Why Most Pakistani Students Will Never Be Successful

Success is not about making a lot of money or having it. You will see many people in Pakistan and all over the word who have a lot of money, but unfortunately, they are living horrible unhappy and unbalanced lives.

They take sleeping pills to sleep despite having million rupees in the bank account.

Success is continuously improving who you are, how you study,  how you live, how you serve, how you keep yourself peaceful, how you make yourself more intellectual, and how you work smart.

So why won’t most Pakistani students be successful?

Why don’t they like to change their behavior?

The more you change your behavior, the more focus you become on those things which matter the most.

To be successful, you don’t live with the students that may destroy your future.

You don’t eat crappy food that may make you unhealthy.

You spend the most time on high-quality activities.

The truth is that when you improve one area of your life, then every other area improves.

You have to improve these areas of life to be more successful in life and study.


My college is bad. My teachers are not good. My friends don’t let me study. There is a lot of load-shedding.

Pakistani students complain a lot. As far as they keep complaining, they are deceiving themselves, not others, to be unsuccessful.

Stop complaining what you don’t have.

If you look at the things that you don’t have, you feel extremely unlucky. When you look at the things that you have, you feel lucky.

If you want to be lucky, keep looking at the things that you have. And try to make use of the things that you have to get your job done.

Make it the rule of your life, never to complain again.

Then what should I do if I don’t complain?

You just have to find out the solutions to the problems.

You just need a notebook and a pen. Write your problems on the left side, and try to think the solutions on the right side.

For example, your teachers are not teaching well, then what could be the solution?

But when you try to figure out the solutions, you make use of Google, your close friends and parents.

You find a site like Sabaq.pk where every topic of every class is taught in Urdu. Their teachers are outstanding.

Similarly, you can make use of Mind Map technique to make your studies more fun and easy to remember.


Nobody can deny the importance of social media as you’re more connected to the world of your friends, family, and other strangers.

Everything, when used more than need, is dangerous and horrible. A knife is used to cut the vegetables, but it can even be used to hurt.

A smartphone is golden if you know how to use it properly, but harmful if not.

The point is not that you should delete all the social media apps on your smartphone, the point is to make control of it.

Here are the some ways to make the control of social media.


If you use Facebook from your laptop, then you can use Google Chrome Extension News Feed Eradicator for Facebook that doesn’t show timeline of anything.

You just have to bookmark the important pages like TopStudyWorld, then you can visit daily or weekly. In this way, you will spend less time on Facebook, you can focus more on your studies.


It is one of the best way to set a timer, and use social media until the time is over.

Do you know?

If you waste 3 hours a day on social media, it means you waste 90 hours a month, and 1095 hours a year. It means you waste 45 whole days a year. Do you wish you could get more time for exams? These are the 45 days, use them wisely.

You have to track yourself, how many hours do you waste a day. Then multiply with the month and year. Then divide by 24 hours, you will have the exact number how many days you waste.


Our brain is very tricky to understand because it loves reward either you believe it or not,

Take yourself a challenge to memorize a topic or abstain from social media, then you will give yourself a reward. It could be a pizza order, chocolate pack or playing cricket with your friends.

Even you can say your brain, Shabash Yar (Well done, friend!). It works.


It’s a common problem among Pakistani students; they just stick to the word, ‘Hard-Work,’ but they never try to be smart.

What is smart work? How does it make the students more successful in their studies?

You will find many definitions of smart work, but according to me, you invent ideas or tricks to achieve your study goal in the fastest possible time, but efficiently.

In simple words, hard work is a long journey, but smart work is a shortcut.

Don’t take the word ‘shortcut’ negatively.

For example:

There are 843 vocabulary DMCAT (formally MCAT) words that you have to prepare for the DMCAT test.

If you try to memorize all the words before the entry test day, you will end up having a lot of tension and depression.

In this situation, you will work hard in order to memorize all the words.

What if you do smart work?

If you were smarter, you would start preparation the day when your 2nd-year exams came to an end.

You knew you had 3 months to prepare, it means you had 90 days. You had to memorize only 10 vocabulary words a day as per 843/90=10. It’s smart work.

After 90 days not only you knew all the words effectively, but these words would be a piece of cake because of the time you had invested.

The same you can apply if you study Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and Computer.

You just have to think of the solutions how I can memorize more in less time and how I can write more in less time.


It is critical to increasing your thinking power in order to be more successful in studies.

Suppose two people want to go to the office. One is fat (named Ali), and the other one who is slim (Usman).

If they are told to reach the office, of course, Usman who is slim will reach fast.

But what if we teach Ali to drive a car, then Ali can reach faster than Usman.

There would be a learning period, but once he is learned, then he can perform a lot better.

You have to spend a little time a day where you would try to find how you can increase your ability and prowess to think more critical.

How I can improve my thinking, Man?

You can read Six Thinking Tats, being the best-selling books in the world to improve thinking in the class room, that can make your life easy by providing the ways that you haven’t taught of.

Do you know?

The writer of the book, Edward de Bono, is listed among 250 people who have contributed to mankind this century.

If you can’t read the whole book, I know how lazy Pakistani students are :P, then you can watch this video of Edward De Bano on Six Thinking Hats.

The book or the video is all about teaching you the skills to improve your thinking.


In order to be a successful student, you will never every to complain again. It will make you brilliant student at college even at home. Furthermore, you will spend more time in studies and figure out the solutions. You will make use of Google after every problem you come across. You will use social media to improve your study life.

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