Top Resources For Microsoft 70-741 Certification Test: Self-Paced & Instructor-Led Courses, Exam Dumps And Study Guides

If networking is your thing, then Microsoft 70-741 is the proper exam for you. It will measure your skills in networking with Windows Server 2016. It is an ideal test for the IT professionals with a strong background experience in this area. They are aiming at pursuing Microsoft certificates because of their credibility and the fact that anyone who holds them is competitive. More facts about this exam will make you understand it even better. So, let’s dive into its important details.

Key facts about Microsoft 70-741 exam

Microsoft 70-741 is one of three exams that you must complete to obtain the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification. The other two are 70-740 and 70-742. You can then proceed to earn the MCSE: Core Infrastructure credential after passing one more prerequisite test. Microsoft 70-741 earmarks networking with Windows Server 2016. Some topics covered include the implementation and configuration of DNS, DHCP, IPAM, and SDN.

The timeframe set for the 70-741 exam is 120 minutes. The questions vary but are always between 40 and 60. The exact types of questions are not revealed in advance but can include the following formats: case studies, drag and drop, hot area, active screen, multiple choice, best answer, and mark review. The total amount of points that you can score is 1000 but it is enough to get at least 700 in order to pass this certification test. You receive your results with all the statistics as soon as you complete the exam and submit your responses.

Preparation resources for Microsoft 70-741 exam

The first step in preparing for any exam is to learn its objectives. We should pay your attention to the fact that you need to plan accordingly how to process each of them, what resources to use, and how to develop some skills for efficient time management. Let’s see what study materials work well for Microsoft 70-741.

You need to use various prep tools to ace this certification test. Microsoft has made available some helpful materials that make your training easier. They include free self-paced courses and instructor-led training where you can learn networking with Windows Server 2016. You can also utilize practical labs that come with hands-on skills that are necessary for the exam as well as when executing your job responsibilities.

 If you prefer studying with books, you can purchase the study guide offered by Microsoft. You may also want to consider exam dumps that are a gem when it comes to dynamic preparation. Practice questions indicate what exactly you should be ready to encounter in the actual test, and they give you an idea of ​​how it will be. Braindumps will help you gain confidence after practicing several times.


The Microsoft 70-741 exam is a pathway to career greatness, financial freedom, and independence. Passing it and getting the relevant certification lifts you to a completely new level, as you will be an efficient and knowledgeable employer. 

This will be a formal proof of the skills you possess. Thus, you are more likely to work in the best companies as a network engineer or a server administrator among other vacancies that are available to you.