MBBS in Azerbaijan for Pakistani Students: How to Apply Guide


Have you burned the midnight oil of your past twelve years of education and you see no hope in cracking the MCAT?

Have you attempted MDCAT and NUMS again and again in the desire for becoming a doctor with no success?

Fear not.

There is another option of becoming a doctor through MBBS.

Have you heard there are so many opportunities in the world, but people are not aware of?

Yes, you will know after reading the article.
Don't forget to see the images at the end of the article.
I will guide you on how to get admission in AMU.

The following questions were asked:
  1. Tell About Yourself
  2. Where Is Azerbaijan?
  3. What Is Azerbaijan Medical University?
  4. Tell me about Faculty and Students at AMU
  5. Can You Share the Brochure of AMU?
  6. How to Apply for MBBS in Azerbaijan
  7. What Are the Merit Requirements for AMU?
  8. What Is the AMU Admission Test?
  9. What Is the Hostel Arrangement?
  10. What Is the Total Expenditure for MBBS Degree in Azerbaijan?
  11. Is It Important to Take the PMDC Test to Start Practice in Pakistan?
  12. Is the Degree of AMU Approved in Pakistan and Other Countries
  13. How Is the Environment of Azerbaijan for a Pakistani Student?
  14. Is the AMU Approved by World Health Organization?
  15. What Are the Mistakes Students Make While Taking Admission in AMU and How to Overcome Them?
  16. What Are the Job Prospects After Getting MBBS from AMU?
  17. Why Didn't You Repeat for MDCAT and NUMS?
  18. When Does the Admission Open at AMU?
  19. Can You Show Your Images of Azerbaijan Medical University?

                                    Q1: Tell About Yourself to Top Study World Audience

                                    Shaheer: I am Shaheer Bin Afzal who is the third-year MBBS student at Azerbaijan Medical University.

                                    I studied F.Sc Pre-Medical from Fazaia Inter College Lahore with M. Aamir Mursleen who is now the blog owner of Top Study World.

                                    My father wanted to send me to China for MBBS, but upon investigating, I found Azerbaijan to be the safest and best place to me because of the people who live there.

                                    Moreover, I didn’t need to learn any language, nor do I know now. I use English to communicate.

                                    The quality of education is better than most private and government medical colleges in Pakistan. 

                                    The best thing?

                                    Pakistani are respected well in Azerbaijan because Pakistan was the second country to recognize Azerbaijan as a country.

                                    Currently, I am living in DHA Phase 4, Lahore, for my summer vacation. If you need any kind of help, I will.

                                    Q2: Where Is Azerbaijan?

                                    Baku, Capital of Azerbaijan
                                    Shaheer: Azerbaijan is a beautiful developed country with a moderate climate and a soaring economy. It is located between Europe and Asia.

                                    It borders immediately with Russia, Iran, and Turkey. The medium of communication is in Azerbaijani, Russian and English.

                                    The capital city is Baku, where the sole medical university of Azerbaijan is structured.

                                    Q3: What Is AMU?

                                    Shaheer: It is Azerbaijan Medical University which lies in Samad Vurgun, Baku.

                                    It is the ONLY and unparalleled medical university of the nation where most of the elite children study and have the best and most prominent hospital in the country.

                                    That's why the government spends the most budget on the medical college and its hospital.

                                    Q4: Tell me about Faculty and Students at AMU

                                    Shaheer: There are 74 academic departments of the University with over 650 teachers.

                                    Exceedingly 8000 students study at AMU, including over 1171 foreign learners.

                                    Q5: Can You Share the Brochure of AMU?

                                    Shaheer: Sure, here is the brochure of AMU.

                                    Q6: How to Apply for MBBS in Azerbaijan

                                    Shaheer: There are eight simple steps for applying at AMU:

                                    Step 1 - GET AN AGENT

                                    All the international students of AMU are hired by agents which are the representatives of that university. It is very common and highly important to get admission in AMU.

