Chapter 1 of the 9th class notes in PDF covers the ideological basis of Pakistan, which is the vision of a separate homeland for the Muslims of India. The chapter explains the historical, religious, cultural, and political factors that led to the demand for Pakistan. It also discusses the role of various Muslim leaders and movements in shaping the ideology of Pakistan.

The chapter provides a comprehensive overview of the concept and significance of Pakistan as an Islamic state. Download PDF to learn more.

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Pakistan Studies is one of the optional subject offered for the Civil Services Main Examination. It was introduced in the year 1991 and replaced the Indian History optional. Pakistan Affairs can be considered as a combination of Political Science and International Relations, with a focus on Pakistan.

It is a fact that competition in Pakistan Studies have decreased considerably over the years. And it is not because of the difficulty in this subject, but because of the difficulty in availing good books. Most of the candidates either rely on notes or select other optional subjects.

But there are still some things worth considering before giving up on Pakistan Studies:

The syllabus is short and easy to grasp, as compared to other optional subjects, like Geography.

There are not many applicants in this subject. This means there will be less competition, and therefore more chances of scoring higher marks!

Paper I consists mostly of factual information about various events and people throughout the history of Pakistan. Candidates can score well if they pay attention to detail, and work hard to memorise important facts about various events in chronological order.

Paper II(essay paper), tests your analytical skills rather than your memory skills. Since there are only two papers(one essay paper), you will have more time for revision when compared with candidates.

PDF Chapter 1

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