By Rubab Ali

There is always a need for medical aid, no matter wherever you go. One cannot take risks, right?

Are you curious to know what medical facilities are provided by ISSB?

Let us guide you!

ISSB provides a moderate environment to make sure that no candidate suffers through any kind of sickness. Though one can sustain physical injuries while completing the tasks as the tasks are outdoor.

What happens if a candidate falls ill or gets injured during ISSB tests?

During ISSB tests, candidates are well taken care of. Free medical treatment is provided if a candidate falls ill or gets an injury.

In case, a candidate suffers a serious illness or injury, he/she is taken to Combined Military Hospital CMH for a free check-up. He/ She might get admitted if the injury is severe.

Will a candidate lose his chance of ISSB?

The problem that you might think is the loss of ISSB chance. No, there won’t be the loss of chance of ISSB if you fail to take the tests due to illness or injury, you will be “Withdrawn” and the chance will not be counted.

If you had taken half of the tests and could not appear in the other half of GTO’s tasks or Interview, then you will be considered “Not Fully Boarded”. This means that your chance is not counted as well as the condition ‘not to apply within 120 days’ will not be applied.

You can reappear as soon as you are fit enough to.

Who will be held responsible for the check-up or treatment at Combined Military Hospital CMH?

The Government of Pakistan will take no responsibility to pay for compensation to any injury sustained during the tests. However, free medical assistance wi be provided to help in every possible way. Treatment to seriously ill candidates will be provided at military colleges.

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