                                    You can contact Shaheer at +994 50 790 25 99 on Whatsapp who will help you in this regard.

                                    STEP 2 - ATTESTATION FROM BOARD AND IBCC

                                    You have to attest your Matric and Intermediate mark sheets (or certificates) from your board and attest them from IBCC too.

                                    STEP 3 - ADMISSION and INVITATION LETTER 

                                    To get the invitation and admission letter along with a visa support letter, you must attach the following documents to your application form by email:
                                    • Copy of International passport
                                    • Secondary education certificate or diploma (original)
                                    • ¾ 4 photos
                                    • Medical Reference
                                    • An Identity Document and its copy
                                    • Tuition fees (for tuition-paying students)
                                    • Proof of Residence
                                    • Employment Reference of parents
                                    • Payment card

                                    STEP 4 - GET A HEALTH CERTIFICATE

                                    To apply for a visa, Pakistani students should get a medical checkup with clearance certification in Hepatitis A, B, C, and HIV tests.

                                    A physical and mental fitness certificate is also needed. It is authorized by the clinic of State Migration Service of Azerbaijan Republic.

                                    STEP 5 - VISA

                                    After receiving the invitation letter from AMU, students should apply for the Visa from Azerbaijan Embassy with the following documents:

                                    ◇ Original Invitation letter
                                    ◇ Original international passport (valid for one year)
                                    ◇ Matric and FSC certificates (translated into the Russian language)
                                    ◇ Birth Certificate (translated into the Russian language)
                                    ◇ Medical Certificate showing absence of Aids/HIV (translated into the Russian language)
                                    ◇ Medical Certificate showing physical and mental fitness (translated into the Russian language)
                                    ◇ 8 Passport size Photo

                                    STEP 6 - TICKETS

                                    After getting the Visa, you should book the tickets for Baku, Azerbaijan. The ticket will cost you around 80K because you have to go to China, then you take a flight to Baku.

                                    STEP 7 - TRANSPORTATION 

                                    After arriving at the Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport, a representative of the University will receive and transport you to the University hostel, which is only 2 minutes away from the airport by car.

                                    STEP 8 - FEE SUBMISSION 

                                    You should timely submit the University fee after arriving at the University.

                                    Q7: What Are the Merit Requirements for AMU?

                                    Shaheer: Students with even moderate marks in FSC can get admission in AMU at the merit of 70 to 80 percent. However, those who have considerably low scores, are either interviewed or/and have to pass the admission test of the AMU.

                                    Q8: What Is the AMU Admission Test?

                                    Shaheer: An examination in 4 disciplines (Azerbaijan (Russian), Biology, Physics, and chemistry is conducted on 1-2 August.

                                    The test contains 120 questions to be done in 3 hours. The results of examinations are revealed by the computer 50% of students are admitted free of charge and 50% of students with the corresponding payment.

                                    Q9: What Is the Hostel Arrangement?

                                    Shaheer: There are nine hostels of AMU, and each room can comfortably accommodate 2 or 3 students.

                                    All rooms are equipped with a bed, mattress, pillow, blanket, desk, chair, heater, water heaters, free TV and Wi-Fi, washing machine and fridge for use.
                                    The best part? A doctor is available in hostel for 24 hours in case your health is not well, you will be taken care of.

                                    Q10: What Is the Total Expenditure for MBBS Degree in Azerbaijan?

                                    Shaheer: The overall expenditure per year would around $7000 USD or 11.5 Pakistani lakh. This includes tuition and hostel fee, transportation, mobile phone, and living cost.

                                    The plane ticket cost is around Rs.80,000 as you would have to connect a flight from Pakistan to China to arrive at Azerbaijan.

                                    In order to live comfortably while you are in Baku, you will need to have about Rs. 30,000 PKR per month available for living costs, above the cost of your tuition.

                                    But all of your money would be worthwhile when you become a doctor and start earning yourself highly.

