Our society and culture have been profoundly affected by television. The common thread unites people in elementary schools, high schools, colleges, senior citizen centers, boardrooms, office buildings, doctors’ offices, hospitals, and even bars and restaurants. Today, many individuals own a television, making it one of the most popular home entertainment technologies in existence.

Television is one of the most prevalent devices used for entertainment in the world. It has become common practice in nearly every home in America, and most people use it for such vital entertainments as sporting events, general news, and weekly variety shows. After the introduction of television in the 1950s, it became a craze among urban populations. 

As time progressed, an array of channels became available. There is no doubt television is harmful to young people since they watch so much television they do not study. However, as time passed, media started to broadcast different specialties so that everyone could have a channel suited for them. The government also tried to implement rules for this specific issue. Television is the most powerful advertising platform, with more than 80% of Americans watching television daily, and it is the second most compelling advertising tool, only behind search engine marketing. 

Nowadays, television has gone through a drastic change. Just as mobile phones became smartphones naturally, tv became smart tv. Ever since the internet has become commonplace as a source of entertainment for many people, tv was becoming less and less relevant. Tv manufacturers to think of the way so that television could keep up with the times. 

With smart television, people could watch dedicated tv channels and surf the internet, listen to music and watch any show or movie of their choosing. They can also watch a download movie utilizing a USB or watch different pictures. It can mostly do what a mobile phone can do but on a broader screen for entertainment purposes.

There are many different designs of tv. However, the most common and advanced tv is a flat-screen LED Television. Previously they used a cathode ray system to project an image on the screen, then came the LCD and now LED, which is the most advanced form of screens available. 

Television can become highly addictive, no matter how the age of the person. That is why it is necessary to watch television responsibly. Avoid watching tv shows for hours on end and go outside and do exercise.

It is an effective learning device that ensures the consumption of all types of media. You can enhance it with additional books, documentaries, and study guides. It is now possible to get news from another corner of the world. We can find the latest information on television, specifically in sports, games, or music. We rely on television to find out the latest sports news, see the latest movies, and get updates about the world’s events. In addition to providing entertainment, TV also features many motivational programs, and those who watch them tend to be more motivated.

Henceforth, television is a potent tool that can either help us grow or make us inept. That is why it is necessary to use modern-day technology with great care and caution because one wrong step can put us on the wrong path. 

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