Unit 5 – Daffodils class 9 Notes in PDF format is a document that contains the summary, explanation, and analysis of the poem “Daffodils” by William Wordsworth. The poem is one of the most famous works of the Romantic poet, who expresses his admiration and joy for the beauty of nature. The notes provide the meaning and translation of the difficult words and phrases in the poem, as well as the literary devices and techniques used by the poet, such as simile, personification, imagery, and rhyme scheme. The notes also include the questions and answers related to the poem, which help the students to understand and appreciate the poem better. The notes are available for download on various online platforms, such as Top Study World. The notes are written in a simple and easy-to-understand language, with colorful illustrations and examples. The notes are based on the latest syllabus and curriculum of the Punjab Textbook Board, which follows the Single National Curriculum (SNC) introduced by the federal government of Pakistan in 2020. The notes aim to help the students to prepare for their exams and to develop their interest and love for poetry and literature.

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It is a beautiful celebration of nature, and it inspires readers to appreciate the joys of spring and the beauty of the world around them.
The poem begins by describing a “cloudless” day in early spring when the speaker wanders through the countryside for a walk. As he walks, he sees daffodils in full bloom.
They remind him of stars “twinkling” in the sky at night, but with more brightness and beauty than any starry night could ever have.
The speaker continues by saying that he felt glad as he walked because no one else was around to witness this beautiful scene. He thought that if anyone else had been there, they would have tried to make him feel sad instead of happy.
This shows that he had been through difficult times, and was not used to feeling happy all the time like this. He appreciates the fact that he has found something that makes him so happy, which many people never do find during their lifetime.
This poem uses daffodils as a symbol for happiness and joy, and it inspires readers to appreciate these things when they find them in their lives.

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