3 Ways to Make Pakistan’s Education System Perfect Instantly

The education system of Pakistan is not robust; it needs more than a century to be perfect, but I have some quick measures that can be implemented to improve instantly.

The world has advanced thanks to Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality Augmented Reality, and these technologies are being applied in making apps, websites, robots and everything.
That’s why,  I am going to show the same, but these technologies can play a role to reform the education sector to a greater extent.

1. Compulsory Online Training of Teachers

Physical Traning of teachers is not possible due to a significant number of teachers that exist in our country.

The best solution is the online training of teachers. The most prominent companies in the world like Paypal, Microsoft, Google and Apple and many others rely on online learning.

Some websites have a robust analytic system that can measure the performance of teachers, for instances:

  • The marks they are getting in MCQs from the learning material on the completion of each chapter.
  • The percentage length of the videos they have watched.
  • Have they focused on screen?

Moreover, much more.

Here are the few examples you can see:

Udemy has over 55000 courses on every topic, and many businesses use it to expand their team skills to the next level.

Udacity is the business leader because all of their courses are made by world’s best companies like Facebook, Google, Flipcart and many others.

The point is that online training to the teachers of Pakistan is possible, and it can change the education sector.

What can online training do:

  • Builds great qualities of teachers. A good teacher can transform the destiny of the whole class.
  • Keeps up to date with the current field that helps the student to grasp the concepts.
  • Builds emotional intelligence that plays an important role to make students study.

2. Publically Available Teachers’ Performance Data

Who doesn’t know transparency brings better performance. If every person on the planet can track the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly performance of any teacher, it will force teachers to be a better teacher.

Moreover, there must be an authority that can monitor such activities and the teachers that don’t show activeness must be replaced with the better ones.

This system seems expensive, but it can be made cost-effective with the help of smartphones and cheap devices.

For example, with the latest iPhone, it can scan the fingerprint, and in this way, attendance can be checked. I am not saying everybody must have an iPhone, now fingerprint devices have become cheap, and such devices can be used.

Then all the data must be available on an official website of each teacher. I know teachers will not like, but it can boost the performance to a greater extent.

3. Infuse ‘Yaqeen’ Believe in Teachers

It is critical to infuse the belief of “I CAN DO” in teachers and student. If teachers are passionate and can tell the students you can do, it can change the lives of many.

Our current education system is doing the opposite. They are making students more doubtful for skills and the future. They do not tell the students should study what they love, not the teachers or parents think.

Gone are the days when children used to study what their parents liked or studied, now the children want to study what they love due to the advancement of technology.

How can It change?

The day teachers know their students can change the destiny of Pakistan, and it would be a revolutionary day. It may take time to implement, but the electronic media and social media can play a role.

If the repetition of the ads can be heard from the mouth of every Pakistani, then why not with education?