7 Tips To Keep In Mind When You Travel With Your Classmates

Being a student, I always wanted to see the true beauty of nature, but SSC and HSSC studies didn’t allow me.

Now a university student, God gave me an opportunity to go to Neelum Valley which is located in Azad Kashmir – considered one of the best beauty places in the world. It took about 12 hours to reach from Lahore to Neelum Valley.

Me at Arang Kel, Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir

I went with some of my friends, I learned a lot of things. and of course, made many mistakes.

I tought I should write an article on it so that the future classmates don’t make such mistakes and enjoy nature with the full enthusiasm.

It doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy rather It was the best time I spent in my life and I observed the extreme beauty, and I was shocked to see how God has made this, how will be the heaven which is a thousand times better than this.

I am jotting down these things by my experience that you may not find on the internet.

1. Pairs Of Two

It’s really important to have pairs of two of everything.


What do you mean? I mean everything that goes from your socks to combs.

Because we went to the area of snow, my socks got wet. I didn’t have any other pairs to wear rather I had to take help of fire to keep it dry.

Just think of the are you are going, and assume which things you need the most. Some people don’t bring all the things, and you can give to your friend in case he needs.

2. Powerbank

Never ever forget to keep a power bank because we had no electricity to charge the smartphones in many areas.

Every person must have a power bank, never think you would use the power bank of your friend.It may cost you between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3000 depending on the mAh.

I would say if you have a long trip buy above 20,000mAh.

3. Location Of A Thing In The Bag

If you’re going somewhere from your home for the first time, then you should take this step more seriously.

 I forget the location of these things in my bag in case I needed the most:

  • Towel
  • Comb
  • Vaseline
  • Powerbank
  • Smartphone charger

Because my mother filled the bag, I didn’t know the location of anything. I had to open every zip of the bag in order to see what it had.

So don’t make this mistake. Pack the bag yourself or minimum see you.

You can also write down on your smartphone so it will be easy to find the thing you need or maybe your friends.

4. Make One Person The Leader

It’s critical. You have to select your leader who will have money and he will be responsible for collecting money from you. He will give money whenever you need.

He will pay the bill for petrol, for food during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Also among other things.

Because it will remove many confusions, for example, you never need to worry about the money how much you have to give for petrol or for breakfast in a hotel.

5. Save Maps

When we were on the way to Azad Kashmir, there were many places when we had no internet. We needed to take a look at the Google Map, but unfortunately, it was not possible at that time.

We taught we will have internet all the time, but we were wrong.

In this case, you have two options:

  • Buy a hard copy of the map for the area you’re going.
  • Download offline version of the Google Map of your required area.

But we are thankful to the Pakistan army, Police and many other people who guided us.

6. Don’t Take Fight And Insult Seriously

I know you’re close friends, but during travel, some things may go wrong.

Don’t worry if it happens. Because you will have to spend hours of hours together in a car or van, and you will speak a lot.

During this, the insult of one friend may lead to some strange circumstances so keep balance.

It may be the first time you have been together for such a long period of time. So don’t fight at any cost otherwise, it will make your beautiful journey tasteless.

Learn to make some sacrifices to make everyone happy.

7. Don’t Forget To Take Care Of Each Other

It’s the thing that is often neglected. You but it think everyone has become an adult and everybody can take care of him.

But it is not the case.

You have to take care of your every friend, understand the weakness and strength of each person. One person will have a habit of forgetting, so you have to take care of everything.

One person will need a bottle of water, but he will not tell, but you have see the face of your friend in order to guess what he needs.