How To Get Admission In Digiskills? [Step By Step]

There are a large number of people who are either free at home without any business or spending money to learn some sort of skills to help them earn their bread and butter.

Apart from the above categories, there is also one category that moves ahead in regular life towards the direction chosen by the parents but meanwhile wants to pursue their interests as well. Moreover, some people want to make their income double and some want to earn by staying home on the web of the global village, online. What sort of person you are?

All sort of person falling in or out of the above categories can extract benefit from DigiSkills while staying home, without spending a single penny.

What Is DigiSkills?

DigiSkills is a training program, designed for benefitting the capable majority of the public, deprived of either job or longs to pursue their ambitions beside study. This is an online outsourcing program. In Pakistan, this program was firstly conceived or introduced by the Minister of IT and Telecom.

The launch of this program is carried out all across the country for offering 1 million training for enabling as many aspirants as possible for revolutionizing the future online industry.

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The Virtual University of Pakistan is assigned this grand task of managing and administrating the training program. The university is executing the task under the rule of the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom. Ignite- National Technology Fund that was previously known as the ICT R&D Fund is the prime resource behind the execution of the training programs.

Digiskills is a program expanded in Pakistan by the Government. Due to the launch of this program by the Pakistani Government, it is FREE for Pakistani nationals to seek benefits and earn without a job.

What Is The Core Purpose Of Digiskills?

Provision of skills, tools, abilities, opportunities to explore new grounds, and techniques to acquire the opportunities are all dedicated to DigiSkills. The availability of these opportunities is online in the national or international market for earning money.

The services of DigiSkills are not only limited to the training of people but to help them avail of the opportunities at the international or local level. Opportunities are based on various freelancing techniques and knowledge that are also taught during a training session.

Due to the limited jobs, the new generation should excel in every field. So, DigiSkills is the gateway to success for better living through online business. So, DigiSkills aims to train the audience in the field of freelancing and other fields mentioned below:

Courses Offered By DigiSkills:

Qualification Required For This Training Programme:

This training program requires no qualification for getting enrolled. Those who can read, write, and comprehend English are encouraged to be part of this training session. Also, you do not need to be worried about any prior experience or diploma.

Technical Requirements Of This Program:

The technicalities and facilities are of much importance in this regard. A person who is interested in getting admission to the Digiskills program is required to have stable internet, android mobile phone, and laptop so that he can access the videos and all other sorts of learning material easily.

From Where You Should Get This Training?

Once you are enrolled in this program you will have the access to videos, lectures, quizzes, and every sort of learning material that would be just one click away. After the registration, you do not need to be worried about a particular place to sit and watch the videos. You can get access to them through your mobile phone and any other computer from anywhere.

How Do You Study?

It’s just like your university and school routine. You need to follow the schedule. Everything is available in your account; the videos, quizzes, assignments, and announcements. You just need to read everything carefully and watch the video for every module according to the schedule.

If You Are Already A Freelancer, Would This Course Be Helpful For You?

If you are already a freelancer and a professionalist it does not mean that this course has nothing to offer you. It will surely impart something new to your existing capabilities, skills, and professionalism. So, you can enhance your skills through this program to earn more money.

What Is The Maximum Limit Of Courses:

10 courses are being offered in this training program and a trainee has the opportunity to get him/herself enrolled in a maximum of 2 courses in a batch. Hence, he/she can extract benefits and learn all the skills, relevant to each course in 5 batches. However, the period for each course is designed in such a way that every skill can be accessed, enhanced, and improved adequately during this period.

How Can You Sign Up And Enroll For This Training Program? This website can be visited for the signup or you can just search the DigiSkills program simply on google as well. After signing up you are required to select two courses according to your interest except for the first batch. If you are new and getting enrolled for the first time you must select a freelancing course along with a course of your own choice.

How Can You Reset Your Password?

If you have lost or forgotten the password you can click on “Forget password” and further follow the written instructions so that your password can be reset and you can get access to study material.

If you have enrolled in the courses but unable to get access to study material, what should you do?

It is not necessary to find study material immediately after signing up because it depends on the commencement of the batch. You just need to signup, be a vigilant and active participant/trainee.

You will automatically be notified once the batch starts. Everything like videos, notifications, and discussions would be accessed after the commencing. You will also be notified about its commencing date before its proper beginning.

The learning materials and videos for each week will be available on receptive Monday of each week by 11:00 A.M.

How You Can Watch Videos?

To watch the videos for the current week follow the points appended below:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. You will directly have a sight of your enrolled courses on the Home Screen with the name ‘My courses’. Click on the course for which you want to access the videos and you will be directed towards a tab ‘Topic Content’. Here you will find all the videos for the receptive week.
  • Now if you want to move on the next topic, click the ‘Next Topic’ tab that can be seen at the top right side of your screen.

If you want to watch the videos of the current and previous week follow the below-mentioned points:

  1. ‘Course Website’ icon is available under ‘My Courses’. Click on that icon after logging into your account.
  2. Here you will find a tab ‘Course Topic’. Click on that tab to watch the videos.
  • Select the week for which you want to watch the videos and watch videos under the tab ‘Topic Content’.
  1. Now if you want to move on the next topic, click the ‘Next Topic’ tab that can be seen at the top right side of your screen.

How To Ask Questions?

You can resolve any query at any time by asking questions while using the learning management system of digit skills. There are three ways of communication and resolving queries.

  1. A discussion board is the first option. You can ask questions relevant to the lecture through the discussion board. You can also comment on the queries and replies of other trainees to assist them. And you can also place your question.
  2. Online communication is the other option. You can send a general query through this mean by visiting
  3. The phone call is the last but not least option in front of you. Like any other website or organization, you contact the coaches through a phone call by dialing the number 0304-111-1570.

Further, you will receive a certificate after the completion of your batch. This certificate is named DigiSkills e-certificate issued by the virtual university of Pakistan.

Eligibility Criteria For E- Certificate:

For attaining the e-certificate the trainee is required to secure 50% scores in the training session but these 50% marks are the aggregate of all the categories involved to evaluate the knowledge of the student. Each category contains specific marks. For example;

  1. Watching Topic Videos through LMS = 60%
  2. Quizzes = 25%
  3. Hands-on Exercises = 15%

If you watch 70% videos, attempt 60% quizzes, and submit 50% hands-on exercises, your total score or aggregate would be 64.5%. Hence, you would be eligible for an e-certificate.


In conclusion, DigiSkills plays a crucial role in enhancing and polishing the skills of the trainees. It opens the doors for them to enter the realm of the freelance market. The DigiSkills program not exactly provides the platform to earn money but leads and guides you towards the right place in the freelance market while making your profile.

Coaches teach each trainee how to make a profile to introduce themselves and search for the means for earning bread and butter in the freelance market. Must go for it and earn while remaining at home. Good Luck!