How To Check FBISE Result Through SMS (Even FBISE Is Down)

Checking your result either you’re checking for SSC or HSSC might be frustrating on the official website of FBISE on the result day due to heavy servers load caused by thousands of Pakistani students.

Do you know? Even FBISE website is not working due to heavy load, you can check your result through SMS.

You just need to send an SMS to 5050 with “FB Your Roll Number”.

For example, my roll number is 127569. I will write a message like FB 127569, and send to 5050. After a few minutes, you will receive an SMS with your result.

Check FBISE Result Through SMS in iPhone


You can only check the result with SMS on the result day. It will not work on other day of the year. It will work for any class on any given result. For example, if today is your 9th Class, you can check the result for 9th Class only.  The same goes for 10th, 11th and 12th Class FBISE result.

Another Way To Check The Result When FBISE Is Down Via Call:

You can check ask your result by Telephone Exchange by calling on the following number on the day of result:

1. (051) 9269555

2. (051) 9269556

3. (051) 9269557

4. (051) 9269558

5. (051) 9269559

Are You Sad For Being Bad Result?

Here are the solutions to your problems if you took the SSC exam:

1. The marks of SSC don’t matter much. It only helps in getting admission in a good college. That’s it. If you think MCAT (now DMCAT), it only counts for 10% of SSC marks, 50% Entry Test, and 40% HSSC marks. This test is for becoming a doctor. The same goes for ECAT.

It doesn’t mean you should not study in 10th Class. You should because marks can make a big difference. I have seen many many many students who get 60 to 70% in 9th Class, they improve, study hard, take improvement and cross 90%.

Because once you have tasted the taste of Federal Board, you become a skilled player. Prove yourself who you are.

2. You should take improvement. It is good because you don’t lose anything, you only gain. Because even you get low marks, the higher marks are considered in Federal Board. For this, you have to wait for the admission process when it will be started for SSC by FBISE. There would be an improvement form that will be released, you will have to submit a challan form to deposit money in HBL Bank, and then you have to submit.

We will write an article soon as admission is started with a step by step guide.

3. All the mistakes that you made in your respective class, take a notebook, and write down. Then use your little brain to think of their solutions.

For example, you used to waste 3 hours on Facebook. When you calculate, it means you wasted 90 hours in a month, and 1095 hours in a year. It means you wasted 45 days. So find a solution to use only 10 to 20 minutes a day. And study for the rest of the time – play too.