Why Pakistani Students Go Abroad: Top 5 Reasons

By Kh. M. Haris Naveed

Going to another country to achieve your life goal has been common throughout history. A good example of this can be the founder of Pakistan, who achieved his higher education in London. Today we are going to discuss why do Pakistani students go abroad. The reason can be anything for attaining a higher degree or trying to earn a good living.

There are a few reasons that can motivate a Pakistani student to go abroad. One by one we will explain all of these reasons.

These reasons are as follows:

1. Chance To See The World

The first reason is to get a chance to explore new places. Desire to explore new places and to experience new cultures is very common. Pakistani students are no exceptions. Every Pakistani student once in their life has the desire to go abroad and experience their lifestyles.

This not only enhances the knowledge of the person but also gives them an experience that can be useful in the future.

2. Education Standards

Another reason for the Pakistani students to go abroad is that the quality and standards of education in both Pakistan and abroad.

No doubt that the standards of study in Pakistan are improving slowly but surely. The fact of the matter remains that the education system and the quality of education is far greater in other countries.

The education provided abroad is not only better than Pakistan but also the education system and the method of teaching is much better. Not to mention the level of corruption in Pakistani educational institutes is far greater than others.

There is also the factor of equipment in the educational institutes. The institutes in Pakistan don’t possess high-level equipment for the students. Since the has been a rapid advancement in the field of science and technology, so better and up-to-date equipment is required. This also plays a major role that describes why Pakistani students go abroad.

3. Personal Development

As we have discussed above in the “chance to see the world” that going abroad gives a person experience that can prove to be useful in the future. The prospect to go abroad gives a person a chance to grow mentally.

In other countries, when a person becomes 18 years old then that person has a chance to live independently. This gives them a chance to grow as a person and earn a living for themselves which is different from Pakistan.

This provides a chance for a person to go and live there lives independently. The thought of going abroad for a student can be a little frightening but it can have very benefits for the person. This allows the student to grow as a person, earn a living and understand the value of money. It also prepares the person for any sort of hardships that they may have to endure.

This gives the person a sense of independence and makes them more confident.

4. Career Prospect And Financial Reasons

Another reason which explains why Pakistani students go abroad is for a chance to get good jobs. Since Pakistan is a developing country so people are slowly improving their living standards while students want to improve their lives as fast as possible.

For the purpose of getting good jobs, students want to go abroad and become graduates oversees. Students choose developed countries for this purpose. A good education can provide a means to a better career path.

In developed countries, a student can not only earn their tuition fee by working a part-time job but they can also provide for themselves and may also send some amount back home.

So in terms of financial reasons, it can be very beneficial for a Pakistani student to go to a more developed country and make a living. This can be very beneficial for both the person and their family.

5. Improvement In Communication Skills

For a person to improve their communication skills, they have to interact with people and converse. This can also play a good role which explains why Pakistani students go abroad.

The development of communication skills also depends on the person. The person who is an introvert will require more practice then the extrovert. So going abroad forces the person into a situation where they have to interact with the others.

Going to another country forces the person to get out of there shell and become a more confident person. Since a Student needs to have a good grasp on communication skills. This helps the person in the long run.

In the end, going to another country, especially for a Pakistani student can be very beneficial. This can have a major effect on their lives for the better. Hopefully, this will explain why do Pakistani students go abroad. Even though the Pakistani educational system is improving but for better future students will tend to go to a more developed country.