                                    Q11: Is It Important to Take the PMDC Test to Start Practice in Pakistan?

                                    Shaheer: Yes, you still have to pass the PMDC (Pakistan Medical and Dental Council) test to start practicing in Pakistan after passing MBBS in Azerbaijan.

                                    Just like PMDC, every other country has their own tests for starting practicing medicine, after acquiring an MBBS degree from any global institute.

                                    Q12: Is the Degree of AMU Approved in Pakistan and Other Countries

                                    Shaheer: Yes, the MBBS degree from AMU is approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and any graduate from AMU can get good jobs in public and private hospitals in Pakistan and other countries quite easily.

                                    Q13: How Is the Environment of Azerbaijan for a Pakistani Student?

                                    Shaheer: There are about 99.9 percent of Muslims in Azerbaijan. According to Shaheer, Pakistani are treated with respect because Pakistan was the second country to recognize Azerbaijan as a standalone country.

                                    International conferences are conducted where national and international students come to show their research in the medical field.

                                    The people are very hospitable and polite. They will offer you a guide around the market, towards the library, and around town.

                                    You can also work part-time as a salesperson, catering workers, serving staff at restaurants, or administrative assistants to earn extra cash.

                                    Also, the weather is great throughout the year.

                                    Unlike Pakistan, there is a great balance between studies and co-curricular activities.

                                    Moreover, halal food is available everywhere unliked MBBS in China.

                                    Q14: Is the AMU Approved by World Health Organization?

                                    Yes, go to WHO - World Directory of Medical Schools and click World Directory of Medical Schools

                                    Now click it

                                    Now put the university data

                                    If the record is found, it means the university is verified.

                                    Here you can see the details.

                                    Q15: What Are the Mistakes Students Make While Taking Admission in AMU and How to Overcome Them?

                                    One of the common mistakes which students make while applying for AMU is that they do not inform the University authorities regarding their flight details. When they arrive at the airport uninformed, they are often deported.

                                    Another mistake made by the students is that they submit University fees while they are in Pakistan when in actuality, they should submit it when they arrive in Azerbaijan if they can keep the amount save with them during travel.

                                    Q16: What Are the Job Prospects After Getting MBBS from AMU?

                                    After graduating from the University and completing an internship, you can work as a general practitioner, surgeons, endocrinologists, neurologists, gynecologists, etc., anywhere in the world.

                                    You would be eligible for hire at different medical centers, regional hospitals, and scientific research institutes both in the public and private sector.

                                    Q17: Why Didn't You Repeat for MDCAT and NUMS?

                                    I saw lots of friends being depressed by the entry test's stress and failure. Many of my friends were 2nd and 3rd-time repeaters of the MDCAT wasting their one and two years in which they could have gained admission somewhere else.

                                    This kind of gloomy environment was becoming too much for me, and I didn't want to waste my precious years doing unrewarding tasks.

                                    So I looked at other options and found Azerbaijan Medical University. And now I am on my way to be a certified doctor soon. Alhamdulillah!

                                    Q18: When Does the Admission Open at AMU? And Kindly provide your Whatsapp Number.

                                    The admission for MBBS opens in May in AMU and classes start in September.

                                    You can apply before the end of August for the September intake classes.

                                    If there is any other query or confusion regarding admission in Azerbaijan Medical University for MBBS, do let me know by leaving a comment or WhatsApp me +994 50 790 25 99

                                    I know you are waiting for the MDCAT that is going to be conducted on August 25th, 2019, but you can submit the admission letter before 31st August, you don't need to pay anything for it.

                                    Q19: Can You Show Your Images?



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                                    Top Study World: MBBS in Azerbaijan for Pakistani Students: How to Apply Guide
                                    MBBS in Azerbaijan for Pakistani Students: How to Apply Guide
                                    Are you looking for a guide about applying for MBBS in Azerbaijan for Pakistani students? Read the interview of the student who studies there.
                                    Top Study World
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