Essay on Postman for Students and Children (200 & 500 Words)

A postman plays a very significant role in our daily lives. They work tirelessly to ensure timely delivery of mails, parcels and packages to various locations across cities and towns. Postmen work for the postal department and deliver a crucial service which connects people across distances.

Essay on Postman for Students and Children (200 Words)

A postman is a person who delivers mail such as letters, parcels and packages to residential and commercial addresses everyday except Sunday. Postmen play an important role in our daily lives by ensuring timely delivery of mails. They work for the postal department of the government.

A typical day of a postman starts early in the morning. He collects all the mail meant for delivery from the post office. The mail is sorted according to the addresses. Then he loads his postal bag or trolley and starts the delivery rounds. He walks from door to door and diligently delivers letters and packages. While delivering, he also notes any changes in address to update postal records.

It is not an easy job as postmen have to walk for long hours under all weather conditions. They work rain or shine to ensure mails reach on time. Sometimes packets may be too heavy but they still manage to deliver promptly. Postmen are also very polite and friendly with customers. They play a connecting role between people by facilitating communication through mails.

Though a postman’s work may look simple but it is important for society. They work tirelessly to keep the wheels of communication moving. We must appreciate their efforts and encourage more young people to join this service. Being a postman allows one to stay fit physically while providing a useful service to the community.

Essay on Postman for Students and Children (500 Words)


The postman plays a very significant role in our daily lives. Even though we may not realize it often, postmen work tirelessly every single day except Sundays to ensure that important mails, packages and letters reach us on time. Their job involves collecting mail from the post office early in the morning, sorting it according to addresses and then walking for hours under all weather conditions to deliver the mail at our doorsteps. In this essay, we will understand in detail about the important work done by postmen and how their contribution helps in keeping communication lines active in society.

A Day in the Life of a Postman

A typical working day of a postman starts as early as 7 am when he reaches the post office. Here, he collects all the unsorted mail bags or packages that have accumulated overnight. This mail is then carefully sorted according to areas and addresses. The postman then loads his postal bag or trolley and diligently notes down any updates about changes in addresses or new delivery locations.By 8 am, he begins the long delivery rounds, which may sometimes continue till late evening depending on the mail volume for the day. He walks from street to street and home to home, diligently delivering letters, parcels, magazines or anything else through accurate identification of house numbers and names. During this time, the postman also notes any shifts in recipient addresses to keep postal records updated.

Challenges Faced

It is not easy being a postman as there are many challenges associated with this job. Postmen have to be on their feet and walking for over 8-10 hours under all weather conditions including blazing heat, chilly winters and heavy rains. Due to long hours of continual walking, their legs and back may ache a lot. Adding to their exertions are heavy packets or packages that need to be carried from one destination to another.Sometimes location tracing can also be difficult if address details are incomplete or blurred. This can lead to wastage of time. Postmen also often face unfriendly or unruly customers who complain without valid reasons. In spite of all these struggles, postmen ensure that communication lines between people remain active in a timely manner.

Role in Society

The role played by postmen is very important for a smoothly functioning society. They link different individuals, families, and businesses through the transfer of mails, bills and official documents. Communications such as letters, money orders or postal orders help fulfill personal and official responsibilities. Postal services also allow sharing of small parcels within the country and overseas. People depend on postmen for receiving medicines, gifts, books and other e-commerce deliveries everyday.During emergencies such as natural calamities also, postmen work tirelessly to facilitate transfer of relief and support material. Their dedication towards work makes them frontline warriors who connect people even in difficult times. With rise in digitization and Internet culture, the importance of postal services is declining gradually. Still, key communication for sectors like government, education and others is maintained through postal deliveries. This ensures that no one is left without means of contact.


Though postmen may not get due recognition or high salaries, the job they do plays a very significant role in our lives. Without their concerted efforts every day, vital communication links could snap and lives would suffer. As responsible citizens, we must appreciate postmen for prioritizing their duties irrespective of conditions and delivering smiles with mail. Their work reminds us of simple connections between individuals and communities that often bring people together in times of need.

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