5 MDCAT Myths You Need To Stop Believing Today

There are many common myths about MDCAT that Pakistani students frequently hear about them.

The worst part?

The myths are so serious and even dangerous because of the low scores they have got in MDCAT.

I wish students knew about the following myths at least before HSSC because the future may be different for them if told at the right time.

Let’s debunk the myths one by one:

1. I Don’t Get Admission If I Have A Low F.Sc Score


Nope, it doesn’t work this way. You can get still get admission if you get a low score in Fsc provided you get high marks in MDCAT.

As you know the following criteria set by UHS:

  • 10% SSC
  • 40% HSSC
  • 50% MDCAT

It means if you get a good combination of the result and make a good aggregate above 85%, you are more likely to make your dream come true.

Don’t lose hope because I have seen students who get low F.Sc score somewhere between 800 to 950, but they get high marks in MDCAT.

Even a student made his merit to King Edward Medical University (Yes, KEMU) as they got only 926 in his board exam, but got 1046 in MDCAT. Did you see the difference? If he can, why not you?

Myth’s Moral: Don’t let your board score decides your future.

2. I Will Get Admission On Getting 1000+ Score In F.Sc


Overconfidence kills, have you heard about this sentence? Of course, you do.

Don’t feel overconfidence

Many students feel relax on getting their dreams marks in F.Sc, but they entirely forget the outcome it may cause ahead.

Hundreds of students get above 1000+ marks, but they are unable to make to MDCAT because of the same enigma: getting good marks in F.Sc makes your 100% chance to clearing MDCAT.

Why does it happen?

It is because your board exams and MDCAT are entirely different tests. Both exams evaluate different strengths and weakness.

You can get high marks in board exams just by cramming, but MDCAT needs concepts and cramming at the time.

You can be good at cramming, but you need concepts along with cramming to be successful in MDCAT.

Your main focus should be on practicing the different MCQs so that you can solve during MDCAT, not on the high or low results.

If you are getting 1000+ in your FLPs at KIPS, it doesn’t mean you should be getting the same in MDCAT as well. The opposite is true also.

If you are not getting good marks in your FLPs, you can perform well in MDCAT.

Because academies and UHS have a different approach for making MDCAT papers.

Myth’s Moral: Don’t be overconfidence even you have topped the board in F.Sc. MDCAT is a different game.

3. MDCAT Is The End Of The World 


MDCAT is not the toughest exam in the world ever created. There are a lot of difficult exams in the world that exists.

Thousands of students crack MDCAT, why not you?

Even you don’t make to MDCAT, don’t worry, you can do the followings:

  • You must repeat at least once. Because more than 30% of students selected in MDCAT are the students who repeated MDCAT.
  • You can go to the field that you love. Not all doctors love their jobs because they have become doctors because of their parents wish. Select the field you love. There are more than 400 professionals in the world, every professional is highly paid if you have the talent.
  • When you realize, you can’t do MDCAT, go for the engineering field after taking mathematics papers next year. Take the NUST Entry Test and ECAT.

Myth’s Moral: Even you don’t make to MDCAT, still you can do wonders in your life. Don’t lose hope.

4. Merit Is Fixed For Every Year


Not, it is not true.

Every year merit keeps changing. Some years you will pray I wish I would be taking MDCAT this year, and some years you would not think of taking the exams.

Back in the years, the merit of KEMU used to be 85% then it raises to 90, now it touches 92 to 93%.
It clearly shows the merit of MDCAT may rise or fall during any period of time.

Myth’s Moral: There is no fixed merit list for every year.

5. There Are Secrets To MDCAT Success


Students who are not able to make to MDCAT, and they look at the students who have got admission, they start thinking they have got some magic, or they got the leak papers, but it’s not the case.

There is no secret. All they do:

  • They don’t use social media as normal students do. They have self-control and use it at the proper time.
  • They believe in hard work and smart work.
  • They have an excellent comprehension of reading. They are well-aware of tenses, active passive, part of speech and other grammatical rules.
  • Trust in their ability. They have self-confidence. They have the approach, YES I CAN DO IT.
  • They don’t have PLAN B. When you make a plan B, your brain doesn’t work perfectly. Your Plan B may prevent you from succeeding with your Plan A, a new study reveals why. If you want to be a doctor, struggle for it.
  • They take prayers from their parents. It really helps.

Myth’s Moral: There are no direct secrets, you should focus on hard work and smart work.