7 Best Dental Colleges In Pakistan 2024

Getting admission in dental colleges of high merit and high quality has become quite difficult these days due to high competition in Pakistan.

However, those of us having the scores and eligibility on merit should consider the following dental colleges for a degree in oral healthcare programs.

The dental colleges impart the students with the proper knowledge and skills needed for a clinical dental practice in the professional area. All the students studying in these colleges will be the future dentists and pride of Pakistan.

They would be taught how to diagnose and treat oral and dental issues accurately. They would perform teeth and jaw reconstruction surgeries and look after the dental health care of the community.

All of this is only possible through fair and quality education from renowned dental colleges and universities.

We have come up with a list of the seven best dental colleges in Pakistan for your consideration!

The following dental universities are accredited with the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and the University of Health Sciences (UHS).

Best 7 Dental Colleges In Pakistan

1.De’ Montmorency College Of Dentistry

De’ Montmorency College of Dentistry

De’ Montmorency College of Dentistry is situated at Fort Road, next to the distinguished Badshahi Mosque, Lahore. It is a public sector dental college.

This college was established in 1934 and is attached with the Punjab Dental Hospital, Fort Road.

Up to 100 students are admitted to this college each year for the Dentistry course of 4 years.

Dr. Arif Alvi, who is the President of Pakistan, is among the notable alumni of this prestigious dental college.

De’ Montmorency College has two known societies, de’ Montmorency debating and literary society and sports committee.

2. Islamic International Dental College

Islamic International Dental College

Dental Colleges in Pakistan are the only one of their kind that offer a specialty in Implantology and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Many other Dental colleges offer a similar curriculum but these two specialties are not available anywhere else.

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The first dental college was established in Karachi by Dr. Adeeb-ur-Rehman, who practiced dentistry for nearly 40 years before establishing the dental college. This college is now known as the NED University of Dentistry and is considered to be one of the best dental colleges in Pakistan.

It offers two programs: a five-year program after high school which leads to an BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) degree and a four-year program after bachelors which leads to an MDS (Master of Dental Surgery). Both programs have been accredited by ADA, USA and UK’s GDC.

The second dental college is also located in Karachi. It is called Dow University of Health Sciences and it offers three programs: a five-year program.

Islamic International Dental College is located at 7th Avenue, G-7/4, Islamabad. It was established in 2001 and is a private sector dental institution.

Islamic International Dental College comes under the umbrella of Riphah International University and is affiliated with the Islamic International Dental Hospital in Islamabad.

In the initial years of the BDS course, only 50 students were given admission, but now up to 75 students are enrolled each year at this college.

The fee charges each year for the BDS course costs around Rs. 825,000 to Rs. 915,000. This dental college also provides hostel services to students.

3. Khyber College Of Dentistry

Khyber College of Dentistry

The Health Minister Begum Mahmuda Salim inaugurated it on October 12th, 1964. It is a public sector dental teaching college affiliated with the Khyber Medical College in Peshawar.

It is attached to the Khyber Teaching Hospital in Peshawar. At the start, only 14 students were enrolled for the BDS program with only four teachers. Now, this college admits 80 students in their BDS course each year.

The merit for admission in this college for the course of dentistry is made up of 10% Matric or equivalent, 50% FSC or equivalent and 40% of Entrance Test marks.

Each day, about 300 patients receive relief from the treatment of facial injuries, oral cancer, orofacial illnesses, and various dental surgeries.

4. Liaquat College Of Medicine And Dentistry

Khyber College of Dentistry

It is linked to the Dar ul Sehat Hospital in Karachi and admits a total of 75 students annually.

It is a private sector dental college situated in Karachi.

Jinnah Sindh Medical University conducts the annual exams of BDS for Liaquat College; it is a 4-year program.

To gain admission at this dental college, you must have high marks in Matric and more than 70% marks in Intermediate(pre-medical).

Oral Health week is celebrated each year in March to raise awareness and solutions regarding dental problems and oral issues.

5. Margalla College Of Dentistry

Margalla College of Dentistry

Margalla College of Dentistry is associated with Margalla Institution of Health Sciences and was founded in 1997.
The Principal of this institution is Dr. M. Younas Jadoon.

The Principal of this institution is Dr. M. Younas Jadoon. Up to 75 students are given admission at this college in the program of BDS each year.

It is situated at Quaid e Azam Avenue, Gulrez-III, Rawalpindi. The attached teaching hospital is Margalla Dental Hospital at Pirwadhai Road, Bangash Colony, Rawalpindi.

It is a private dental institution dedicated to teaching students the ethical and professional skills required to diagnose and treat dental issues during practice.

Other than credible educational facilities, Margalla College of Dentistry provides its students with extracurricular activities. There is a sports club, literary and media society within the college.

The facilities of the hostel, recreational trips, transport, and medical care are available to all the students.

6. Dental Section, FMH CM&D, Lahore

Dental Section, FMH CM&D, Lahore

The FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry is located in Shadman Lahore. The attached teaching hospital is Fatima Memorial Hospital.

It is a private sector dental institution established in 2001.

The principal of this institution is Prof. Dr. Yaqoob Baig Mirza, and a total of 75 students are enrolled every year in the BDS program.

FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry is affiliated with the World Health Organization, International Medical Education Directory and Avicenna Directories.

Up till now, about 575 graduates of FMH College in the dental section are proving their mettle in renowned national and international medical platforms.

7. Baqai Dental College, Karachi

Baqai Dental College, Karachi

Baqai Dental College is a private-sector teaching college situated at 51-Deh Tor, Gadap Road, Karachi.

Every year 75 students are given admission to the BDS program in this college. It was founded in 1990-1991.

The attached teaching hospitals are Baqai Medical Teaching Hospital at Gadap Road and City Dental Hospital at Nazimabad.

Baqai Dental College focuses its quality education on community-based healthcare learning. Their slogan is to treat the patient and not the tooth.