5 Reasons To Study Computer Science In Pakistan

Pakistan is a pretty backward country. Lack of resources. Poor education system.

What is something that you can master and conquer the world?

That’s computer science.

But why? Does Pakistan have a better education system for computer science?


Because computer science can be learned from home. Keep reading to know more.

5 Reasons You Should Study CS In Pakistan

1. The Huge Potential Of Business In Pakistan

“If you see a person or a business that is involved in illegal practices, it means it’s a great opportunity for a new business to run the same business with honesty”.

Let’s take an example.

You go to a laptop repair shop, and the shopkeeper says to come back to the shop after 4 hours.

The shopkeeper knows the issue is minor that would take only 2 minutes, but he will demand Rs. 2000.


He’ll tell you the issue was extremely huge.

Now imagine you go to another laptop shop; he checks at the spot and repairs within 2 minutes and demands nothing from you.

Would you not go to the shop if your laptop has another major issue? Of course.

It’s just one example; you can apply in any sector that is not running as per standards and looting the people.

Pakistan has hundreds of companies that are looting people, but you can start a business to disrupt the industry by being honest and provide people services affordable and better.

2. Pandemic Solution

COVID-19 has affected every sphere of the conventional side of the business.

But the online businesses are not badly affected as compared to local businesses.

Web developers, graphic designers, content writers, video editors, programmers are some of the fields that have a demand amid pandemic.

The reason is simple; they don’t need to work from the office. They can work from home and deliver the same output at the office provided the productivity isn’t affected at home.

Most reputable companies have decided to let workers work from home even after the pandemic ends.

Companies are changing their strategy and transforming project management from home. In the near future, people can work from home and can save time and money.

I worked from a co-working space in Lahore; now I work at home.

My productivity was extremely low at the beginning at home, but with time, I’ve learned the hard way how to be productive,

3. The Demand Of CS Is Huge

Do you want to work for Google, Microsoft, or Facebook?

They demand no degree, but you must have a skill set.

Go to Google Jobs to find a job you’d love.

The number will change in real-time as you type a job name.

As I typed software engineering. The first job I came across is shown below:

That mentions you might have a degree or practical experience.

Find out the best job you’re passionate about.

And read out the job description and job responsibilities.

Learn the skills that the company requires.

And learn the skill to the level, Google hires you.

I tried to find out which job is the most common at Google; that’s the software engineer mentioned more than 51 thousand.

But when you try to look at the latest trend, and the hype of data scientists that is not pretty common.

It means data scientist may not be the best field to master.

That’s why decisions you make must be based on ground realities instead of videos and information you digest from the internet.

The same is seen on Rozee.pk that provides jobs in Pakistan. Software engineers have the highest jobs instead of data scientists.

4. You Can Learn For Free Or Extremely Cheap

You don’t need to study from expensive universities in Pakistan to master the art of computer science.

Do you know?

Most people don’t know the secret of Youtube.

You can easily find a complete course by typing the technology you want to learn and go to filter and select Playlist.

And you’ll come across complete courses instead of just videos that don’t have any direction.

What if you stuck while learning the language?

You have two options:

  • To take help from Google or Stackoverflow since the programmer community is really helpful.
  • To buy a course from Udemy or TreeHouse or Udacity that provides great support, and you can ask a question directly from the mentor.

If you want to learn cheaply, I’ll recommend learning from Udemy since it has thousands of courses with lifetime support from the instructor.

You can also use Treehouse that charges only $25 a month.

Want to learn from the best source?

Then Udacity is a must-go place since the courses are made by companies you already know about like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

5. CS Is The Future

There is no doubt computer science is the future.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, data science, robotics are the future.

Car with machine learning will learn to drive on the complex road, robots will clean the room, and in the future, robots will fight the wars.

Of course, that’s the most exciting and the most dangerous part of computer science.

There is a saying if you don’t learn to program, your job will be replaced sooner or later.

Because of any job you do, even content writing, an AI writer can do a better job for most niches.

Here you can see the 20 highest paying computer science jobs in the world:

  1. Big Data Engineer
  2. Data Scientist
  3. Information Systems Security Manager
  4. Data Architect
  5. Data Security Analyst
  6. Applications Architect
  7. Data Manager
  8. Software Engineer
  9. Mobile Applications Developer
  10. Network Security Administrator
  11. Computer Systems Analysts
  12. Systems Security Administrator
  13. IT Auditor
  14. Ethical Hacker
  15. Computer Programmers
  16. Blockchain Developer
  17. Database Administrator
  18. Computer Hardware Engineer
  19. Web Developer
  20. Network Engineer

A computer science degree may not fulfill all the requirements a company may need since the world of the internet brings a lot more fields and technology.

Companies will hire a person who is quick to learn computer concepts and is talented enough to fulfill the modern criteria.

A pro tip is to regularly visit the best companies in the world and find out the requirements they are looking for in a computer science candidate.

Final Thoughts

Computer science is the most exciting field in the world and in Pakistan. It holds a great future for Pakistan since the demand has gained momentum all over the world.

Amid COVID-19, the importance of computer science has been understood since computer scientists are capable of making a good living despite difficult times. Pakistani can create amazing startups due to the number of opportunities waiting for them to grab.

Learning computer science skills are not expensive, and can be learned in a period of one month, six months, one year and so on depending on the demand.