,6

Important Articles:

  • Number Systems – Complex Numbers and Demoivre’s Theorem
  • Sets – Functions and Aristotelian Logics
  • Matrices – Cramer’s Rule, Determinants and Matrix Inversion Methods.
  • Quadratic Equations – Roots of Unity, Roots of An Equation, Quadratic Formula.
  • Sequences and Series [Very Important] – Arithmetic, Geometric and Harmonic Mean and Series
  • Permutation – Probability is important, Also have a look at formulas of Combinations.
  • Trigonometry – All chapters important. No need to revise proofs, only use formulas. Must know Domain and ranges as well as periodic function conditions.
  • Functions and Limits – Must know L’Hospital Rule and read the first 8 pages. Continuous and Discontinuous functions and their conditions.
  • Differentiation, Integration and Conic Section are extremely important chapters. People don’t like Integration or Conic Section but you must do one of these, it is extremely important regarding entry test point of view. In NET 2, most of the MCQs from Conic Section came from its first page.
  • Analytic Geometry – Slope Point Form and Two Point Form.
  • Vectors – You can skip this if you want. Only 1 or 2 MCQs will come from here.
  • Chemistry

I will say never study from the FBISE books because their many books have changed, and they have a lot of mistakes.

And you will find many topics that are not present in the FBISE books.

That’s why the study from the Punjab Textbook Board.

You don’t need to give a lot of time to Biochemistry, Environmental, and Industrial Chemistry rather focus on NMR, Spectroscopy in Analytical.

The most important chapters come from the first year especially the first chapter, but don’t forget to learn the basic conversion in the second year Chemistry.

  • English

SAT Books for the English preparation will be helpful for you.

If you are extremely weak at English, then don’t waste much time on it because only 10% of the portion comes from English.

The English portion consists of:

  • Spell correction (Mississippi, Massachusetts, and committee)
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension


Frequently asked vocabulary and grammar questions can be seen from the internet.

  • Intelligence:

ISSB preparation books would be the best choice for it or you can use any intelligence books that have the sequence of questions as well as other relevant questions related to verbal intelligence questions would be helpful.

It is not that difficult, that’s why I have said to solve this portion first.

You can get 10 out of 10 with little brain power.

You can check the past paper of NET, and then you can guess which type of questions are asked and repeated every time.


There are two types of F.Sc students in Pakistan:

  • Those who work really work hard
  • Those who smart work

What is the difference between the two?

One student takes 10 hours to revise a chapter of Physics. Because he memorizes:

  • Every tiny detail mentioned on every page of that chapter.
  • He memorizes every table having numbers in it.
  • He crams everything A to Z.

These things take a lot of time, many such things don’t need in the NET. He takes a test and gets 20 out of 50.

Now, look at another student.

He looks at the past papers of NET, and see which MCQs are repeated the most. He observes formula based and conceptual. He memorizes only the formula of that chapter, and clear all the concepts. He is able to solve all the difficult MCQs of that chapter. It takes just 2 hours to him.

He just memorizes the important things from the books, and avoid cramming.

He gets 40 out of 50.

It was just an example, don’t take it seriously.

Just observe yourself how you can save your time.

Make your mind a problem-solving mind. Think of the solution.

4. NET 1 VS NET 2 VS NET 3

NET Schedule goes like this

  • NET-1

Online Registration Date Starts for NET 1: 21-November

Test Date for NET 120-Dec

  • NET-2

Online Registration Date Starts for NET 1: March

Test Date for NET 2: 26-Mar- Onwards

  • NET-3

Online Registration Date Starts for NET 1: May-June

Test Date for NET 2: June-July

If you haven’t taken any NET, then you may feel lucky.

Because NET 1 and NET 2 are easier than NET 3, and they have less competition than NET 3 where students from all cities of Pakistan apply.

Nope, it is not only the reason. NET 1 and NET 2 are made easy because less syllabus is covered, and they know the reasons.

But NET 3 is difficult, but not impossible.

But the pattern of NET is not fixed.

You may observe that most questions come from CONICS in NET 2, and the most questions come from iota and Matrix In NET 3.


It’s the number one issue in any entrance test.

It is said that entry tests are a test of time management and emotional intelligence.

If you know how to attempt the paper so that you can save a lot of time so that you can later use that time, you can get extra free marks with this common sense.

Here are a few time management tips:

Solve the past papers of NET the day or week before the original NET exam day. And check which things make you bother the most.

Always go for the easiest part first. It may be the IQ part because it will be free marks for you.

Then move to the English section, and then Chemistry, then you should either select Mathematics and Physics.

Don’t spend more than 60 seconds on a question, if you are unable to solve, leave that question.

The best solution to this problem is to test yourself how much you can solve with your NUST past papers, and allocate the time of 60 seconds per MCQ, and check how many MCQs you do correctly, and how much marks do you get.


Did I mention you can crack the NET without going to the academy?

Because I know not everyone can afford the academy to study.

It is clear that majority of the students who go to academy have more changes to get into NUST than the students who don’t go academy and prepare for the entry test at home.

It is because the academy students take it seriously, and they think money is being spent, they work hard for that reason.

Also, academies take a lot of tests, and they prepare their mind.

But if the students don’t take the full advantage of the academy, and just waste their time, then it would not be helpful.

Just determine yourself either you need to attend the academy or not.

For this reason, you can go to the academy for 3 days as a trial basis, and check yourself.If you can’t afford, you can do yourself. You can use many resources to prepare like Sabaq, Khan Academy on Youtube.


It’s the best site that I personally used when I was in F.Sc, and preparing for my entry test.

Here you will find the Urdu lecture for every single topic for every subject that you can ever imagine.


Pray helps.

It makes you spiritually strong.

When you are healthy in your physical level, mental level, and spiritual level you feel optimistic to get your goal.

I know it seems strange, “5 times ki Namaz parha kro” (Perform prayers 5 times a day), but it has the potential to make you successful.

But how?

  • When you wake up in the Fajr time or before Fajr, you have plenty of time until you go to college. This prime time is golden. The excessive amount of Oxygen will make you more active. Your brain will work for you. You will memorize things in less time.
  • Quality matters more than quantity. Because your brain will say why to waste 4 hours as you will get only 3 hours at the time of Fajr for revision. But believe me, these 3 hours will be beneficial for you.

Similarity, if you make your parents happy, and it helps:

  • Give satisfaction to your mind. It builds confidence in you.
  • Your mama and papa prayers can do wonders.
  • You will do more hard work to make your parents proud.


For God’s sake, if you can’t make it into NUST, don’t think it’s the end of the world. I have seen students who graduate from other universities that are more successful than the NUSTIANS.

You can prove yourself you are worthy, you are not a loser by graduating from any university in Pakistan.

Your passion will make way for you.

You can also apply to:

  • FAST
  • GIKI
  • IST
  • LUMS
  • UET