Best 5 Cities And Colleges To Produce Most HSSC FBISE Toppers

Every student is valuable either he is a topper or not. Being a topper feels so great as you have conquered the whole world with your fingertips.

But how a failure seems?

The world – internally and externally – destroys, and you have nothing to show the world. Because failure hurts more.

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter what you have done exceptionally in your life. How many awards you received in your school life, the certificates you have earned – the times come when you can’t do anything just crying and disappointments.

But the topper feels the opposite. He knows he has awarded the fruits what he has done. All his dedication and hard work have made him what he wants to be.

All the toppers in Pakistan that I have seen when I ask what you feel to be a topper? They are extremely thankful to Allah, and when I asked to the FBISE HSSC topper as well as KEMU MBBS student, Aateqa Hashmi, it is what she said in the interview with Top Study World:

Positions don’t determine that you are intelligent or talented exceptionally, they just manifest that you’ve put the right amount of effort in the right place at the right time in the right manner. Yes, the good percentage does make a difference in life but participating deliberately in a ‘rat race’ to have more and more and more marks shouldn’t be practiced. Our society becomes sometimes very cruel to the guys just because studies isn’t their thing. They might become exceptional footballers, novelists, motivational speakers, or painters instead of ending up becoming unsatisfied engineers or aimless doctors. Life isn’t all about textbooks and studies, you need to go out, have fun, do sports, follow your passions, sit with Nature and socialize. Appreciate that life is beautiful. Appreciate that life is a chance for you to prove yourself. Appreciate that the more bruised you get up after falling, the brighter your face appears to the world.

Here I did research which cities and colleges produce the most toppers from Federal Board in Pakistan and other countries.

This is the report officially presented by FBISE on the website, this holds data from 1978 to 2016 – 38 years of toppers.

It can help you to select the best college and city for studying the HSSC level, and it can prove gold for you because you will find the friendly environment to study, and you will be guided exceptionally.


Here all the toppers are the students who got 1st position in Federal Board, we didn’t include the colleges and the toppers that got 2nd or 3rd position due to the limited data.


1. Islamabad (15 Toppers)

Out of 38 toppers from 1978 to 2016, 15th toppers were from Islamabad.

The city of bygone toppers from 1980 to 2006

Because the majority colleges of Islamabad belong to FBISE, and the highest number of colleges is the main reason.

You know better than me Islamabad has world-class infrastructures and academies that are better than KIPS academies.

And most people can easily afford a good academy to study their children.

Most toppers came from the following colleges:

1. Islamabad College for Boys, G-6/3, Islamabad:

It got 5 toppers in 1980, 1981, 1982, 1988, 1988.

You can check the above result of FBISE HSSC 2016 of this college that got 16 A1 (Above 80%), and 39 A (Above 70%). our of 361 students.

2. Islamabad Model College for Girls (Post Graduate), F-7/2, Islamabad

It got 4 toppers in 1992, 1996, 2002, 2006

According to the FBISE HSSC result 2016, it got 80 A1 (Above 80%), and 147 A (Above 70%) out of 716 students who enrolled.

3. Islamabad College for Girls, F-6/2, Islamabad:

It got only 2 toppersin1984, 1993

According to the result of 2016, it got 77 A1 (above 80%), 84 A (Above 70%)  out of 467 students.

These are the following colleges that got only one topper:

  • Islamabad Model College for Boys, F-8/4 (1986)
  • Islamabad Model College for Boys G-10/4 (1995)
  • Islamabad Model College for Boys F-7/3 (1998)


This data shows that Islamabad is not getting many toppers after 2002. The college that produced the most toppers, Islamabad College for Boys, hasn’t provided a single topper after 1988. In this era, most toppers were from boys, but now the trend has changed. If you want to check the latest result of this college, you can check the HSSC result 2016 at

2. Rawalpindi (11 Toppers) 

Out of 38 toppers, the second highest toppers are from Rawalpindi. 

It is the city of modern toppers from 1999 to 2016

 Rawalpindi is considered the best city that is continuously producing the most toppers due to its amazing academies and colleges that are present every nook and corner of the city.

I knew the day when I went to Rawalpindi for my speech competition held in F.G Sir Syed College, the Mall, Rawalpindi, I was amazed to see the banners of toppers as it is the case with Cola ads in Lahore Cantt everywhere.

Perhaps it is due to love of this city for education.

Most toppers came from the following colleges:

1. FG Sir Syed College, The Mall, Rawalpindi Cantt

It got 6 toppers in 1983, 1985,2003 (2), 2004, 2007

Impressively, it got 136 A1, and 98 A out of 462 students.
2. Hamza Army Public School College, Shahrah-e- StadiumHamza Camp, Rawalpindi

It got 4 Toppers in 2010,  2013, 2014, 2016

It got 161 A1, and 79 A out of 405 students and we make it the best college in our list. 

3. FG College for Women, Kashmir Road Rawalpindi

It got only one 1 Topper in 1999


Hamza Army Public School & College and FG Sir Syed College are performing extremely well when it comes to producing most toppers from Federal Board. If you are curious to check the latest result of 2016 of HSSC of the above colleges see here

3.  Sargodha (4 Toppers)

You may be expecting Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, and Karachi to be the 3rd city for producing the most toppers because of the population.

But it is not the case. 

And the bad news is that there is not a single college that produces more than 2 toppers at a time. 

These colleges are different, and these are the followings:

  • Air Base Inter College, Sargodha (1991)
    • Check Result
    • This college got 32 A1, 44 A out of 132 students.
  • Suffah College, Sargodha (1997)
    • The name of the college has changed, so I didn’t find the result in the gazette except in the brochure.
  • Army Public School and College, Sargodha Cantt (2008)
    • Check Result
    • This college got 53 A1, and 50 A out of 176 students.
  • ACME College of Excellence Faisalabad Road, Sargodha (2009)


Check Result shows the result of HSSC FBISE 2016 when you click on it.

4.   Peshawar (2 Toppers)

Peshawar has got the fourth position, but the good news is that both toppers are from the same college.

  • Fazaia Degree College, 30 Rafiqui Road, Peshawar
    • Got 2 toppers in 1987 and 1989
    • Check Result
    • It got 14 A1, and 16 A out of 85 students.

There is no doubt it is one of the best colleges in Peshawar that get the highest marks, and it is an ideal college for Federal Board.


Check Result shows the result of HSSC FBISE 2016 when you click on it..

5. Wah Cantt (2 Toppers)

I don’t know why Lahore and Karachi colleges didn’t make to the top 5.

You will be amazed to know that the first topper of Federal Board for HSSC is from Wah Cantt.

  • F. G. Degree College for Men, Wah Cantt
    • Got one topper in 1978
    • Check Result
    • It got 70 A1, and 78 A out of 295 students.
  • F. G. Post Graduate College for Women, Wah Cantt.
    • 1979
    • Check Result
    • It got 113 A1, and 130 A out of 563 students.


Check Result shows the result of HSSC FBISE 2016 when you click on it.