How To Join Pakistan Navy As A Doctor Through Cadet Scheme

It’s a dream come true of becoming a doctor or of joining the Pakistan Army.

You remember the time when you were just finished with your Intermediate exams and in a fit of worry about your future careers.

You wanted to join the Army and become the Captains and Majors of the future. And at the same time was torn on becoming a doctor.

Now is your golden chance to be both at the same time!

You can apply to join the Pakistan Navy as a doctor through the cadet scheme.

It is a great opportunity, especially for the girls who expand their professional careers by becoming a part of the Pakistan Navy.

The registration opens every year for this scheme in the last week of November till the first week of December. You will be awarded the rank of Ag Lt. after you complete all your educational, professional, and military training successfully.

Don’t fret; we are here to guide you step by step of the process on how to apply for this!

How To Join Pakistan Navy As A Doctor

Here is everything you need to know to join Pakistan Navy.

1. Eligibility Criteria

Any citizen of Pakistani nationality, including Azad Kashmiri citizens and the students of Gilgit Baltistan, is eligible to apply for this scheme.

Your gender does not matter as both male and female can apply. However, you have to keep in mind that your marital status should be of “unmarried” to join the Pakistan Navy.

The maximum age limit set for applying through this scheme is set at 26 years of a candidate. The minimum height of a male is set at 5’4″ and of a female at 5″ inches.

While the weight is as per body mass index of the individuals.

2. Academic Qualification

Those students (male and female) studying in the 4th year of MBBS can apply for this scheme. However, the applying candidates of the 5th year of MBBS should only be males.

The students of government colleges are only eligible to apply for this.

It is to be noted that the medical colleges should be officially accredited by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) or recognized by any other relevant authority.

3. How To Register?

You can get yourselves registered at the official website of the Pakistan Navy at within the recruitment deadline.

Only online applications to the Pakistan Navy are approved. No applications or requests, whether handwritten, postal or of any other kind addressed directly to the Recruitment Directorate of the Naval Headquarters, will be considered.

4. Selection Procedure

The selection procedure for candidates that apply for this scheme is based on

  • Entrance Test
  • Personality Test
  • Medical Examination
  • Interview

The proper date for the entrance test is communicated to the candidates through the website. The test date is usually confirmed within 72 hours, but at times, more than a week can be required.

The candidates will be informed of the results after completing the mandatory E-Testing. Only those who will be shortlisted after the entrance test will be further called for preceding medical and interview.

After which the application forms are issued to complete the recruitment formalities.

The shortlisted candidates for the Personality Test are informed through the SMS service by the Pakistan Navy Recruitment and Selection Centre (PNR&SC).

The Personality Test is conducted at the chosen PNR & SC by the candidate. The approved aspirants will then proceed to the next step of the selection procedure.

The medical examination is held at the nearest Combined Military Hospital (CMH) or Pakistan Navy hospital. The aspirants should have their ears and teeth cleaned and checked beforehand by a specialist doctor.

The Navy Headquarters decide the venue of the final interview of the shortlisted candidates. This interview is conducted by the Pakistan Navy Selection Board.

Merit is the ultimate criterion on which the final candidates are selected and appointed by the Pakistan Navy.

5. Entry Test Requirement/Guide

While filling in your online application, you have to submit your personal and academic information, District Domicile accurately, and select your PN Selection Center.

The registration slips appear immediately after filling out the application forms on the website.

Always remember to bring along the following things with you when appearing for your test; otherwise, your test will be canceled.

  • Registration Slip
  • Original CNIC or your B Form
  • Educational documents
  • Domicile
  • 1 Passport size picture
  • Amount in cash of 300 Rupees (PN Cadet and SSC) or 200 Rupees (PN Civilians) or 100 Rupees (Sailors)

Before the test, on the computer screen, you have to add your roll number that is present on your registration slip and enter your CNIC number.

Log in and start your intelligence test. Before the test, there are instructions and guidelines, read them carefully, and start your test after clicking on the start icon below.

Make sure you are not in possession of any mobile phone, digital gadget, calculator, or any other helping material. Otherwise, the test would be canceled.

6. Entrance Test

Many of you will be wondering and worrying about what the entrance test is about.

The entrance test is based on two things:

  • Intelligence Test
  • Academic Test

This is a computer-based test known as E-Testing.

