Quran Majeed Ka Taruf 9th Class – Chapter 1

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Islamiyat is the study of religion and Islamic civilization. It is compulsory subject in all educational institutions of Pakistan. Islamiyat is the only subject which help and guide student towards becoming true muslims. Islamiyat is not just a subject, but it is the way of life. Islamiyat helps us to learn about the importance of Islam in our lives and helps us to understand that how can we become a true follower of Islam.

Islamiyat help us to know about our religion, about our prophet Muhammad (PBUH), about his companions, about the golden age of Muslims, about the teachings of Quran, about how to perform prayers, about Namaz e Janaza, about Hajj and Umrah, about Zakat and charity, about Halal and Haram etc.

Islamiyat is not just a subject but it is a complete code of life which helps us to become a good human being and also helps us to become good Muslim. Islam is a complete code of life. We can not lead a happy life in isolation. We must have relations with our friends and relatives. In this context, Islamiyat teaches us how to behave with others so that we may have pleasant relations with them.

Islamiyat educates us about the meaning and message of Islam which is peace, tolerance and co-operation. It urges us to care for others and share each other’s joys and sorrows by helping them when they are in trouble or need help.

Quran Majeed Ka Taruf 9th Class

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Quran Majeed Ka Taruf 9th Class