MDCAT 2024: Apply, Past Papers, Divison, Weightage, Dates

Passionate about medicine and dentistry?

Frustrated with inadequate information regarding this queer abbreviation?

Hold your horses and stop frowning! We have got all your reservations covered. By the end of this blog, you will be in the position of a complete understanding of MDCAT and all it offers and demands.

So shall we begin?

1. What Is MDCAT?

It is an abbreviation for the Medical & Dental College Admission Test, a standardized test assessing your conceptual comprehension in science subjects (Physics, chemistry, biology) and of course, English.

2. Which Entity Conducts MDCAT?

Every year, the test is conducted by UHS, University of Health Sciences, based in Lahore. The institute was established in 2002 for carrying out a qualitative and quantitative revolution in medical education and research.

Almost all the public and private medical and dental colleges of Punjab are affiliated with UHS. 87 colleges and institutes in Punjab, federal territory and AJK are affiliated with UHS. To our surprise, around 70,363 undergraduate and 5,622 postgraduate students are currently registered with it.

And so, it has been trusted with setting MDCAT each year for enrollment of students in public sector medical colleges in Punjab.

The previous year, the test was conducted on 25th August in a well-devised network of test centers around the province.

3. Who Can Apply For MDCAT?

Often, students from A-Levels and some other equivalent degree find it a bit difficult to go for MDCAT for the sole reason that they consider all the syllabus for the test is taken from FSc textbooks.

That’s a completely wrong approach!

UHS issued an MDCAT information booklet for its 2019 test to answer all ambiguities and queries. This booklet, in clear terms, stated the following conditions preliminary in applying for the test. Scroll down!

With Respect to Domicile

Any candidate that has a domicile of any district of Punjab, Azad Jammu Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan (Northern Areas) and the federal territory (Islamabad) can apply for the test.

With respect to the academic qualifications:

  • Students having passed the intermediate examination (FSc) in Pakistan scoring at least 70% (770/1100) in their respective board results. Remember! The marks should be unadjusted i.e., excluding the marks of Hifz-e-Quran and any other incentive, etc.
  • The candidates who have passed any other examination (e.g., A-Level, 12thGrade, I.B., etc.) of a foreign university or examining body with the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Physics/ Mathematics, with their results certified by the Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC), Pakistan, to the Intermediate Science (HSSC/F.Sc.) of Pakistan, with at least 70% (770/1100) marks.
  • 20 marks will be awarded to Hafiz e Quran once the candidate clears the Hifz test conducted by UHS before displaying the first merit list.

4. Where Can I Download MDCAT Past Papers In PDF?

Do you want to see the past papers of MDCAT that can help you to find out how past wars were made? 😀

👉 MDCAT Past Papers Past 10 Years

5. What Are Marks Division In MDCAT?

The test consists of one assessment of 200 multiple-choice questions (MCQs). The same is expected in 2020. Four options with a single best answers are given for each MCQ.

The entire test is divided into four sections namely:

(i) Biology (80MCQs)

(ii) Chemistry (60MCQs)

(iii) Physics (40MCQs)

(iv) English (General for language proficiency) (20 MCQs)

The duration to complete the test is 150 minutes. Not much when compared to the tricky questions but it is what it is. With practice, this seemingly dreadful ratio of time and questions becomes less scary.

And of course, good news! There is absolutely no negative marking for any wrong answer so just try your luck and bubble out any option just to take the chance. Who knows what might work for you. For each correct answer, 01 scores will be awarded to the aspirant and no mark shall be given to an unattempted MCQ.

6. What Is The Weightage Of MDCAT In 2020?

The 50-50 scheme introduced last year goes like:

  • HSSC/FSc (Pre-Medical) or Equivalent – 50%
  • Admission Test – 50%

7. Where Would The Test Be Conducted?

The test centers are scattered throughout Punjab to ensure the candidates are facilitated the most for taking the test. The centers are as follows:

  • Southern Punjab (Multan, D.G. Khan, Bahawalpur, and Rahim Yar Khan)
  • Central Punjab (Lahore, Faisalabad, Sahiwal, Gujrat, Sargodha, Sialkot and Gujranwala)
  • Northern Punjab (Rawalpindi and Hasan Abdal)

8. How To Apply For MDCAT Registration?

This has changed a bit over the years, considering the technological advancements and the use of the internet in almost every educational sector in the country. A candidate can apply for MDCAT 2019 only online by following these steps:

➔ Log on to the Bank of Punjab weblink ( It’ll be updated

➔ Click on “Register” button

➔ A simple application form will appear which the candidate is required to fill

➔ A clear colored picture of not more than 2 MB and not more than 2 months old will be uploaded

➔ Submit the form once you have reviewed it fully and confirmed that it does not contain any error

Upon successful submission, the candidate will be assigned a unique application serial number (e.g., UHS-34567189). This number shall be used in the future for accessing the submitted application and the Admittance Card issued by the bank. Get a print of the filled application form by clicking the “Download & Print” button.

9. How To Get An Admittance Card?

After submission of the online application form, the candidate is required to visit the nearest branch of the Bank of Punjab during banking hours along with the print-out of the application form. On submission of the MDCAT fee of Rs.1300/- (in cash, non-refundable), the concerned bank official will stamp the application form and return the “candidate’s copy” of the form to the candidate or his/her representative.

Within 72 hours after fee submission, the candidate shall be communicated his/her Admittance Card, bearing his/her roll number and examination center, via SMS and e-mail.

The next step is to get the print out of the admittance card and save it for the test day.

Pretty clear so far, right?

Shall we move towards the technicalities now – the things that matter the most?

10. How To Attempt MDCAT Paper?

Note that you will be getting a “response form” that is a specialized, double-sheeted, pre-printed and bar-coded form. Each MCQ is given with 4 to 5 options out of which one has to be selected. You can’t just go on with tick marking or encircling the right option. Take a breath and read through these rules to know how to do it the right way:

➢ Fill the bubble with a blue ball pen only

➢ Fill the bubbles completely. Half-filled ones are not considered at all

➢ Pen marks shall not exceed the boundary of the bubble

➢ Double options are canceled right away

➢ Tick marks or encircling are not catered whatsoever

11. How To Prepare For MDCAT?

That is the trickiest part. But no matter how oblivious we tend to behave in response to this question, its reality is inevitable. Don’t worry! With these simple formulae to help you cope with the stress of MDCAT preparation, you will definitely achieve according to your wishes.

  1. Assessing your knowledge of FSc syllabus before commencing your preparation for MDCAT
  2. Making a time table for preparation you will actually follow with full devotion
  3. Practicing from past papers by timing yourself. This relieves you of the pressure then the final test entails on your mind.
  4. Rely on authentic sources for study materials. Books come first!

12. What To Expect?

In 2019, a huge sea of 74,000 candidates took this defining test in different centers in Punjab. That’s great, isn’t it? Hold on. Only around 3,500 students make it to the UHS affiliated colleges. This is the state of competition you will be engaged in when you decide to prepare for the test.

Talking about the merit, previous year, the fourth merit list issued by UHS in December closed at 91.4773. That’s a lot of competition. So, you better brace yourself for what lies ahead for you once you dream to clear MDCAT with flying colors. The rest lies in your goodwill and fate.

Good luck, fellows!