About Top Study World

Top Study World founded in 2015 for the sole purpose to help Pakistani students to get high marks in the exams.

At Top Study World, we understand the Pakistani students are facing problems regarding education.

Lack Of Educational Information

Only a few people in Pakistan are working on the education sector to help the students and fill the gap that the government of Pakistan has failed to fill.

We are constantly helping the Pakistani students to provide the educational information that can help to make the decisions that really helpful for the future.

Students Oriented, Not Competitors

We consider each student a member of our own family. We like to help them as if our own brother/sister were visiting the site. 

You will not find bad articles that are written for getting the most visitors to earn revenue. We don’t care much about the revenue because we believe if we help the visitors, the money will follow.


Support is the ultimate backbone of our site. Every comment on our site gets answered. We dedicate time every day to provide the perfect answers to the students at no extra cost. Every answer is detailed, not a yes-no response.

Bad Times

Bad times happen in everyone’s life either you get low marks, failed, or rejected for something that meant everything to you.

We understand your emotions. You can get support during bad times from us. You can call us, we’ll be delighted to support you at no extra cost. 

Contact Top Study World

Address: 58-A2 Tipu Rd, Block A-2 Gulberg III, Lahore, 54000

Phone Number: 0302-430930

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