5 Signs That Tell Academy Is Important For F.Sc Students or Not

Joining an academy has become a tedious task for some students of Pakistan.

Some intermediate students guess it’s a waste of time.

The other school of thought concludes it worth attending.

But honestly speaking, it depends on many factors that I have depicted below.

1. Habits That Tell a Lot About You and Your Study Mind

If you have bad habits of watching TV all the time, and you can’t control your smartphone.

Besides you need strict rules with the intent that you can study, with no doubt, then the academy is for you.

If you don’t like to take a test of yourself at home, and love to use Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook for many hours, then you need to attend the academy.

In an academy, you will find:

  • Pressure of the teachers to study well.
  • Pressure of your parents
  • Pressure of your friends who are studying in your academy

Pressure can be positive and negative, but this pressure is right for your study.

Do you want to break a habit instead? Follow the below infographic step by step.

2. Environment That Makes You Or Destroys You

Suppose the environment of your college classroom is that every student is a drug dealer, and no student tries to study, that being so you will be less likely to study.

But imagine you are studying a classroom where all the toppers of the world are sitting, how will you feel?

Of course, you will be motivated.

What does it mean? It means your friend’s circle affects your grades directly or indirectly.

But if your college has a great environment, under those circumstances, you will not need to go to academy provided the students are instructive.

In the academy, you will find serious environment because they spend thousands of rupees and students study well as compared to the college and school.

3. Budget Depends, But You Can Find Your Way

Besides, it depends on your budget too.

KIPS demands minimum Rs. 7500 per month. The same goes for other academies like Start Academy, Global Academy, and Iftikhar Academy.

The higher your budget is, the better quality of academy would be.

But it is not always the case because Pakistan has several academies having the quality better than KIPS and other academies of Pakistan.

It means if you have less budget, you should keep looking good academy, here is how you can find a good quality academy on a low budget:

  • Turn on your location on your smartphone. Go to Google Map and write “F.Sc Academy Near Me” or “Academy Near Me”. Make a list of that academies and write their contact numbers.
  • You can ask your friends or make use of Facebook Groups and ask for the suggestions and include those academies in your life too.
  • Contact those academies and tell them you need trial classes for 3 days.
  • Check the quality of the academy on those days.
  • Select the best one.

I know it may take a month to test the best academies in your city, of course, you need to do it because you have no other options either to spend money or time. Don’t worry it would be worth doing.

Here’s the screenshot for finding an academy via Google Map.

4. Mindset Related to Academy: Understand the Cognitive Biases

What is cognitive bias in psychology?

Cognitive bias is the tendency of people to perceive information based on their own experiences and preferences, resulting in distortion in how they perceive reality.

If you presume you can’t achieve without academy, it follows that you’re suffering from bias.

See the below image, and correct yourself and improve yourself otherwise, any bias can affect your study life dramatically.

Image Credit: Business Insider [Click to Zoom in HD]

5. College Quality: How to Get the Most of Your College

As might be expected, it depends on the quality of your college

Sometimes it doesn’t matter the quality of the college, most students prefer to go to the academy anyway, thanks to the bias that without academy, it is impossible to get great marks.

But I have seen many students who top the board exams and the entry tests without going to any academy thanks to the excellent quality of the college.

If your college has great teachers and has a proper way to conduct tests regularly as other leader academies do, in that case, the college can perform the same way.

How to get the most of your college if it’s bad quality:

  • Make use of Youtube, you will find lectures on any topic. Watch those lectures before your teachers deliver. This will help you understand better.
  • If you have a boring lecture, you have to do the followings:
    • Spend one day at your home, and check which things you can study in your boring lecture.
    • It may be phrasal verbs, authors’ name, or the main headings of any long question for your art subjects.