Are you finding the F.Sc Part 1 Physics notes for the ninth chapter having the solution to exercise short questions, numerical problems and theory to the point? You are in the right place. The best part! You will get the download link to the PDF at no cost. You can also print the PDF if you want. These easy notes cover the following topics with numerical and short solved exercises questions:
  • Optics
  • Wavefronts
  • Huygen’s Principle
  • Interference of Light Waves
  • Young’s Double Slit Experiment
  • Interference in thin films
  • Newton’s Rings
  • Michelsons Interferometer
  • Diffraction of Light
  • Diffraction due to Narrow Slit
  • Diffraction Grating
  • Diffraction of X-Rays by crystals
  • Differecne b/w Interference and Diffraction
  • Polarization

Chapter 09: Physical Optics Notes PDF

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Size: 1.42MB | Pages: 51 | Content: Short Questions, Numerical Problems, Theory

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