Interview With Abdul Rafae

Interview With Abdul Rafae Who Got 1013 Marks In MCAT

MCAT is an uphill battle for most of the students, but getting 1000+ marks in MCAT is, perhaps, more than it. But the year of 2016 was unexpected as more than 1000 students got more than 1000+ marks in MCAT; that’ was the reason, the merit of MCAT 2016 in Pakistan increased 3% as compared to the previous year. This interview would provide you some UHS preparation tips.

If you don’t know about Abdul Rafae Faisal who did F.Sc from Fazaia Inter College, Lahore and has got admission in Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad. He got 952 marks in F.Sc (Federal Board), and 1013 marks in MCAT. It was first his attempt, and aggregate is %89.8541.


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I am, Muhammad Aamir, the admin of Top Study World!

Abdul Rafay is front of me.

We’re going to take an interview of him regarding MCAT.

1. Did You Prepare For MCAT At F.Sc Level?

Me: The first question asked by Umair Zaheer is, “Did you prepare for MCAT when you were at F.Sc level?”

Rafay: During F.Sc you can’t prepare for MCAT specifically, but make sure when you’re doing F.Sc is that your concepts should be crystal clear so that you don’t need to spend extra time for MCAT for clarifying the concepts as many students face this problem. Especially, it’s essential for the Punjab Board students that they should struggle for it, in this way, they will never face a problem. It’s the same reason, the students of A level and O level clear it with ease. I know a friend who got 3A’s in the previous year; now he is studying at Allama Iqbal Medical College. For MCAT, your concepts must be clear as well as you should practice of circle filling.

2. Is Joining An Academy Important?

Me: The second question asked by Sana Afzal is, “is it important to join KIPS or any academy. What do you say to what extent you should join.”

Rafay: You have to join an academy at any cost. That’s the asnwer.

3. Portion To Attempt First

Me: The third question asked by Asma Iqbal, during the MCAT test, when you’re doing Physics MCQs, how did you handle as time was less? Which portion did you attempt first, Physics or English?”

Rafay: This question is very common, many people ask it, and it’s one of the most important questions. A lot of students know all the things, but they can’t handle with ease. Every person has his mind, his likes and dislikes, and comfort. I had a habit when I was studying at KIPS, I did the pattern given by them, i.e., Physics, Chemistry, English and then Biology. You can try another pattern; you will have three to four months for preparation, and use a different pattern. Do what you like the most. It’s natural a person works with a flow. If you have lost in thinking, you should not be thinking that English has left, Physics has left or Biology. Your undivided concentration should be on the MCQ you’re doing.

4. English Preparation And Vocabulary 

Me: The fourth question is asked by Sana and a lot of students are asking about English portion. How we can improve vocabulary, and how we can prepare English preparation. What you will say about all the confusions of English.

Rafay: The preparation of English is done from your earlier classes, primary. If your spoken is good, and have confidence, book reading, knowledge, and a good vocabulary, then you will never face any difficulty in MCAT. There would be some difficult, but you can overcome that. But if you try to memorize 700 words forcefully, it would be an uphill task. Some students can do it, but normal students face a problem. Its solution is that you should start memorizing vocabulary from F.Sc or matriculation, daily memorize 10 words or even 5 words. Look for your comfort, and revise after 3 or 4 days. Just Revise these words from time to time. when you find some extra time. It would not take more time. Its benefit is not only in MCAT, its benefit you will see in English paper, your knowledge will enhance, and the tests you take like CSS.

5. What Is Your Study Plan?

Me: What was your study plan. How many hours you used to study.

Rafay: If I say, I study all over the day, it would be a lie. There is no person who studies all the time and pays all his attention to his studies. If I give you an example from the other field. Waseem Akram said, “when a person does commentary, it becomes a hard job for him. Your mind will get tired, you will not be fresh, your analysis would not be that good. For this, you should give a short and regular short gap. Do small breaks and enjoyments. You can’t study for continuously 10 hours. You should study for 1 hour, 1:30 hours or 2 hours, then take a short break of 10 to 20 minutes. Then notice, at night, your grasping power would not be that good as it was in the morning. Your brain works fast in the morning. If you have studied SSC, you have noticed such things. And at night, your efficiency of studies is not that good. Make the best use of your time. Allah made night for rest and day for work. Use day.

6. Recommended Books For MCAT

Me: The sixth question asked by Zeeshan Khan is which books you would recommend for the MCAT either F.Sc books or KIPS books?

Rafae: The standard books for MCAT are Punjab TextBook, you would read , and prepare from  them. You would take additional help from the KIPS books. You can also take help from the MCQ Series Books. The KIPS Grammar book is good. The main part of MCAT is that they take books’ lines for the test. Extraordinary MCQs are not in a large number except a few. For this reason, you should study Punjab Text Books.

7: Skills Other Than Study That Helped

Me: The seventh question asked by Sana Ashraf is which were the other skills which helped you in getting good marks in MCAT.

Rafae: The first preparation you do, before MCAT, especially English preparation is essential. My English was good from the earlier classes especially book reading. I am like you, I didn’t come from the UK or the USA, due to book reading, I used to read newspapers, listened to English channels and movies that helped in improving my English. My concepts were clear from the beginning. I had decided I would never write such a thing that I couldn’t understand. If you decide the same, and you would write what you understand, you will be successful.

