Top 15 Essay Writing Tips For International Students

People who can write essays really well are rare. Really. 

Many students know a lot of techniques, gimmicks, and life hacks to get out of the problem named ‘essays writing’. But what if we look at this task as not a problem but another gracious opportunity to let the world know your opinion on things? Your views on life. The unique picture of events and things that only you can render.

Well, while it might sound a little bit too philosophical or not as something you could do, think about it. How many times have you tried to make your pieces of writing sound better but didn’t cope with the task in a proper way? All of this usually leads to frustration, upset mood, and zero motivation to try again.

If this sounds like your story, keep reading. 

We believe that people are never born excellent writers. However, there is some good news, – they can teach themselves to write (or be taught by other people). As international students or exchange students, you might find this requirement hard and, perhaps, even unfair in relation to you as a ‘guest’ in another country. The process of adjusting may indeed be a big challenge on your way but you can overcome it if you choose the right attitude! Here we are privileged to introduce to you an essay writing service like SmartWritingService to be a reliable online helper in times of academic trouble. Let’s find out why people have such an unshakable trust in it which you might gain as well!

  • Do the reading and writing on different topics. For beginners or those who haven’t been in college for a long time, this may sound strange. But believe us, when you read and write outside your academic assignments, this adds up to your skills in any case. Moreover, this tip will help you develop a wider outlook on the world and make you a more versatile individual.
  • Never neglect the basic structure. No matter how elaborate or unique the essay is, if it is violating the majority of the structure rules, nothing can replace it. Make sure that you keep to the universal structure and not turn right or left. 
  • Plan in advance. A relentless deadline is a common nightmare for many students. Not to make it happen with you, do preliminary readings and plan your time beforehand.
  • Identify the main idea you want to transfer. All your arguments and proofs should be linked with a single idea, – otherwise, an essay is senseless.
  • Use the tried and true tools for writing help. Autonomous writing is great but when you are short of time no help is odd. The best tools to be used in essay writing include Scopus (for finding scientific articles in the open access) and Google Scholar.
  • Be flexible in writing. If you began creating your essay with one idea in mind and finish doing it with another perspective, this is not a flop. In fact, this proves that you have been thinking about the described issue, analyzing it deeply, and have become a part of this. It’s okay to give yourself this freedom to change your mind or change the headline after you write the whole body of the text.
  • Give up being a workaholic. Writing more doesn’t always mean writing better. If you work day and night, overloading your mind with academic things and forget to feed your cat or call your mom, it’s not fine. 
  • Take pauses. Use your time wisely, and never neglect to take breaks – in such a way, you will refresh your brain, and come up with new strength and ideas. 
  • Gather literature. Literature or other sources of data for your essay should be collected in advance so that it doesn’t make a problem for you to search for it in libraries or on the Internet.
  • Proofread as you write. If you see a grammatical structure of some other problem with using the language, do not hesitate and leave it till the end. Noticed an issue – take a dictionary, consult professors, and do away with it! 
  • Stand the temptation to plagiarise. There is nothing more awful in contemporary society than stealing data. Of course, you can take other authors’ ideas but in this case, quote them well.
  • Write in a clear and concise manner. What else can be added here? Just don’t overload readers with information.
  • Change your workplace. Moving to a more picturesque scene or having some more inspiration in your usual working surroundings can bring way more benefits to your essay writing than you could even think. 
  • Make writing enjoyable by rewards. Well, a ‘reward’ doesn’t mean eating a ‘Sneakers’ after every written page. A factor of pleasure can be a meetup with friends, a walk in the park or a movie in the cozy blanket. Be generous to yourself!
  • Be patient with yourself. Rewarding and not judging yourself for the mistakes you make is wonderful, – it gives you the freedom to be who you really are both in life and in writing.

With these helpful tips at hand, you are sure to reach more success than you did before and take your essay writing much higher.