Top 10 Differences Between Federal Board And Punjab Board

There are huge differences between Federal Board and Punjab Board–Multan Board, Bahawalpur Board, Lahore Board, Gujranwala Board etc. As you know, Federal Board is an international board which exists all the world over, but Punjab Board just exists in the province of Punjab only. So, Federal Board has an international standard and its paper pattern looks as same as Oxford, in other words, it’s difficult as compared to Lahore Board. Both the boards have many advantages as well as disadvantages. Let’s discuss it.

There are some noticeable differences between the Federal Board and Punjab Board. The first and most important difference is that the Federal Board syllabus is much more advanced and difficult than the Punjab board syllabus. The students of Federal board get a lot of extra work because of this.

The second difference is that the federal board includes an extra foreign language, Urdu, which makes it easier for the students to pursue careers in foreign countries when they graduate from their schools. The last major difference is that the Federal Board has a very strict system when it comes to grading. A student must receive 75% or more out of 100 marks in order to pass, whereas a student only needs 50% or more on the Punjab Board’s scale.

There are many differences between Federal Board and Punjab Board. The main difference is that the Punjab board has only three languages for exams, Urdu, English and Punjabi, whereas Federal Board have five languages for exams, Urdu, English, Urdu, Persian and Punjabi.

In Punjab Board Most of the people speaks Punjabi as their first language. The Federal Board students are from all over Pakistan who speaks different languages.

1 Concept

                            It’s the best board at clearing concepts. It gives more importance on concept rather than cramming. The students of Federal Board are more conceptual as compared to Punjab Board. If you look at the paper pattern of science subjects–Chemistry, Physics, Biology– of Federal Board and Punjab Board, you can see the difference. But in Punjab Board, concepts is not more important if you want to get even good marks in the exam.

2 Papers Pattern

         There is a huge different between the papers pattern in Punjab and Federal Board. You will find a lot of conceptual questions in Federal Board’s papers especially Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. In Punjab Board, many questions are taken from the exercises whereas the case is utterly different as compared to Federal Board.

Punjab Board Physics 2014 Pattern

Federal Board Physics 2014 Pattern

3 The Fruit Of Hard Work

                  Again, Federal Board is the best board that gives you marks, according to your hard work. The more you hard work, the more marks you get. Now, perhaps, you’re thinking that Punjab Board does the same for you. But, sadly, it’s not the case with Punjab Board. It happens often Punjab Board that a talented student gets low marks in Punjab Board, but he used to get good marks in his class. In other words, the corruption level of Punjab Board board is higher than Federal Board.

4 English Fluency

                 The English level of students who study in Federal and Punjab has a different level. If you pick a student Federal Board and another student of Punjab Board, the Federal Board student will perform better in writing and speaking. It’s reason is obvious which is that the paper pattern of English is harder as compared to Punjab Board. If you want to get more marks, you have to learn a lot of Grammar and much more in Federal Board, but it’s not the case with Federal Board.

5 Entry Test Success

                 The students of Federal Board are more successful when we compare with the Punjab Board students. As we know, the major element that makes us successful in Entry test is concepts. The students who have better concepts have no problem getting success in Entry Test. It’s the main reason the toppers of Federal Board always get success in Entry Test whereas we’ve seen many toppers of other Boards who don’t get success in Entry Test. The student of Federal Board who gets 970 marks in HSSC where the student of Punjab Board who gets 1000 marks in HSSC, the student who got 970 marks will conquer the Entry Test easily.

6 Respect

               There are many institutions in the country which give more importance to Federal Board as compared to Punjab Board. The merit for Federal Board students is lower whereas for the other Boards is higher. The trend is going to decline.

7 Marks

               It’s one of the biggest disadvantages of Federal Board, you get low marks because the paper pattern is difficult, conceptual and troublesome. If you’re a hard work student, you can get good marks in SSC, but HSSC is a tough row to hoe. The students who got 970 marks in Punjab Board in SSC when they go to Federal Board in HSSC, they got normally only 420-440 marks–it often happens with a Federal Board student.

8 Hard Work

              If you’re a Federal Board student, you need a lot of hard work in order to get the same marks as compared to the student who gets the same marks in Punjab Board. Of course, it means you a lot of time is required in order to get the target.

9 Time

              In order to get success in Entry Test or want to achieve good marks in Federal Board’s Papers, you have to keep your concept clear at any rate. You’re lucky if you’ve got a good teacher. What if you don’t get a good one? Oh, Well! Then you will ask a lot of questions to the teacher, which in a short time, he will have become bored of you. In order to compensate, now, you will go to an academy. It means you need more money and time. But it’s not the case with Punjab Board rather you can cram if you want to get good marks because it’s not conceptual.

10 Memorize

                  It’s true an average Federal Board student memorizes more as compared to Punjab Board. Again, if we look at the paper pattern of both the boards, the Federal Board students have to memorize more topics, in other words, the whole book, not a single topic can be ignored. It happens occasionally in the Federal Board’s papers that unimportant questions come in the whole paper especially in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. Sometimes, in Punjab, a limited syllabus is given in which papers will be made from it, but it is not the case with Federal Board.