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What is Electrical Engineering and What Do Electrical Engineer Do?

Electrical engineering is a technical discipline concerned with the study, design and application of equipment, devices and systems which use electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.

Electrical engineers are employed in many sectors where they work to repair, design, or install different components of the electrical system.

In this role, you can work on different infrastructure projects, for example

  • Installing a lighting system on some road
  • Designing system for transmission lines of electricity
  • Construction projects
  • Other different consumer based projects.

One important aspect of this work is to ensure the safety of different components of the system.

After completing the required education as an electrical engineer, considerable practical experience is required.

In developed countries permit from concerned government department is also necessary before you can start working.

According to your interest, you can specialize in one department like telecommunication or research. You can also start your own company or climb up the ladders of success in a big firm.

You can start as a trainee technician after matriculation and continue your education side by side. After graduation, the doors of opportunities are open for you.

What Are the Required Skills in Electrical Engineering?

You need creativity and innovation so that you can design components as desired by your client.

Leadership skills must be polished so that you can ensure quality safety profile from the junior workforce.

The ability to think deeply and logically should be there so that you can solve complex problems with minimum expenditure.

Mathematical skills should be highly developed so that you can execute projects correctly and document efficiently required data with no hassle.

What Are the Career Prospects of Electrical Engineering?

  • Telecommunications Engineer: 

They are experts in designing and maintenance work of electronic telecommunication technology components. These include a broadband wireless network, fiber optic, satellite system, etc. With the advancement in communication technology, their importance has increased many folds.

  • Consulting Engineer: 

They give advice to their clients regarding the electrical system in their offices, factories, etc. It encompasses aspects like safety profile of the electrical system, economic wiring systems, efficient lighting, etc. This is very challenging and demanding work.

  • Research Engineer: 

They work in different universities and conduct research on the latest developments in the field of electrical engineering. They also teach undergraduate and postgraduate courses. These days nanoelectronics and molecular electrical engineering are emerging as important avenues of research.

What Are the Important Points To Be an Electrical Engineer?

  • Interests

  • Electronic Transmission 
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics 
  • Computing Science 
  • Physics 
  • Technical Drawing etc. 
If you have an interest in these fields, then electrical engineering can prove to be the right choice for you.

  • Minimum Academic Requirement: 

Diploma or degree in electrical engineering is preferable. After matriculation, you can gain experience by working as a technician. Practical experience gained during degree can prove very valuable later on.

  • Working Hours: 

Electrical engineers typically work during office hours, but sometimes they have to work on weekends too according to client needs.

  • Place of work: 

Typically electrical engineers work in offices or workshops, but they are employed at oil refineries, big factories, industries, etc. too. Sometimes these sites are located in far off areas. Electrical engineers have to travel to these sites as per client requirements.

  • Obstacles: 

You must remain abreast of the latest development in your field. Work is physically straining sometimes. But if pursued, this field yields high reward passionately.

What are the Electrical Engineer Salaries in Pakistan?

The average Electrical Engineer salary in Pakistan is PKR 366,540 per year or PKR 30,500 per month, according to Indeed Pakistan. Entry level positions start at PKR 30,000 per month while most experienced workers make up to PKR 180,000 per month.

You can find Electrical Engineering jobs in Pakistan from

Here is the sector-wise salary in Pakistan, data taken from LUMS Prospectus that is a prestigious university in Pakistan.

  • Health Care (Rs. 100,000 per month)
  • FMCG (Rs. 85,571 per month)
  • Home Appliances (Rs. 75,000 per month)
  • Engineering (Rs. 75,000 per month)
  • Group/Conglomerate (Rs. 71,676 per month)
  • IT/Technology (Rs. 61,676 per month)
  • Textile (Rs. 55,000 per month)
  • Transport (Rs. 55,000 per month)
  • Banking/Financial (Rs. 52,042 per month)
  • Consulting (Rs. 52,042 per month)
  • Manufacturing (Rs. 50,000 per month)
  • Packaging (Rs. 50,000 per month)

What is the Future of Electrical Engineering Jobs in Pakistan?

When you type Electrical Engineering ‘s jobs in Pakistan, you can also write your city name instead of Pakistan to find the jobs.

Pro Tip:
Go to Tool>Select Within 24 Hours, past week etc . You will be the first to apply for the job hence more chances for the job getting in the industry.

You can also use Google Image that is a handy tool for finding jobs.
You can search the jobs in your city or province, and you can conclude either you should select this field or not based on the jobs available.

What are the Universities in Pakistan Offering Admissions in Electrical Engineering?

These are the universities that are offering Electrical Engineering in Pakistan.

Institute City
1. University Of Science &Technology Bannu
2. Gomal University D.i. Khan
3. Government College University, Faisalabad Faisalabad
4. National University Of Computer And Emerging Sciences ( Faisalabad Campus ) Faisalabad
5. University Of Engineering And Technology[fiasalabad Campus] Faisalabad
6. University Of Gujrat Gujrat
7. Air University Islamabad
8. Bahria University, Islamabad Islamabad
9. Comsats Institute Of Information Technology [isb] Islamabad
10. Federal Urdu University Of Arts Science &Technology Islamabad
11. Institute Of Space Technology Islamabad
12. International Islamic University Islamabad
13. National The University Of Computer And Emerging Sciences, Islamabad Islamabad
14. National University Of Modern Languages, Islamabad Islamabad
15. National University Of Science &Technology Islamabad
16. Pakistan Institute Of Engineering &Applied Sciences Islamabad
17. Mehran University Of Engineering &Technology Jamshoro
18. Ned University Of Engineering &Technology Karachi
19. Balochistan University Of Engineering &Technology Khuzdar
20. Government College University, Lahore Lahore

To find the Electrical Engineering department of any university, just type Electrical Engineering+ university name like

Moreover, you can call them.

What is the Trend of Electrical Engineer in Pakistan?

Google has created an amazing tool called Google Trend that shows the searches being done by the people living in the country or city.
I am searching do people search for Electrical Engineering in Pakistan? If so, which province or city.
Here you can see it all.

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