Best 7 Military Colleges in Pakistan

Have you ever dreamed of being an official in the Army, Navy or AirForce?

For this, you first need to get an admission in any reputable military college of Pakistan. Over the years several cadet colleges and military-owned educational institutions have risen.

This creates confusion among the parents and students of choosing the right military college for you and your child.

For your convenience, we have researched and made a list of the best 7 military colleges in Pakistan.

These colleges play a valuable role in teaching the discipline, adequate knowledge and leadership skills needed in an army officer or a high ranking official.

Military colleges have a separate identity in the field of education. Military Colleges are built on the pattern of public schools. They are set up to provide quality education to the sons of Army personnel, whose parents cannot be with them due to their professional obligations. The college is open to other students as well and has been established for their benefit too.

Military College Jhelum was established in 1954 under the aegis of Army Education Corps (AEC) and is still maintained and administered by it. 

The college building was constructed in a period between 1903 – 1908 A.D., when it served as a nucleus of the Military Farm, which provided fresh vegetables to troops stationed at Mardan Fort under the British Raj. It became a military institution in 1954 and continues to be so till date except for a short spell in 1971 when it was taken over by Punjab Government during nationalization of all educational institutions in Pakistan.

Pakistan Military Academy is the military academy where cadets are trained to become officers in Pakistan Army. The academy, located in Kakul, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, is known as PMA.

Cadet College Hasan Abdal or CCH is a public school and military academy located in Hasan Abdal, Attock District, Punjab province of Pakistan. Cadet College Hasan Abdal was founded on 14 June 1954 by the British Government. 

So keep reading and start preparing to enroll in any one of the following reputable military colleges.

Best 7 Military Colleges in Pakistan

1.Military College Jhelum

Let’s not confuse the Cadet College of Jhelum with the Military College Jhelum. Both are separate and distinguished institutes dedicated to producing highly trained military officials.

Military College Jhelum (MCJ) was established in March 1922 and is one of the oldest yet best military colleges.

Irrespective of this college’s physical location in the district of Gujrat in Sarai Alamgir, it is still considered as the Military College of Jhelum.

MCJ has produced many skilled and capable individuals, including 1 Nishan-e-Haider and 47 Sitara-e-Jurat recipients. The pass outs of MCJ perpetually get further enrolled in Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul.

Admissions are held in 8th to 12th grade for students who are named as “cadets”. Every year around 650-700 students strife to get admissions in MCJ. Seven student wings present in MCJ compete with each other in extracurricular activities to earn achievements for their respective house.

Different fitness and academic activities are held year-round to make the students both physically strong and mentally sharp. Debates, quiz shows, shooting practices, horse-riding, judo, and karate, are among the recreational opportunities provided for the students.

Location: Military College Jhelum Main G.T Road Sarai Alamgir Pakistan, Punjab


2. Military College Murree (Upper Topa)

Established on September 1st, 2008, the Military College Murree (MCM) has achieved a significant name among the best military colleges of Pakistan.

General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani laid the footing of MCM located at Upper Topa, Murree near Rawalpindi. The Pakistan Military governs this boarding school.

Just like the Military College Jhelum, the pass outs of MCM are inducted into the Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul.

Every year around 450 students get enrolled in this boarding institute. A faculty of about 40 teachers teach in the grades of 8th to 12th.

There 5 hostels in MCM which are termed as “houses”. Science and computer labs are equipped with modern and up to date technology. Around the clock medical ward is set up in the college headed by an AMC Officer Doctor. For serious health concerns, students are taken to the Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Murree or CMH Rawalpindi.

For sharpening students’ intellectual and physical abilities, various recreational events and trips are organized by the college societies and clubs including:

  • Karate and Gymnastics Club
  • Arts and Science Clubs
  • Debating Club

Military College Murree (Upper Topa) has produced many qualified army officials and civilians.

Location: Induction Branch, Upper Topa Murree, The Murree Hills, Punjab


3. Military College Sui

Situated at the Tehsil of Sui, Dera Bugti, Balochistan, Military College Sui is one of the top military colleges of Pakistan.

Every year hundreds of students compete to be enrolled in this prestigious institute with only 470-500 competent students getting admissions.

Military College Sui was founded in January 2011. Although this college was established just a few years ago, however, it has quickly formed a respectable name for itself.

There are four boarding hostels/houses for students studying in classes of 8th to 12th. A highly trained teaching staff of about 30-40 is employed here.

This college has produced so far numerous accomplished individuals who serve Pakistan as part of the Pakistan Military Officials or contribute as civilians. Just like the Military Colleges of Jhelum and Murree (Upper Topa), the passouts of Military College Sui get enrolment in the Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul.

Location: Sui Tehsil, Dera Bugti, Balochistan


4. PAF College Sargodha

Founded in 1953, PAF College Sargodha has since produced many noteworthy alumni over the past years including several Air Chief Marshals and other notable individuals serving in Pakistan as part of the army or civilians.

PAF College Sargodha is owned and administered by the Pakistan Air Force. It is located at Queen Chowk near PAF Base Mushaf, Sargodha.

To gain admission here, you should be able to pass the following admission stages:

  • Written Test
  • Intelligence Test
  • Medical Exam
  • Interview

Every year around only 400 students are granted admission. There are well-equipped labs of language, computer, and science. The different societies and clubs formed include WoodWork Club, Arts, and Music Club, etc. which help the students explore their creative sides.

The student health is looked after as their Regular vaccinations, medical checkups and fitness activities are organized to ensure the perfect health of the students.

Location: PAF College Queen Chowk near PAF Base Mushaf Sargodha.


5. PAF College Murree (Lower Topa)

The PAF College of Murree situated at Lower Topa is quite different from the Military College Murree (MCM). The Pakistan Armed Forces administer this college.

Students can apply for admission in the 8th to an intermediate level of education here. For admission, a written and intelligence test is conducted. A medical exam and an interview follow this.

PAF College Murree (Lower Topa) has made it compulsory that all passouts should present a bond to ensure that they will serve in any branch of the Pakistan Air Force.

Location: Lower Topa, Rawalpindi, Punjab


6. Military College of Engineering

The Pakistan Military operates the military College of Engineering (MCE). It is affiliated with NUST and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

Situated at Risalpur, in the Nowshera District, MCE was founded in 1948. MCE offers combat courses and a degree in civil engineering.

Many graduates of this prestigious college serve in the Pakistan armed forces or are hired as high ranking officials.

Location: Risalpur, Nowshera, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


7. Army Burn Hall College

Operated by the Pakistan Army Education Corps since 1977, Army Burn Hall College of Abbottabad has separate sections for girls (in the Mall) and boys (in Mandian).

Prep classes starting from 5th are conducted along with classes up to matrix and intermediate. The courses of O’ Level and A’ Level are also held at Army Burn Hall College. One of the compulsory admission requirements is that all the aspirants should be medically fit and healthy to apply to admissions at this college.

Activities of different clubs of Drama, Arts, and Debating are formed, and various personality development programs are frequently organized. This training combined with sports workout helps the students stay in shape both mentally and physically.

Many pass outs of Army Burn Hall College usually join the armed forces to serve Pakistan.

Location: Mandian، Mansehra Bypass Rd, Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa