Interview With Zainab Bokhari

Interview With Zainab Bokhari: FBISE Topper (Must Read)

Top Study World had the privileged to take an interview with Masooma Zainab Bokhari, the topper of Federal Board in the Pre-Medical group.

She got the first position, you can see her result below. She got 1058 out of 1100, 96% percent. That’s impressive!

Masooma Zainab Bokhari FBISE Topper 2018 Marks Picture

The discussion encompassed a lot of aspects regarding getting high marks in the board exams.

Q.1) Do You Think Paper Presentation Matters In The Exam Boards?

A) To some extent it does, and to some extent, it doesn’t.

To be very honest I had the worst presentation in class.

Though I worked on it, the main thing to focus on is the quality of your answers, not the introduction.

I’m not implying that you should completely ignore your paper presentation.

Your paper should be understandable.

Q.2) What Was Your Daily Routine On Normal Days And Weekends?

A) I merely followed one rule that does not put off your work tomorrow.

Well, in that way you’ll never feel the burden of any sort.

On weekends, I used to give time to subjects such as Islamiyat and Pak Studies.

Q.3) Did You Go To An Academy? Do You Think The Academy Plays An Important Role?

A) Yes, I did join the academy, but only when there were holidays in college.

I couldn’t manage college and academy together, so I left the academy as soon as college studies were resumed.

I joined the test session of the academy in the first year only.

So if you can manage your time with the academy then go for it.

But if you are not able to take the burden, leave it and focus on one thing.

You can’t sail on two boats at a time.

Q.4) How Many Hours You Did You Sleep, And How Did You Avoid Distractions Like Social Media?

A) Well, I never counted the hours I slept.

And as far as social media is concerned, you don’t have to avoid it entirely.

Of course, no one wants to be called a bookworm having no updates about the world.

I used social media but didn’t allow it to overpower me.

Simply keep your mobile phones and laptops in another room while you are studying. But recreation, too, is essential.

Q.5) Did You Use To Write In Your Own Words For Science Subjects Or From The Books For Getting High Marks?

A) Of course, you can not copy-paste the exact lines from the book.

But my suggestion is that books should be your prime source of the answer to any question in any subject, whether sciences or arts.

Because your own opinions might be challenged, but no one can challenge the idea presented in the book.

Q.6) What Was Your Method Of Learning A Subject? Did You Use Any Guides Or Notes?

A) Revise your topics at regular intervals (for example on weekends) and test yourself.

As mentioned earlier, your textbook should be the prime source of your knowledge.

So I don’t think, so guidebooks play as such any role.

For Urdu and Islamist, you should give it a read but don’t cram the whole thing. It’s just a wastage of time.

Q.7) How Did You Keep Yourself Motivated Yourself Towards The Goal?

A) Well, I had quite a competitive environment in my class.

MA sha Allah! All my batch mates scored very well and one of my friends, Momina Maham, too, is the board topper.

So this healthy competitive environment was the stimulus that motivated me to keep trying.

Q.8) Last Question, What Is Your Last Message For The Students Who Want To Top The Board?

A) My last message to all of you is that never underestimate yourself and never overestimate yourself.

Nothing is impossible.

All you have to do is to keep trying and be submissive at every stage of life. Pray to Allah.

He surely has better plans for you. Be grateful for everything.

And be regular in your prayers.

Best wishes to all the students around 😊.