8: Calculation Way And Preparation For Physics And Chemistry

Me: How did you prepare for Physics and Chemistry?

Rafae: I studied for these subjects like the same as I told above – clearing the concepts. I kept my calculations sharp. I want to tell you a trick. The calculations in MCAT are very simple. Those MCQs look difficult, but in reality, they are easy. Suppose you have given an equation 15 multiply by 17,  now you will find how I can do it because it will be done with a calculator. You have to decode it. What is 17 multi by 10? It’s 170 and what is 17 multiply by 5? What is the half of 170? It’s 85. Now add 170+85, now it becomes 255. In this way, you can do it fast. You have to practice. It’s very easy way. Apply it, and make your calculations good. Those questions which are hard facts, you must know so that you don’t waste your time and you don’t get depressed. These questions must be clear to your mind so that when you’re reading the lines, and you know what is its calculation. Percentages, values, and lines you should keep focus on such things from the books.

9. 3 Reasons Behind Getting 952 In F.Sc, But 1013 In MCAT

Me: What were the reasons behind getting 952 marks in F.Sc, but 1013 marks in MCAT?

Rafae: In F.SC, 952 marks are good, but not that great. I wouldn’t be able to get a seat in a medical college if the admissions were taken due to the F.Sc marks. But there were three reasons behind the F.Sc marks and MCAT marks.

1. One is the format. You know F.Sc is book based on written, and parrot fashion (Ratta).

2. One is the nerve or pressure. In F.Sc, you can do with ease. You must have control over nerves. You should take the tests at KIPS or any academy frequently, When you do, you have to handle, and how you can handle yourself in tough situations. And I didn’t lose my mind. I’ve seen some students, their hands start shaking, tears rolling down from their cheeks and even crying or vomiting due to tension  Divide your time and practice.

3. Writing factor is very important in F.Sc and MCAT. Concepts are important. In F.Sc, you have the time to think and remember, but you don’t have any such time in MCAT.

I want to tell one thing is that you have one hour where you sit in the room, you should pray, and remember Allah, but you should talk to each other. Normalize in this way, calm and cool. You have to sit for one hour in the exam hall before MCAT starts. Sit relax there. Don’t think of other things, you really don’t need to think about that things too. You have done what you wanted to do. The next is MCAT, and Allah is with you. You have to put all your efforts so that you may succeed. There is a quote of Imran Khan, “The team that handles pressure the best carries the day.” The team that handles pressure, and don’t get overwhelmed, they get success. It’s the reason, Pakistan loses a match with India especially in 2011 when we were about to win. In 2007, we were about to win, they took pressure to much. They couldn’t handle it and then the team was defeated. You shouldn’t be depressed and take tension anymore. Even you’re unable to solve an MCQ, relax, and take 3 deep breaths, think, you will get an answer. Scan the things in your mind. Confidence and trust 100% in you that you can do it. Allah made you the noblest of all creatures (Ashraf-ul-Makhlooqat), there is not a single thing in the world that you can’t do, what is MCAT for me? Nothing! So, handle your nerve that is the key to success.

10: Repeat If You Have Lost A Race

Me: A student asked where they should go if you are unable to take admission in a medical college due to the margin of 1% or 0.5%?

Rafae: It’s the obvious question, they should repeat. What is the difference between 0.5% and 1%. For example, a student has got 999 marks, but for getting a seat, he needed 1000. It means he could get 1000 marks too. They should repeat and have confidence in you. Don’t listen to people what they say, put all your energy to your goal. They have the potential, for sure, he will success in the next time.

11: Motivational Message To The MCAT Students

Me: The last question is that what you would like to give a message to the MCAT students?

Rafae: First of all, trust in yourself, you have trust yourself, you can do it. If you have come to the 12th grade, you can do with this final step too. You can clear the MCAT test. A lot of students, 50,000+ students are applying for MCAT, you should never think of it. You should never think how many students are fighting for a seat. You just think you need only one seat, you have to fight for it. Set your target. If you want to get 970 marks in MCAT, then set your target of 1000 marks in MCAT. And do hard work as if you’re going to get 1050 marks in MCAT. You should hard work as much as they shouldn’t repent on such things that I didn’t study well. Even you don’t get success at the end, the reason of fear you didn’t do hard work for it and something had left to memorize that could be done at that time. It’s all about the destiny that is the divine will. The foremost thing is that you satisfy yourself as you did the best for MCAT. Believe in Allah. Perform all the prayers, pray to Allah. Say to people and parents to pray for you. Respect everyone. If you behave nicely, then Allah will bless you. These are the moments Allah blesses you. You can see if I didn’t do correct one MCQ in MCAT, I wouldn’t be able to go to the medical college in which I have admitted. It was due to the blessing of Allah that I marked the last MCQ at the last moment. If I didn’t mark that, I wouldn’t be able to be here where I am.

Behave nicely to everyone. Try your full efforts, in sha Allah, you will get success. I would like to say thanks to M. Aamir who is working for the country even in this bad education system, and an effort to bring the students to the top. Talent of this country will be shown up. Thank You!

(God has inseminated our minds, it’s up to us to exploit them.)

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