9 Best Tips To Prepare For ECAT To Get High Marks [2019]

By: Aleena Hussain

The article How to Get High Marks In NUST Entry Test in which it was explained how you should prepare for NET to get high marks, and how to prepare for Chemistry, English, and Intelligence sections.

And most importantly, you will see the important topics in the above article that usually come in the engineering entry tests.

Now this article is about ECAT.

You already know to get admission in the top engineering university of Pakistan, you have to score high marks in Engineering College Admission Test (ECAT).

ECAT takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and focus. We are going to provide you with some useful yet easy TIPS and TRICKS to avail high marks in ECAT.

The best ways to prepare for ECAT to get high marks are:

1. Know What Exactly Is ECAT

There is a lot of hype around entry tests, but many don’t know what they are in actual. So what is ECAT?

ECAT is conducted by the University of Engineering and Technology in Pakistan.

In ECAT, there are 100 MCQs. Each MCQ has 4 marks. However, there is no negative marking of -1 mark for every wrong answer.

  • MCQs are asked in the following order:
  • Mathematics (30 MCQs)
  • Physics (30 MCQs)
  • Chemistry (30 MCQs)
  • English (10 MCQs)

You have exactly 100 minutes to figure out not only the correct answer but also to save time for rechecking.

2. Start Preparing For ECAT While In FSC

Lots of you don’t know that the syllabus of ECAT comes straight from those FSC books.

So its best to start preparing for the mqcs at the same time as you prepare for your board exams.

DON’T CRAM every topic, instead try to UNDERSTAND the text, the concepts and formulas.

Read your text line by line to get a better understanding rather than to memorize or “ratta” the chapters.

3. Focus On Studying

Try to stay away from the social media as, it can serve a great distraction from studying.

Deactivate your social accounts for a while to concentrate on your studies. Switch off the TV and video games as these can be a hindrance and an interruption to learning scientific concepts.

Just a take a break from the glory of Ithe internet and try to be more attentive towards your targets. Find a quiet, cozy place where you can study for ECAT without any intrusion.

4. Set Your Goals

A good success does not only come from your learning capabilities but also from your performing abilities. You need to be steadfast, dedicated and motivated towards your goals.

You need to set your aims and then give your 101% in achieving those targets.

Set your eyes on a good engineering university and keep in mind that you are working hard to gain admission in that university.

5. Stress Management

Relax your mind, breathe deeply and be ready for your exam.

Don’t take too much pressure and not try to be totally relaxed as well. Just a little tingling to remind you of your ECAT exam and not more than this.

Just remember, “It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.”

6. Practice Makes Perfect

Complete your syllabus at least 1 month before the exam so you can revise it at least 3 times. The more you practice, the more achieve.

7. Past Papers

Solving past papers is a great way of preparing for your exam.

Try to solve at least 1 ECAT past paper a week. This not only hones your time management skills but also concretes your learned concepts.

8. Study Smart

In FSC you study the ‘hard way,’ but now for ECAT you have to learn the “smart way.”

For this constructive study, you can use flashcards, guidebooks such as of PGC, STEP or KIPS guiding books and notes. Other than this, you can easily find PDFs and online mcq tests available on sites like:

The most important thing is to AVOID CALCULATORS at all costs. Try to solve mathematical problems mentally so you don’t have to depend on calculators.

9. Be Positive

I know it’s hard to be optimistic when you have a career alternating exam ahead of you but just try to be as much positive as you can.

Imagine yourself sitting in a renowned engineering university like NUST, GIKI, FAST, to get yourself motivated for ECAT studying. Remind yourself on a daily basis of what you will earn if you work hard on your ECAT studies.

Keep in mind, “ Don’t stop until you are proud.”

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