We have published 9th Class Notes for all the subjects for you all in one place. If you go to the above link. You don’t need to look for the individual chapter. You can download or view online without any hustle.

These notes are useful if you are the student of Federal Board in Pakistan. Below is the PDF notes for the Chapter 6, and its title is “Computer Security and Ethics” This is the content that you can find in the PDF.


1. Short Questions Answers

  • Define cybercrime.
  • What is the importance of computer security?
  • Differentiate between hacker and cracker
  • Describe any five symptoms of malware
  • Differentiate between authentication and authorization.
  • Which authentication methodology provides highly secure identification and verification? Justify your answer.
  • What is meant by Information privacy?
  • Give any three drawbacks of software piracy?
  • What types of problems may be faced if computer users do not comply with the moral guidelines of computer ethics?
  • Name any three places where authentication.of people is required.

2. Long Questions Answers

  • Define malware and describe its types.
  • Explain how malware spreads.
  • Explain how to protect computer systems from virus attacks.
  • What are the common methodologies used for authentication?
  • Define computer ethics and write some important moral guidelines for ethical use of computer technology.
  • PDF Chapter 6
  • Size: 1.32 MB | Pages: 17 | Content: Short Questions, MCQs, Theory

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