Are you finding the solution of Exercise 7.1 of 10th Class Mathematics?

Maths is the basic language of reality. It underlies everything you see around you, from a simple addition problem to the biggest discovery in your field.  There are tools and techniques in this language, and it’s up to you to find them and master them one by one. 

Maths is a subject that students generally find difficult to grasp. From the beginning of their school life, they are exposed to various topics like Shapes, Addition, Subtraction, Length, Area and Volume. 

Maths is an interesting subject with many new concepts being introduced almost every day. Most students do not seem to be able to relate most of the topics to their everyday lives or even see the utility of them. It is only when they grow into adults that most can actually put these concepts into good use and reap benefits from them. This brings us to the first misconception about Maths – it is boring!

It is true that some people do not like Maths but we cannot generalize and say that no one finds it interesting or useful. For example, when a child first learns about addition he sees it as a problem solving exercise where he has to count objects or figure out which of two things has more of something. If yes, you are in the right hands.

If you belong to any of the boards for SSC Part 2 in Pakistan:

  • Federal Board (FBISE)
  • Punjab Board (Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Rawalpindi Boards)
  • KPK Board (Peshawar Board)
  • Sindh Board (Karachi and Hyrderboard Boars)

Then these notes are helpful to you.

Do I talk complicated and much? Get your notes.

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