Studying In China For Pakistani Students

China is emerging as the world’s leading economy. In the past few decades, China has progressed immensely from an unknown nation to now having the status of a world superpower. The reason behind this success is the unrelenting hard work and dedication of Chinese people.

Pakistan and China have a long history of friendly and cordial relations. In the past studying in China was not thought of as a good prospect but this notion is changing rapidly because of the strides the Chinese nation is making in sciences and technology.

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Many Chinese universities have broken into international top universities ranking in the past decade. There is a significant number of Pakistani students residing in China and it is growing continuously as the relations between the two countries are getting more friendly.

Why China

China is one of the world’s leading economies now. It is home to universities that feature regularly in the list of top 500 universities in the world. Chinese firms are making giant strides in technology and innovation. There are lucrative opportunities for research.

The living costs are nominal compared to countries like the USA or UK. The visa process is perhaps the most convenient among all foreign countries. Scholarships are plenty and many of them are fully funded. All of these aspects make China an exciting destination for completing your studies.

Famous Chinese Universities

China is home to many ancient universities that enjoy a global reputation for high academic standards. Tsinghua University is considered among the top universities in the world. It has a high world ranking of 43 which draws hundreds of students to it every year. Peking university enjoys a prestigious ranking of 53 in the world which speaks of its high standards of excellence.

There are approximately 50-60 Chinese universities that feature in the top 500 universities of the world. These statistics speak volumes about the quality of education in China and the status of China as a top country for international students.

Method Of Instruction

Chinese universities offer courses both in English and Chinese. You can select your courses accordingly. Studying in China gives you the chance of learning the Chinese language which is considered one of the most important skills for professionals in today’s job market. Having proficiency in Chinese will considerably uplift your career prospects.

Choice Of Program

Chinese universities offer many top programs on every academic discipline. These include graduate and master’s programs in technology, medicine, engineering, arts, public policy, strategic studies, etc. PhD programs are also plenty.

The choice is entirely yours based on your academic potential and future targets.

Scholarship Programs

One of the key advantages of studying in China is the prospect of getting a scholarship. There are many scholarship programs available. Some of these are funded by the Higher Education Commission Pakistan. These scholarships cover all your costs from tuition fees to accommodation expenses. The Chinese government also offers some scholarships exclusively for Pakistani students.

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If you have a good academic record then you can easily avail of a scholarship program reducing your expenses to zero.

Living Expenses

Living expenses depend on various factors. The most important determinants are your city, the location of your university, and your choice of accommodation. If you avail of university accommodation then it is very economical because it will cut down your transport costs as well.

Generally living in a group reduces your accommodation expenses significantly because then you will be able to cook your food yourself.

Working Opportunities In China

You can work part-time jobs to fund your expenses provided that you gain permission from the immigration department and local police authorities. The process of getting permission is not cumbersome. You just have to fill out your particulars and write a letter to local authorities and they will grant you a permit to work part-time.

Working part-time allows you to save money for your future as well and maintain flexibility in your expenditures.

Permanent Residence In China

You can also obtain a permanent residence permit In China. Residence permits are issued on a point basis. You gain more points if you have higher qualification and a good academic record. Recommendations from local police authorities will also raise your points.

If you have a good record of abiding by all the laws then you have a high chance of obtaining a permanent residence permit if you want to work in China on a long-term basis. Many Pakistani students who initially go to China to complete their studies apply for a permanent residence permit after getting a job in any Chinese firm.

Chinese Laws and Regulations

If you want to study and work in China then you have to keep few things in mind. First and foremost is to abide by local laws and regulations for immigrants. These are specifically spelt out to you when you are applying for your visa. Violating local laws and customs can get you in trouble.

The consequences range from being fined to having your visa revoked and deportation which will put a black spot on your CV. On the other hand, if you are mindful of local customs then by your good behaviour you can create a positive image of your nation and country. In case of any inconvenience, the Pakistani embassy and consulate staff is always ready to help out Pakistani students.

Generally, the Chinese government holds Pakistani students in high regard due to the brotherly relations between the two countries. You will find local people very friendly and hospitable once you tell them that you are from Pakistan.

Chinese Culture

China is considered home to the world’s most ancient civilizations. It has a rich and diverse culture. The vastness of the Chinese landmass fills one with awe and admiration because of its sheer beauty. Studying in China will give you the chance of exploring this beautiful country.

From mountain ranges to rivers China is a geographical wonder. There are many Unesco world heritage sites in China including the famous Great wall of China.

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