9 Ways To Be Successful In CSS & PMS Exams

The CSS & PMS exams are the toughest exams of all time in the history of Pakistan. On the other hand, it’s true that a man can do anything that he wants to do by doing hard work long enough and hard enough. I will try my best to explain it as simple as possible. If you want to be a successful person, you have to do the following tactics:

1. Positive Approach

Being positive solves many problems in no time. It’s known as the biggest concern that develops in the mind of the students who start preparation for the CSS or PMS exams because they think that it’s the most difficult task of his life, they can’t do it. So, you must eliminate the
attitude of “can’t do” from your mind into “do it” at any rate, otherwise it will kill you ruthlessly. Negative thoughts emerge in your mind in order to defeat you because it doesn’t want to see you as a successful man, doesn’t it? You have to eliminate it by believing “I’m working hard and It’s not a big deal for me.” and “I will do it.”

2. Planning

Without planning, you’re nothing. You have observed in our life many times when a team wins a match, it’s mostly due to the captain’s planning. You have to plan such a way that more work should be done in a minimum time. It’s said, “Learn how to cut time wisely, otherwise, time will cut you.” Go through syllabus and course outlines of the subjects you select and plan it wisely. It merits worth mentioning that just making a time table doesn’t solve problems rather stick it honestly and realistically makes a big difference.

3. Organization

What does organization mean? It means collecting the books and notes for each subject one by one will, surely, save a lot of time. In this way, you will feel more efficient and productive.

4. Study Habits

In order to grasp the topic coherently, you have to find a place where should not be any sorts of distractions, otherwise, you will waste your time unconsciously. You can take a break of 5-20 minutes after an hour of studying, it will help you being productive at studying. Some people like group study; it would be better, but don’t take it so much time rather an hour is enough.

5. Avoid Distractions

While memorizing a topic, you can’t memorize a single topic if you’re studying in front of a TV. If you think that multi-tasking will double your memory power then definitely you’re wrong. It has been proved that multitasking is harmful to your brain because it hates it. For example, you’re studying in your room where a smartphone lies near you, a laptop in which Facebook is going on and the noise of the TV. In this way, your brain’s concentration will divide into three parts, in other words, you will learn nothing. You have to decide yourself how to handle these distractions.

6. Sleeping Habits

Have you ever felt whenever you open a book you feel somewhat sleepy? If yes, it’s natural. In order to get rid of this problem, you have to select a proper chair because a soft sofa or bed makes you sleep. If you have become tired while studying, you can study while walking. Before going to bad, don’t use a smartphone or a laptop because its bright light will not let you sleep. It’s recommended that to sleep minimum 7-8 hours.

7. Learning The Study Material

Every person has its own method of memorizing a topic. First of all, you need to understand the topic, but if you find a difficult word seek the help of dictionary then the connect the facts what you have understood. You can also do it by a software application called Mind-Mapping in which you connect the facts one another in order to grasp it clearly and coherently. Whenever you want to read the topic again, it would take less time to understand the same topic just by looking at the map. Another effective technique which is that to underline the important lines which you seem it can be asked in the CSS and PMS exams, and underline those lines also which you seem it can be forgotten. You can become a scientist by developing your own methods. For example, if you’re facing deep trouble in learning conjunctions of English i.e., For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So, you can make a word FANBOYS in order to memorize the conjunctions. Similarly, learning the name of a book, for example, Shaheen Bachy written by Shukat Thaanvi, you can memorize the author name just by imagining that Jo Shaheed Bachy Han Wo Thany Main Hai ( ‘Shaheed Bachy’ are in jail) whenever you think of the word Thany (Jail) your super brain will tell you it means Shukat Thaan-vi.

8. Revision

If you say that you can pass the CSS and PMS exams without revision, you’re 100% wrong. The reason is that some people forget 80% of the information they learn after a day or two. Because of information stored in short-term memory then it stores in long-term memory. If you want to keep your information for a long period of time, you have to revise. A question arises how you can revise? If you have memorized a topic today, you will revise it tomorrow then the next day again then the next week and so on. You can make a separate time table in this regard. It will help you a lot. I say revision is more important as compared to learn a new topic. I do revision daily of English Grammar. I memorized 100 pages in two weeks but when I revise it takes only 30-45 minutes because I underlined important words when I look at the important words the whole story comes in my mind.

9. Fear Of Failure

 It’s one of the most common reasons that a man doesn’t let to achieve his goal. As we all know, an exam is an exam that needs a lot of hard work to make dreams come true. You must keep in mind that 100-150 days will not come in your life again. You should never quite your dream at any rate. One trick which will work is that become a persistence man because it makes you unstoppable. It will not matter anymore how many obstacles

come in your life, you will move ahead.Also, you need to aware of habits that you currently have then you will change the bad ones one by one that could make you a loser. It’s said that about 60 days are required eliminating a bad habit. You have to decide it yourself what the habits, requirements, and activities you need in order to achieve your goal. Once you have decided then stick to it long enough and hard enough for the preparation of CSS and PMS exams.

This article is taken from the Jahangir’s World Times Magazine