Essay on Unemployment

Essay on Unemployment – 200 Words

A significant issue has been the unemployment rate for many years.

 In 2009, it reached its highest level since 1948. 

However, the good news is that unemployment has declined since then and has been declining in 2013.

Economists are worried about unemployment numbers.

There are many reasons for unemployment.

 Government policies try to create an environment in which everyone has equal opportunities. This essay will elaborate on government policies and how they affect unemployment.

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Three causes of unemployment include cyclical, structural, and seasonal. The government has been making up policies to help reduce the unemployment rate.

Cyclical unemployment is one of the causes of persistent unemployment.

 Cyclically unemployed people have a limited income and can’t find jobs when the economy does not do well.

 This is not true for those who don’t suffer from cyclical unemployment.

Structural unemployment is another culprit that contributes to unemployment. 

 In my career, I saw this a lot with graduates who went for jobs they had gained through their academic courses. 

Jobs will not be the same in every region.

 Although more jobs will open up in the growing industry of Atlantic Canada, others will close or disappear entirely.

When industry leaves a region, its business owners move away.

 Without customers, local stores close, and the local economy suffers.

Essay on Unemployment – 500 Words

Unemployment is a severe economic issue that does not affect just Pakistan but the whole world. It has reached a point where there are more jobless people than those that are employed. Each year, it gets worse. We must act quickly.

But, the problem of unemployment is severe because of the increasing population and demand for jobs.

Our country will be doomed if we do not take action to solve this problem. We need to carefully examine why we have failed to produce enough high school students qualified to enter universities.

In this country, unemployment is high. Millions of talented people are out of a job report, and they cannot fulfill their basic needs. Government must find a way to deal with the unemployment in this country.

Unemployment is the condition in which a person is willing and able to work, but there is no service to offer. A person can be unemployed for several reasons, which include redundancy, retirement, or bad weather.

There are many types of unemployment, such as cyclical, structural, disguised, open, and technology. Moreover, some other ones are recurrent and structural.

Being unemployed can be tough on the mental health of a person. It can leave one feeling lost and hopeless, leading to depression or even suicide. People have a variety of reasons for being unemployed. Population growth and slow economic growth are factors that contribute to unemployment in much of the population of Pakistan and other third-world countries.

People are suffering from unemployment problems everywhere in the world. Nowadays, unemployed people do any job for income; sometimes, they have to compromise their desired career. Moreover, the government has not taken any serious steps regarding the increasing unemployment rate in the country.

Apart from all these, a large portion of the population is engaged in the agricultural sector, and there are other sources of income for them, including non-agricultural activities.

If the current scenario is not altered, more people will lose their jobs. Apart from widespread unemployment, poverty, crime rate, exploitation of labor, political instability and mental health loss, etc., will lead to the disintegration of our nation.

Climate directly influences many of the factors that contribute to seasonal unemployment in Canada.

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Plus, seasonal workers can be eligible for unemployment benefits. However, these programs are set up to encourage workers to seek alternative employment and training when their industry moves into an off-season.

Cyclical unemployment is one of the major causes of unemployment. It is a state of the economy when more jobs are available than the number of people seeking them. When this happens, income is produced and spent at a higher rate than usual. Unemployment occurs when the demand for products drops. When an economy is not doing well, there are fewer unemployed workers because there aren’t many jobs open to fill.

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