ACCA Eligibility Criteria In Pakistan (Updated 2024)

By Aleena Hussain

You might have heard the rage about ACCA.

Must be wondering what it is and am I eligible for it?

Before applying anywhere, first, you need to know about ACCA? We are here to tell you all about ACCA and the ACCA eligibility criteria in Pakistan.

What Is ACCA?

ACCA stands for the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants.

This is an international organization of accountancy qualification based in London. This reputable certification is sought by those willing to boost their accountant and financial careers.

The ACCA exams, syllabus, and certification are awarded by the ACCA organization in the UK. You can study this in any of your nearest institute or university offering an ACCA degree.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For ACCA In Pakistan?

To apply for the ACCA certificate, you need to fulfill at least one eligibility condition from mentioned below:

  • A-Level (with passing in at least 2 papers and a minimum mark of 45%) and O-level (with passing in at least 3 papers and a minimum mark of 50%) or equivalent examinations (Matric and Intermediate).
    • These should comprise five different subjects including English and Mathematics
  • A Foundation Diploma
  • Bachelor degree (BA, BSc, B.Com)
  • American High School Certification (with a minimum of 50% marks)

Who Is Exempted From The ACCA Part 1?

  • Those having a Foundation Diploma do not have to sit in part 1 of ACCA and can directly enroll in part 2 of ACCA.
  • Those having certification in O-Level or Matric can apply for the Foundation Diploma. Upon completion of this diploma, they can directly enroll in the 2nd part of the ACCA degree!

How Long Does It Take To Do ACCA?

The ACCA degree is generally split up into three parts:

  • Fundamental Knowledge (3 papers)
  • Fundamental Skills (6 papers)
  • Professional Level (5 papers)

You can easily do ACCA in 2 years. The computing exams can be undertaken every month but the paper-based exams are usually held in March, June, September and December.

Where Do ACCA Professionals Work?

The ACCA degree holders are pursued by banking departments, local and global corporations, financial firms.

ACCA qualified workers are readily hired by the audit enterprises, commercial businesses, budget and taxation firms.

They mostly work in commerce, finance and accountancy circles in Pakistan.

Meaning ACCA qualifiers have a great career ahead of them!