6 Google Search Tricks That Can Make Student’s Life Easier

Gone are the days when finding the information took hours of hours. Thanks to Google, now it has become effortless to look for what you need within seconds.

Almost every student knows what is Google, but I am sure, 95% of the students don’t know the advanced operators of Google to search.

In this article, you will be able to find these stuff within a few seconds:

  • Powerpoint Slides
  • PDFs
  • Exact information within a site
  • Improving English Commands
  • Latest Job
  • Plagiarism Check

1. Finding The Powerpoint Slides That Can Impress Your Teachers

Who doesn’t want to make a perfect presentation to impress the teacher and class? Everyone wants.

The problem is that you don’t find the great material, but with Google, you can see within a few seconds.

Command: Your Keyword + filetype:pptx

Example: Pakistan filetype:pptx

With this command, you don’t need to spend time on finding the best material rather everything you can find otherwise they could take hours.

2. Finding The PDFs Even Books That Can Make You A Master

A Toy Reading a Book

Finding an e-book is really difficult via Google because you have click many sites to find the desired PDF.

But with this command, you can easily find on any topic and can download with a single click.

Command: Your Keyword + filetype:PDF

Example: English Grammar filetype:pdf

3. Exact Information Within A Site Even The Site Has No Search Bar

Search Box

With Google, you can find anything on a site even the site has no search box. It’s the sole beauty of Google.

Command:  Keyword + site:SiteName.com 

Example: Usama Saeed Butt site:topstudyworld.com

4. Improving English That You Can Do The Magic

English on Blackboard

I have improved my English to a greater extent thanks to Google. A lot of times when I get confused while writing a sentence, I do Google.

For example, you want to check which one is correct.

  • “he threw the ball to me”
  • “he threw the ball at me”

The word which you want to check must be replaced with * while the rest of the sentence must be the same.

Command: “your words or sentence *”

Example: “he threw the ball * me”

Now we will check both sentences, and will check which one is correct.

Example 1: “he threw the ball at me”

Result: Only 99 web pages are using it.

Example 2: “he threw the ball to me”

Results: 47,300 web pages are using this sentence. The higher, the better. It’s the correct sentence.

You can use this command to check anything.

Note: Not all the time it is correct. It’s better to read the forums about the experts are saying about it. But if you don’t find any forum that is answering your question, then something is better than nothing.

5. Find The Latest Job That You Can Get That Nobody Knows

Finding the latest job is a difficult task for many university graduates because they think there are only a few websites where they can apply.

With Google having more than 12 trillion links in its index that keep updating, you can search a job that has been indexed in its system within 24 hours even in the past hour, week or on any day.

6. Plagiarism Check Even Of A Facebook Status

Do you want to check either the Whatsapp status written by your friend is original or copied? You can quickly check with Google with a simple command.

Command: “Your sentence or words here”

Example: “the person who is called the man of peace”