Essay on My Hobby for Students and Children (200 & 500 words)

Having a hobby is very important for everyone. A hobby is an activity that you do for enjoyment in your free time. My favorite hobby is drawing. Through my drawings, I can express my imagination and creativity.

Drawing helps me relax and feel happy. It allows me to focus, so I forget about my problems. I love drawing cartoons and nature scenes the most. Some of my other hobbies are reading storybooks, dancing, and playing chess.

In this essay, I will talk more about my hobby of drawing. I will describe how I got interested in drawing, what I enjoy about it, and how it helps me. Drawing is a hobby that gives me joy and boosts my creativity. It is an excellent hobby for passing my free time and unleashing my inner artist.

Essay on My Hobby (200 words)

My favorite hobby is reading books. I love reading because it lets me explore new worlds and go on adventures. Books take me to places I have never been and introduce me to people I would never meet in real life. Through books I can be a detective solving mysteries, a wizard at a school for magic, or an astronaut exploring the solar system.

Reading helps me learn new things too. I can read about history, science, sports, or anything else I want to know more about. Books make learning fun instead of boring. And when I read fiction stories, I learn about people and how to understand their feelings.

The best thing about reading is that it uses your imagination. When I read, I have to picture the story and characters in my head. My imagination makes every book special and unique. Reading exercises my mind and improves my vocabulary too. The more I read, the better I get at reading and writing.

I try to read for at least 30 minutes every day if I can. I love getting new books from the library or as gifts for my birthday and holidays. I usually read before bed to help me relax so I can fall asleep more easily. Reading is the perfect hobby because it is educational and entertaining. It opens up new worlds for me to explore every time I pick up a book. That is why reading is my favorite hobby.

Essay on My Hobby (500 words)

My Hobby – Playing Piano

Music is the rhythm of life and soul of my existence. Ever since I was a little girl, I was fascinated by the piano and developed a keen interest in learning to play it. The sound of the keys as fingers gracefully danced across them was magical to my young ears. Now, years later, playing the piano remains my favorite hobby and pastime.


Playing piano brings me immense joy and satisfaction. When I sit down at the sleek black and white keys, I feel a rush of excitement. It’s just me and my music, and I get lost in the melodies and harmonies. The connection between my fingers, the keys, and the sounds transports me to another realm. Time seems to stop, and I can tune out the world around me. With piano, I find peace, tranquility, and escape. It charges my creative spirit.

My History with the Piano

I started begging my parents for piano lessons around age 6. I was eager to learn songs and make that beautiful music myself. My parents finally enrolled me in weekly lessons, and I began my journey. In the early years, I learned the basics – finger placement, reading sheet music, scales, chords. It was challenging at first, but with regular practice I improved quickly. I loved impressing my teachers by mastering new skills. The pride I felt with each new milestone fueled my passion.

Around 8 years old, I started taking lessons from Mrs. Wells, an amazing teacher who changed my relationship with piano. She encouraged me to play from the heart and infuse emotion into every note. Under her guidance, I progressed from playing simple children’s songs to classical masterpieces by great composers. She also taught me music theory which helped me understand song structures. My playing advanced to a whole new level.

Practicing and Improving

Today I continue to practice piano regularly. I try to squeeze in at least an hour a day between schoolwork, sports, and friends. I have an upright piano in my bedroom so I can play whenever inspiration strikes. I also love attending my weekly lesson with my current teacher, Mr. Garrett. He has an incredible knack for breaking down complicated pieces and is always patient with me.

Through consistent practice, I continue improving. My technique gets sharper, and I can play faster pieces with more complex rhythms and melodic lines. I’ve performed at several recitals and talent shows over the years which has boosted my confidence. While I get nervous before performing, the rush I feel during is phenomenal. I hope to keep testing my skills and someday master advanced classical works by composers like Chopin and Liszt.

Piano and My Life

Playing piano has shaped me in many positive ways. It has taught me the value of discipline and hard work. Mastering a difficult piece takes dedication. Piano has also been an emotional outlet when I feel stressed or upset. Pouring my feelings into a song uplifts my spirit. Playing music with friends is also a wonderful bonding experience. I’m so grateful my parents encouraged me to learn piano all those years ago. It continues to bring joy and enrichment to my life.


Piano has become an integral part of my identity and daily life. When I play, I feel centered and fulfilled. I look forward to growing as a pianist, learning new styles, and making music well into adulthood. For any children considering piano lessons, I highly recommend pursuing it. With passion and regular practice, you can cultivate a skill that will last a lifetime. Let the music fill your soul!

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