How To Get Admission In Virtual University? [Step By Step Guide]

Are you worried about your admission in a renowned university this year? The status quo must be very hard for the students this year but hold on. We have charted out for you the most feasible admission plan for one of Pakistan’s most prestigious public sector universities – Virtual University of Pakistan.

Introduction To Virtual University

Virtual University is Pakistan’s first public sector university based entirely on modern information and communication technologies providing world-class education to aspiring students all over the country through affordable means. It uses free-to-air satellite television broadcasts and the internet facility, aiding the students unable to physically access educational institutes for higher education. Students can pace up with their lectures through online courses, television broadcasting channels for Virtual University and radio programs. Established in 2002 by the Government of Pakistan to promote distance education, Virtual University has been serving in a distinct manner in uplifting the literacy rate in Pakistan through its unique ways of teaching. Producing thousands of graduates, the university has gained access to over 100 cities in the state.

Who Is Eligible For Virtual University?

The university offers 2-years BA/BSc, BA/BS Honors, Masters, and PhD programs. The criteria for every degree, diploma or certificate vary. The easiest way to check if this is your spot is to visit the link and check for yourself (as shown in the picture below).However, for a 2-years Bachelor’s degree, the minimum criterion is having qualified intermediate examination (equivalent to 12 years of education) with at least 45% marks. However, program specific requirements (if any) will be considered at all costs.

How To Apply For Virtual University?

Since the prevalent pandemic scenario has made it impossible to visit universities for admission forms, candidates will have to be very careful and precise in filling the online forms. The following are the steps briefed for you in order to fix your place in this university. So, keep up and take notes!

Step I – Sign Up

Virtual University has a very responsive and updated website. A short video is also available at their official website, guiding the students on how to fill in the admission form step by step. First and foremost, the candidate has to visit the online application link and make an account. Once you’ve signed up, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Click the link attached in the body of the email and you’ll be redirected to the website asking for login information. 

Step II – Program Selection

Be certain what you wish to study ahead. Making a sound career choice is the most crucial part in one’s academic career. The following information will be required from the applicant:

  • Applying from within or outside Pakistan
  • Degree of choice (includes diplomas as well)
  • Program of choice
  • Study status (on-campus/home)
  • Preferred campus

Once all the options have been finalized, click “save and move to next step” at the end of this section.

Step III – Personal Information

This part asks for your biographical details, contact information and educational background. Make sure you answer the succeeding questions (shown below) in this section concerning your internet facility and computer knowledge, mandatory to continue your education if you get admitted to this university. 

Step IV – Need-Based Scholarship Form

The university, having close ties with the government and patronized nationally, gives out scholarships to worthy candidates. Make sure you don’t opt for a scholarship if you don’t deserve it. A rigorous process of verification will be conducted by the university administration before accepting candidates for a scholarship.

Step V – Credit Transfer Form

The university gives you a chance for course exemption or credit transfer as well. You will be inquired about the last qualification details and then, tested for this step once you submit the form.

Step VI – Upload Documents

A number of scanned documents will be attached to your form. Keep in mind no document shall exceed the size of 1 MB. The documents will be verified and cross-checked with the respective boards of examination and universities. The students will be penalized for any false documents attached with the form. Note here that your documents should be clear and eligible after scans.

Step VII – Submit Application

No room for amendments or refilling will be left once the application is submitted. In order to recheck if everything’s on point, click the “Home” button at the top left corner of the application tab. This will guide you about your application status in the following manner:

At this step, you’ll be asked about the serial number engraved on your purchased copy of the prospectus. Scratch it from there and enter the details on the form like this: 

Submission Of Fee

As soon as the online application form has been filled, get a printout of the challan form and pay the prospectus fee at VU panel banks/institutions i.e., HBL, United Bank, Bank Alfala. Online bank transactions, Telenor Easypaisa or Omni service can also be used for feasibility.

Programs You Can Opt For

Virtual University offers the following programs ranging from science and technology, arts, education, management, social sciences, economics etc:

  • 2-years Bachelor’s
  • 4-years BS Honors programs
  • Masters
  • MPhil
  • PhD (Only a couple of courses namely biotechnology and computer science.)
  • Postgraduate diploma course
  • Associate degree
  • Specialization course

Every program has a differing selection criterion and grading system. Thoroughly read them up before choosing.

Dates To Remember

Virtual University offers admission twice a year. The spring admission notifications are dispatched in January / February with a deadline for March. The fall admission opens in August / September each year. With this easy to follow application process, we hope you secure your position in this renowned university and carry on the path of academic excellence.


A detailed handbook is available on the official website that covers all your concerns and ambiguities. Plans to study, examination scheme, courses to study – all the important stuff necessary to get you through your program at Virtual University is detailed here for your convenience.