This page is your go-to guide for figuring out what to bring to college in 2021. Whether you’re still in high school, just accepted to a college, or just left for college, this list has everything you need to know about packing for college in 2021.

The thought of moving out of your parents’ house, into a dorm or apartment, and living on your own for the first time can be pretty scary. You may be asking yourself, how will I survive? What if my roommate has strange habits? The last thing you need is to show up at school to find that you have forgotten something vital.

With this list, you can feel confident that you have your bases covered and fully prepared for the journey. To make things easier, we’ve divided these essentials into four categories: packing, travel, utilities, and fun.

On your way out the door, don’t forget to grab your backpack. Then you’ll be able to fill it with all the things you need for college, and maybe even some fun stuff too.

For first-year students, dorm life can be an adventure, so be prepared with everything you might need to get around campus. On this list, I share most of the items I found helpful in college, from kitchen items to computer accessories. Plus, some essentials that are sure to be a hit with your roommates or new friends.

Packing list to the rescue! Most of us have gone away to college, whether it’s a dorm room at a university or moving to a new city for work. Then all of a sudden, you need to pack your belongings and prepare yourself for a few months, or even years, away from home. Packing up for college can be stressful, but it can go smoothly if it is done right.

Students, we have a blast picking up our dorms and heading off to college. This is our first time living away from home for some of us, and we’re excited to start new adventures. If you’re not quite sure what things you should bring, take a look at our Ultimate College Packing List (commonly referred to as a college packing list).

This post is comprehensive and jam-packed with excellent suggestions for college students of all majors.

Desk and School Supplies

Extension Cord

Because the odds are good that the only outlet is on the complete opposite side of the room as your desk, and you don’t want to get up because you’re working.

Graphic Calculator

A graphing calculator is a small, portable device that allows the user to perform complex mathematical computations or draw curves and functions when working in a field of mathematics. If you’re taking Calculus, this app comes in handy. It also includes the most common Physics & Chemistry equations; students will not need to carry a big heavy book around.


When we are talking about batteries, there are a few that stand above the rest. Duracell, Energizer, and Rayovac are some of the top manufacturers with the longest-running name brands. While they aren’t used in every situation, most people use these batteries at some point.


Notebooks are pretty great. They’re portable, they don’t depend on a power source (get that paperless trend out of here), and they’re easier to use in some situations than tablets or computers.

It’s been a few years since I’ve had a class where I haven’t taken notes in notebook-form (the computer lab provided us with desktops), so I can no longer make any sort of claims about whether handwriting is better for learning or not. But, you know, there’s something about the tangible element that makes taking notes more personal and engaging – it feels


I use rulers for a lot of things, not just beard measuring. I find them useful in so many situations that I keep an assortment at my desk and home.

Sticky notes

Sticky notes and you have a past filled with missed appointments, forgotten books, and amateurish pranks (I’m hoping the last one is just me). Following a trip to the supply store, you’re probably back at it again – posting sticky notes all over your room.

Unlike post-its, these are not easily moved to your handbag or fridge (especially if you like bling and glitter). This leaves your roommate with no choice but to make their own sticky notes while considering what kind of prank they could pull off. Or perhaps, like many others out there, you’ve started collecting unique designs of these notes from all over the world. 

Pencil sharpeners

The bane of every pre-teens existence, the savior of every middle-aged writer’s sanity, and a staple for artists everywhere. Who would have thought something so simple as sharpening a pencil could be so complicated.

For a manual pencil sharpener, there are many shapes and styles from brands like Zebra (which is really just one man in an apartment making them), No. 2 (yes, that is pencil number 2), Yanko, Nycraft, Brookstone, and Winsor & Newton.


There is a lot of information contained in a calendar that is very complicated and sometimes overwhelming, but in this post, I want to narrow that down to just a few of the most important.

Calendars are essential for managing your time, but they’re also nice decorative pieces to have on your desk. The Ted Calendar does this quite well with its modern and slightly abstract design.

Pencil Cup

This pencil cup, the perfect solution for keeping pens and pencils within reach but out of sight, has protective feet (and hand holes!) that will prevent your youthful foot from ever knocking this over. What’s more, its tough outer shell can withstand even the toughest knocks.

You’ll never have to worry about another lost pencil or sharpened red crayon again! But let’s look at the benefits of having a few pencils and pushpins on hand: they help with math problems, we scribble on them to remember important reminders, and then there’s doodling.

That last one is a little less practical when you’re trying to keep all your writing utensils neatly organized in one place, such as in the office supply area of an office or warehouse.

Whether you’re a freshman or a transfer student, coming to university can be a daunting experience for the first time. There are countless supplies and items that you’ll need to pack. To make things easier for both new and returning college students, we researched many back-to-school lists and compiled them into this list of what you need to pack for college.

Whether you’re visiting campus for a weekend tour or moving into your new dorm, the packing list below will help you get ready for college. When I was in college, I didn’t have any of these items. My excuse was that my parents were paying for my education, and it only made sense to let them take care of everything.

This is partially true, but I later realized that it was so much cheaper to buy the basics myself than rely on the college bookstore.

The biggest fear for most students during the back-to-school season isn’t whether or not they’ll make friends or understand their classes. It’s whether or not their stuff will arrive before school starts.

You can help your child (or other college-bound students) avoid shipping delays and ensure they have everything they need to be comfortable and successful in college by packing lights and using our Ultimate College Packing List!

College is expensive enough, and you don’t want to pay for what you don’t need! This post is packed with the most valuable college items your dorm room can’t live without.

There are several fun, unconventional, and even odd items that will make for an awesome campout. There are tons of things you can get that won’t break the bank either.

It’s important to remember that there is no wrong or the right thing to do when camping. So don’t spend so much time focusing on what you ‘should’ buy, that you forget about looking at everything else out there.

One of the best things I did before starting classes this semester was to take a productivity systems course with Collage Things. The class gave me a ton of insight into how I can improve my productivity which helps with my school and internship productivity and future career. It also gave me many great tips and tricks that are simple but have made huge differences in my life.

Welcome to the Productivity Systems course, which is part of my self-guided program called I’ll Teach You To Be Awesome. In this course, I go through a variety of productivity systems that can help you get things done faster, stay more organized during your busiest months, and make sure you’re on track for those important deadlines.

College is a once-in-a-lifetime time of reaping the rewards of your degrees and free time to pursue activities you’re passionate about. However, a lot of stress and anxiety can be acquired if you get off track—especially in your first year.

This quick guide will help you set up a simple productivity system in College so you can focus on what’s important: squeezing in extra hours of sleep!

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