How To Attempt Urdu Paper Effectively In Federal & Punjab Boards

It has always been an ambition of a student to get more marks in the Urdu paper at any cost.

But many students don’t know how to attempt papers effectively in order to get good marks, sadly.

Why students don’t do proper preparation for an Urdu paper, have you ever thought?

The reason is that they think that Urdu is the easiest subject we can get good marks even we don’t do enough hard work.

I presume it’s the biggest mistake which is made by the students. If you think the same then ask two questions to yourself. What do you want?

  • Just want to pass?
  • Want to get 80% marks?

The choice is yours.

If you want to get 80% or more in the Urdu paper then you need a little bit hard work to make your dream come true.

What’s the secret to achieving your dream?

The secret is you will have to impress the checker. The more you impress, the more you will get good marks.

In order to get this goal, you must have the knowledge of attempting an Urdu paper effectively. I want to figure out the methods which play a role in getting good marks.

  • A good Urdu guide
  • Though there are many Urdu guides for foreigners and non-native speakers, these guides are not always effective in teaching the language. Some of these guides have errors in their grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. It is possible to learn Urdu without learning its grammar. However, a good guide that has been well researched can be effective in teaching a foreign or non-native speaker Urdu.
  • Since there are many electronic devices such as a laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone available today, it is easy to find digital materials online. These digital materials can be used as an effective tool for learning Urdu.
  • A lot of people believe that it is not possible to find free resources online that teach Urdu or any other language. It is very difficult to find quality information about Urdu online because there are many websites that contain ungrammatical sentences or incorrect vocabulary words with wrong pronunciation. It is very hard for a foreigner who does not know much about Urdu to distinguish between correct and incorrect information on the Internet.
  • A free resource that can be used effectively to learn Urdu is one of the most important factors in choosing an Urdu guide. The author should also make sure that he or she chooses only high-quality resources while making this decision.
  • An impressively attempted paper.
  • Practice

A good Urdu guide plays a major role in order to get more marks.

Sadly, many guides which are available in the marker are written badly just for making money.

The explanation of many poems is written poorly.

Here I want to tell you that you need to pick a good guide otherwise a bad guide may ruin your life, especially in Federal Board because in the Urdu paper you need to write the answer correctly and coherently.

If you look at any Urdu paper of Federal Board, you will see that you have to write the answer in four lines.

Most of the time, a short question comes in the paper, but in the guide, the answer is written in one line, so if you want to get good marks you need to write the answer in 4 lines minimum.

If you don’t get a good answer in the guide then you should write it your own with the help of the Urdu textbook. I know it will take time, but if you do it daily–20 minutes is enough– you can get good marks.

Just observe the photos, look at deeply. Have a look how the cut marker is being used, after completion of each answer how a short line is being drawn via a small ruler, how important lines are being written etc.

The paper presentation shown below is the student, Usama Saeed Butt, who got 94 marks in Urdu.

Let’s Begin The Game

I’ve observed the papers profoundly and coherently then I’ve come to know the following facts:

Why Headings

Headings of a question must be given as it makes easy for the checker to check your paper. The more easiness you provide, the better chance you get to get great marks.

It means you must give ann appealing heading to each of your answer.

How Many Lines An Answer

Every answer is written in 6 lines which are of 72 words.

It means in order to get 90+ marks you have to write such an answer in 60 to 70 words, of course, the current guides don’t give such a long answer to every question.

You have to make use of your textbook, and take help from the teacher.

Where To Use A Blue Marker

Couplets (Shair) are written with the help of a blue marker.

The following things should be written with a blue marker:

  • Difficult words
  • Numbers (For example, Kursi Bna Deti Hai Bony Ko 6 Fut Ka, You have to bold the word ‘6 Fut’)
  • Effective Synonym (For example, Dulat, Paisa, Gari, Bagla)
  • The name of a person
  • Couplets (Shair) etc.

Marvelous Letter

When it comes to writing a letter, you have to keep in mind the following points:

  • Must be started on the new page. If you have a lot of space to write, you can just write P.T.O. (Please Turn Over). Because when you start from the button, it doesn’t give a good impression.
  • A letter must be written within 2.5 pages in order to get 7 out of 8 marks provided couplets, Hadith and Ayah are written
  • Must be written in the form of the paragraph. Every paragraph has its own mean idea. For example, the 2nd paragraph says that the world will come to an end (Dunya Fani Hai), then you have to elaborate and explain it the same thing.

Effective Nasr

While writing a Nasr, keep in mind the following points:

  • First heading must be of Hawal-e-Matan which is subdivided into Sabaq Ka Anwaan and Masnif Ka Naam.
  • The second heading is of Sayaq-o-Sabaq in which you can write the summary of the lesson in 10 lines.
  • The third heading is of Tashree. In which, you have to write a short biography of the author in 3 to 4 lines.
  • Minimum 3 to 4 couplets must be written.

Amazing Bandd

When it comes to writing a bandd, do the followings:

  • You have to write 3 headings:
    • i) Hawal-e-Band, which is again subdivided into
      • a) Nazam Ka Naam 
      • b) Shayar Ka Naam
    • ii) Mafhoom – in which you will write what the poet wants to say
    • iii) Tashree
  • In order to get 5 out of 6, you have to write the explanation in 3.5 pages with 7 couplets. That is really an uphill task for an average student.
  • Write a paragraph, then one couplet, then again write a paragraph put 2 couplets so on. In this way, you will write a long explanation.

Astonishing Ghazal

Now, it is time to understand the philology of Ghazals.

  • 3 Headings
    • 1. Shayar Ka Naam
    • 2. Mafhoom
    • 3. Tashree
  • 4 couplets must be written in order to get maximum marks.
  • The Explanation should be of 2 to 3 pages.

Incredible Essay

How to tackle the Urdu essay, here we go:

  • Minimum of 6 pages.
  • Minimum of 20 couplets, Hadith, Ayat, Quotations
  • Write a paragraph, then one couplet, then again write a paragraph put 2 couplets so on. In this way, you will write a long essay easily.


Usama Saeed who got 94 Marks in Urdu in first year 2015 (FBISE) (you can see his result, the last photo of the album)….
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