Federal Board Report Writing Pattern With An Example (2nd Year)

The Federal Board of Education is a fairly new agency that was created to consolidate the federal programs designed to advance public education. The agency was originally passed in a bill signed by President James Madison on March 3, 1817, and has been updated in numerous laws since then.

The Federal Board of Education is responsible for establishing the national education policy expected of all schools, and for funding programs to help schools meet national standards.

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A lot of Federal Board students face problems when it comes to report writing, and knowing its pattern. In this article all is going to be depicted with examples so that you don’t need to search on the internet any further. (Bas Buhat Ho Chuka 😀 )

Report writing is an essential part of 2nd year English because of having eight marks. There are so many confusions about it that students are confounded which technique to follow. However, I am sure; your these tangled problems are going to be eradicated soon. (Money Back Guarantee 😀 )


Date should be written to the right side. It can be written in the following format

British Format

British: Day-Month-Year
the Fourteenth of March, 2016
14th March 2016
14 March 2016

American Format

American: Month-Day-Year
March the Fourteenth, 2016
March 14th, 2016
March 14, 2016

Both formats are accepted. (Sab Chalta Hai 😀 )


In “To,” we write to whom we are writing the report. Generally, it’s written to the editor.


Who is writing the report. If you’re acting as a reporter, you can be a chief reporter.


What your letter is about. It should be underlined.


In introduction, you write briefly who you are. What you have done before. What you will write in the report.


In report, it should be explained with detail. Statistics data can be given in table, for example, you can write 20 bikes, 10 cars and 5 cycles were stolen in March, April, and May respectively by writing the data in table (Agr Chori Hye Ho to Sachi Mochi :D) .

Write where did you traveled to write the report. You can make it appealing in so many other ways.


What you have explained in the report, you depict in a 3 to 5 lines. Write what you exactly want to tell (Kehana Kya Chahty Ho Bhai Jan? 😀 ).


You can give suggestions how the problem can be eradicated and eliminated in points.


It doesn’t mean you will your sign. It is against the rule. You will just write ABC. (Right Side)


Q: As a newspaper reporter make a survey report for your newspaper on “Drug Addiction”.

Your report should cover the following points: (8 Marks) | Taken From English Paper

1. Prevalence of drug addiction in the society.

2. It is harmful for our youth and nation.

3. Suggestions to put an end to this evil.


To: The Editor, the Dawn

From: A Chief Reporter

SubjectIssue of Drug Addiction in the Society


I am a chief reporter, and I have complied a number of reports on terrorism, load shedding, and smuggling in the Dawn, the Nation and the Tribune. These reports helped to bring a significant improvement in the society. In this report, I will shed light on the issue of drug addiction.

It has no doubt that drug addiction has hit all regions and all sections of our society. It is found in rural and urban areas, among the poor and the rich, among the men and the women. But it is most overwhelmingly practiced by young boys and girls in hostels in almost all educational and technical institutions.

This takes place through drug mafia who has further links with formidable terrorists and smugglers. And in the process, many long men and young women in our country fall victims to this diabolical habit.

Pakistan, through its ISI, is indulging in a proxy war in Kashmir against India with the help of money earned through this drug mafia. This drugs and terrorism have adamant links.

This habit becomes so confirmed that the victim becomes a slave to the drug. If he or she doesn’t take it regularly, he or she feels something missing and even significantly depressed with acute pain and numbness in legs and arms. Drugs are of many kinds like opium, heroin, ganja, charas, etc.

This situation is worsening day by day. This circumstance is creating a lot of difficulties for the people.

Eradicating the enigma of drug addiction is really important without it, our youth will destroy themselves and the country. It’s the best time to take actions on it, later we will only repent.

I suggest you the following steps to be taken in this regard:

1. Make treatment available on request like any other.
2. Prevent drug abuse by investing in the youth and providing them with accurate information.
3. Focus law enforcement resources on the most dangerous and violent criminals
4. International drug control efforts should be demilitarized and focus on economic development.
5. Restore justice to the Pakistani justice system.
6. Make prevention of HIV and other blood-borne diseases a top priority.



                                                                                             Chief Reporter

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