17 Good Study Tips For Students (Some Are For The Lazy)

Written by: Zaryab Ahmed

When it comes to the part about studying, literally everybody is frustrated with even the idea of it since it’s so dull and requires one’s full attention. Whereas, people, especially students, are held back in so much more than just their academics.

There’s social media, gaming, hangouts and stuff, which is better than just sitting down and reading or studying something.

17 Study Tips For Students

So here are a few things one can easily do to make their study time fun and equally fruitful.

  • 1. Focus: The key to an accomplished task is “Focus”. If you’re going to have your mind on something other than what you’re supposed to do, you’re going to fail big time! So it’s better if you just take a long, deep breath, clear your head and just focus on the book that is going to do wonders for you in your future.
  • 2. Good Lighting: Always choose a place with good lighting! This will help you to pay attention to what you’re reading/writing.
  • 3. Take Notes: Jotting everything down can make things very easy.
  • 4. Flashcards: They are so helpful that they put your memory to test. And in case you forget something, they are super handy!
  • 5. Stay Organized: If you want things done without a wastage of time, you have to get everything ready and organized without piling things up on your table or workplace.
  • 6. Time Yourself: This helps you not to lose track of the time and finish tasks efficiently.
  • 7. Try Not to Cram If you try cramming things in your head, you’re probably going to forget everything the very next hour. In order to remember stuff, all you have to do is pay attention, grab the concept and then, learn it with all of your heart. That kind of information sticks with you through time and time.
  • 8. Schedules: This is probably one of the best ways to study. When you make a proper schedule, you give time to every subject and the organizational skills in that matter too. This urges you to finish your task on the scheduled time and start the other accordingly.
  • 9. Reward Yourself: I think everyone would love this idea of rewarding themselves. It could be anything from a 10-minute break to having a bar of chocolate once you’ve finished your work on the set time. This boosts up your confidence as well as gives you time to have a break and just relax.
  • 10. Know Your Distractions: This sets up a goal of concentration. You just have to know your distractions, whether it may be social apps, loud music and heading out. You got to cut them all and just concentrate!
  • 11. Healthy Munching: Grab a handful of almonds or any other healthy thing to eat while you’re studying. This helps you to forget about your cravings during your study period.
  • 12. Sleep: To study efficiently, taking a good 6-8 hours of sleep is necessary. If your sleep cycle is disturbed, there’s no way that you will be able to focus and study. You’re going to end up sleep deprived without fulfilling any of your tasks.
  • 13. Group Study: If you’re tired of studying alone, host a group study session once a week for you to interact with some of your mates and have study based discussions and share your concerns. This helps you to gain information in a different yet good way.
  • 14. Revise/Review: Reviewing what you’ve studied is a basic necessity. This helps you to make your learning solid. If you don’t revise, there’s a chance that you might lose track of a few things.
  • 15. Take a Quiz: Once you’re done studying and revising, make yourself a pop quiz and be your own teacher. Practice questions on your own and grade them fairly.
  • 16. Do Not Procrastinate: Don’t stress yourself too much. Take everything easy and don’t procrastinate in any way. This will only ruin your mental health and make you uneasy and nervous.
  • 17. Believe in Yourself: Be and think positive always. Be optimistic about your hard-work and boost your self by saying, “I can do it!”And you will.

Which study habit you’re going to implement? Let us know in the comment.