ACCA VS BBA: Everything You Need To Know In Pakistan

By Rubab Ali

You might wonder what better field you could choose in order to have a greater grip in the market by showing strong skills. This is a matter of grave sensitivity that which domain should be chosen for life, be it ACCA or BBA.

We will give you 10 major differences between these two careers and leave it up to you to make a decision.

A Degree Or A Certificate?

ACCA stands for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. It tends to provide a ‘Certificate’ after completion of the courses. Once you pass the 14 papers of ACCA, you become a qualified Chartered Accountant.

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Whereas, BBA stands for Bachelors of Business Administration. It is a 48-52 subject based on ‘Degree’.

Both of the domains can opt after completion of 12 years of education. Students also join ACCA after doing B.Com for 2 years.

Duration Of Completion:

Normally, Certificates do not take years to complete but ACCA’s average completion duration is 3 years with the addition of 2-3 years of training, the total time results in approximately 6 years.

BBA is four years based Bachelor’s Degree where you divide the subjects in 8 semesters. Mostly, students go for MBA after completing BBA for a better run in the job industry.

Specialization is always a bonus!

Equivalent Degrees:

ACCA is equivalent to a Master’s degree once you have taken and cleared all the 14 papers. But For BBA, it is a Bachelor’s degree equivalent to 16 years of education. With the addition of an MBA, you get to have 18 years of education on the run.

Salary Difference Between ACCA And BBA:

There is surely a huge difference in the Salaries of ACCA professionals or BBA professionals.

An ACCA professional earns up to PKR 80,000 – PKR 100,000 ( Eighty Thousand Rupees to One Lac Rupees).

Whereas, a BBA graduate earns PKR 30,000- PKR 35,000 (Thirty Thousand to Thirty- five thousand rupees). In order to raise the pay scale, MBA proves fruitful.

After doing an MBA, you can earn up to PKR 140,000 (one lac and Forty thousand)

Job Opportunities:

After Completion of ACCA, you are recruited as Head of the Department of Accounts or Finance Department. There is also a 45% chance of annual promotion or bonuses.

In BBA, you choose a field in senior year as your specialization. Graduates are recruited as HR Manager, Project Manager, Marketing Manager, and IT professionals, etc.

BBA provides more domains of specialization and Jobs than ACCA

Major Subjects Variety:

ACCA offers finance and accounting as the major domains.

Whereas, one can have many domains of specialization in BBA. Some of them are:-

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Human Resource Management HRM
  • SCM
  • Information Technology IT

What Are The Highest Paid Jobs In Pakistan?

The latest employment pole of Pakistan 2020 represents the job of

Chartered Accountants CA to be most highly paid, followed by IT professionals and Doctors.

Marketing Manager, HR Manager and Project Manager also take dominant positions as highly paid jobs in Pakistan.

Finance And Accounting In ACCA Or BBA? Which Is Better?

It is concluded that students who choose Finance or Accounting in ACCA tend to be better than those students who opt for Finance or Accounting in BBA/ MBA.

The reason for this is that ACCA is a particular defined field for Finance and Accounting. Whereas, BBA provides many other major programs than this.

Which Is Easier, ACCA Or BBA?

Clearly, ACCA is a harder course to take but it surely pays off in the end. Whereas, BBA or MBA also provides the same business domains but the Bachelors’s and Masters’s degrees are easier than ACCA.

Which Program Costs More, ACCA, Or BBA?

Surely, ACCA is an expensive choice as the students have to pay for the registration fee (of the institution and of ACCA), Tuition fee and exam fee, etc.

The fee structure of BBA varies for every university either private or public. Thus, it can be said that due to differences in the institution, ACCA and BBA can cost equally.

We hope these ten points helped you to understand the basic difference between ACCA and BBA in Pakistan.