The Intelligence Test is 70 MCQs that you have to crack in 30 minutes. These questions are mainly two types; verbal and non-verbal. Such preparatory questions can be found in any intelligence help guides or book.

The Verbal questions usually consist of analogy, percentage finding, directions, age/height questions, salary-budget questions, etc. whereas the non-verbal questions are mostly figures related queries.

On the other hand, in the Academic Test, you have to solve 100 MCQs within 30 minutes.

These MCQs are a mix of Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry, Physiology, Pharmacy (basics), and Pathology (basics). Basically, all the clear cut concepts that you have studied or revised during your first to the third year of MBBS are tested in this Academic Test.

While preparing for the E-Testing, you have to keep in mind that no paper or pencil will be given to you for rough work. You will have to solve the questions mentally.

The entrance will be conducted before the end of December, and the results notified to every individual candidate.

7. Entry Test Centers

About 20 entrance test centers all over Pakistan are selected for the convenience of the candidates.

The candidates are advised to select the nearest and most convenient test center to appear for their exams.

The address and contact information of the test centers are available on the website mentioned above. These test centers range from Sukkur, Quetta to Gilgit, and Multan.

8. Ineligibility Conditions

You need to understand and remember the ineligibility criteria and conditions before, and during applying so, you can be on the safe side.

The following are the conditions that can render your application as ineligible for the Pakistan Navy.

  • Being twice or once rejected from the General Headquarters (GHQ)/ Naval Headquarters (NGQ)/ Air Headquarters (AHQ) or ISSB (Inter-Services Selection Board) Selection Board(s) on any grounds
  • Having been withdrawn from any training or academic institutions of the Armed Forces due to any reasons
  • Withdrawal due to the reasons for disciplinary issues from any Pakistan Armed Forces college or any institution
  • Removed/ resigned/ debarred from any form of Government service including the Armed Forces
  • Conviction of the offense of moral violation by a court of law
  • Declared by an Armed Forces Appeal Medical Board as medically unfit
  • Declared by Armed Forces hospital to be unfit with the exception of those cleared by the Appeal Medical Board
  • Submission of original academic certificates that are tampered or meddled with
  • Concealment or obscuring vital information in the application form
  • Those aspirants in possession of dual nationality unless they give up the same before application/commissioning or within six months of enrolling in the Pakistan Navy

9. Stipend Money

Don’t be confused here. Stipend money is basically a small amount given to students or trainees before the actual job salary to cover their expenses.

The “M” cadet will be granted about Rs. 18,583/- (Rupees eighteen thousand five hundred and eighty-three) as stipend money during his/her cadetship.

This amount will be provided every month — the amount of not more than Rs. 2,22,996/- (Rupees Two hundred twenty-two thousand nine hundred and ninety-six) will be granted per year to the M cadet.

However, the M cadet on joining the Pakistan Naval Medical Branch, after the successful completion of MBBS, will have to reimburse or pay back the amount spent on him/her during his/her years of educational training.

10. Benefits

There are plenty of benefits and privileges of becoming a Pakistan Navy doctor. These benefits are sure to motivate you to work hard to achieve your dream of joining the Pakistan Navy as a doctor.

  • Your family including your parents and you will be given free medical treatment after the commission
  • Accommodation for your family will be provided, or allowance for house rent will be given to you
  • Servant facility or allowance after marriage will also be given
  • Children’s subsidized education would be provided in Bahria colleges and universities or other professional institutions
  • You will be given proficient opportunities to visit abroad for courses or assignments

Concession up to 50% would be given to your family or you for traveling by air or railways

11. Important Points

The “M” cadet selected and ordained by the Pakistan Navy by this scheme after the entrance tests, will continue to study in his/her respective medical institute till graduation.

However, the appointed student will have to follow the rules and regulations of the Pakistan Navy.

Basic training will begin at the Pakistan Naval Academy after being awarded the degree of 5 years of MBBS. House job will begin after the successful completion of the basic training of the M cadet.

12. Bond

The final selected candidates will have to sign a legal bond stating they will serve the Pakistan Navy for a minimum of 7 years. The time for service will start exactly after the completion of their medical and basic training.

However, those candidates that are not appointed to be in the Pakistan Navy due to medical or any other issue, they will be bound to serve a minimum of 7 years as a Civilian Medical Practitioner.

After completing your medical education and professional training, you will be a successful doctor and part of the prestigious Pakistan Navy!

Just remember to work hard and focus on your goals!