Microsoft MS-300 Exam: Hone Your Team Administrator Skills Using Exam Dumps

Microsoft services and products are used everywhere in the world. Any international company counts on Microsoft technology to improve its processes and their performance. Also, as the work environment becomes very dynamic, business owners have started to look closely at teamwork and cloud solutions. So, IT professionals who can demonstrate that they have strong knowledge of Microsoft products will always have higher chances to be accepted for a job in a corporation.

You can make a difference in your activity as a Teamwork Administrator by passing the which is the first step that takes you closer to obtaining the Microsoft 365 credential for the Teamwork Administrator Associate position. This exam will test your ability to manage and configure Office 365 and Azure related products. But, before taking it, you should focus a lot on training. So, this article will tell you more about different training resources that you can access. Also, we will reveal the secret of exam dumps and how this additional training option can help you obtain the passing score from the first try.

Microsoft MS-300 Test Structure

The Microsoft MS-300 and MS-301 assessments are necessary to obtain Microsoft accreditation as Teamwork Administrator Associate. Each exam tests a certain set of skills that validate the candidates’ ability to work with Microsoft’s Teamwork and Azure products. Also, you should know that the registration fee for each of these exams is $165. So, if you don’t want to empty your pockets and pay the enrolment fee several times, you should study hard and get the passing score from the first attempt .

As this article focuses on 70-483 VCE , you should work hard to develop the following skills to increase your chances to pass this test:

  • Develop strategies and solutions on how to manage and configure SharePoint Online products;
  • Manage and implement OneDrive and its related services for business;
  • Plan and control Microsoft Teams;
  • Manage and configure Yammer, M365 workloads, and other data and systems to improve processes and their performance and ease communication.

To know more, the test will check your knowledge of the aforementioned topics with the help of 40-60 tasks that you will have to finish within 150 minutes. Now that you got an overview of the exam topics and structure, it is time to discover more about available training options. This exam’s rather tough. So, you should study hard to make sure that you clearly understand each concept very well. Are you ready to hop on this journey?

Microsoft Official Preparation Options for MS-300 

The Microsoft website is the first training resource that most exam-takers access when they start preparing for 70-486 VCE . Once you enter the Microsoft test official page, you will discover four instructor-led courses that will take you through the concepts evaluated during this MS-300 assessment:

  • Office 365 Content Services Management and Configuration – this option will show you the secrets of SharePoint and OneDrive services and how to efficiently configure them for business purposes;
  • SharePoint Online Management – this training offers insights on how to create the right permission settings and user profiles when using SharePoint Online products;
  • Using Microsoft Teams for Collaboration Strategies – you should attend this course to learn more about the correct management and configuration of Microsoft Teams;
  • Managing Office 365 Workloads for Collaboration purposes – Microsoft trainers have created this training to help exam-takers develop critical thinking and use teamwork to transform business processes and create a modern workspace.

Apart from the instructor-led training sessions, you can also surf the internet and discover self-paced classes and recorded videos that will give you in-depth information on the exam topics. 

How Exam Dumps Make a Difference in Your Training Routine?

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You should also not forget that all files downloaded from the website are in ete format. So, you should install the ETE Exam Simulator prior to downloading the files. This software will help you create simulations and get used to the exam environment and structure. Thus, you will have no surprises when you receive the real questions on the test day.


MS-300 VCE is the first test that leads you to the Microsoft 365 Certified Teamwork Administrator Associate credential and prepares you to work as Teamwork Administrator and use Microsoft 365 related products to improve business processes. But, if you want to obtain the passing score in this assessment from the first attempt, you should be very organized in your training routine. The Microsoft official online platform contains many useful training courses. However, you should look further than the vendor’s website. You should also take a look at the and check their free and updated exam dumps to help you obtain the certification easier. Good luck!